8 Fun Office Potluck Themes

by Grant HEnson

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Potlucks are a great way for colleagues to bond and socialize in a relaxed environment. But if you're tired of the same old potato salad and hamburgers, here are eight fun office potluck themes to try:

1. Desserts and Appetizers

Who says you need a main course to have a potluck? This theme is all about the delicious and delectable appetizers and desserts that everyone loves. From ceviche to 7-layer dip, there's something for everyone.

2. Ballpark Theme

For the sports fans in your office, a ballpark-themed potluck is a surefire hit. Hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, and cotton candy are all must-haves. And if the potluck is after work, don't forget the beer!

3. Childhood Favorites

This theme is a great way to connect with your coworkers on a personal level. Ask everyone to bring a dish that reminds them of their childhood. You'll be surprised at the variety of dishes you'll get.

4. International Cuisine

Take your potluck to the world with an international cuisine theme. Each coworker can bring a dish from a country they've visited or would like to visit. This is a great way to learn about different cultures and share your own culinary traditions.

5. Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast for dinner is a fun and unique way to change up your usual potluck routine. Pancakes, waffles, eggs, and bacon are all fair game. You can even get creative and try some international breakfast dishes like French toast or shakshuka.

6. Farmer's Market Fresh

Promote healthy eating and support local farmers by hosting a farmer's market-themed potluck. Ask everyone to bring a dish made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. This is a great way to get your coworkers excited about eating healthy and supporting their community.

7. Comfort Food

Comfort food is always a crowd-pleaser. This theme is all about the dishes that make you feel good. Think mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and chicken pot pie. Everyone will love digging into these familiar and comforting dishes.

8. Guilty Pleasures

This theme is all about the foods you love but don't usually allow yourself to eat. Think fried chicken, ice cream, and chocolate cake. This is a great way to let loose and indulge in some delicious treats.

No matter what theme you choose, potlucks are a great way to bring your coworkers together and create lasting memories. So get creative and have some fun with it!

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