Pimbex Review

by Grant HEnson

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There is no denying the fact that precious metals are some of the best investments you can make. This has remained true for hundreds of years, and is just as applicable today as it was decades ago. 

All you have to do is peek at the recessions and periods of economic downturn in recent history and the value of these metals will become crystal clear. During these uncertain economic times, it is not uncommon for every asset under the sun to depreciate in value. Despite that, precious metals like gold and silver, not only held their value but even appreciated in some cases. 

Investing in precious metals is a financially sound idea, but what is the best way to do so? Well, a good option is to purchase the metals from a trustworthy seller like Pimbex — the topic of today’s discussion. 

From what I’ve seen, Pimbex is a fairly reliable option for most investors as it delivers precious metals at market-competitive prices, right to your doorstep. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s take a step back and analyze every aspect of this company to determine its credibility for general consumers.

Brief Overview

In essence, Pimbex is a Texas-based online precious metal bullion retailer. It sells these metals in various sizes and designs on its websites. Plus, you can also choose from a number of different mints from around the world. 

While I was unable to locate an official launch date for the company, I do know it is relatively new as the oldest review I found was from May of 2022. Despite its recent arrival on the market, Pimbex has managed to make a name for itself among investors and collectors alike. 

The company also received a very positive review from Silver Dragons, a renowned precious metal investor on YouTube with more than 185,000 subscribers at the time of writing. But, what do Pimbex's customers think about them? Let’s take a look at the ratings:

Reviews and Ratings

Review Site


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1 (2-star review)

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What Makes the Company Stand Out?

As we can see from the customer reviews above, the positive sentiment surrounding Pimbex seems to be fairly universal. This further solidifies my initial impressions of this online bullion retailer. 

But, before I give it my recommendation, let’s take a closer look at the services Pimbex offers and how it stacks up against other precious metal bullion retailers I’ve reviewed before. 

The most notable aspects of Pimbex for me include:

Size, design, and mint variety

The biggest selling point of Pimbex for many investors — including myself — has to be its massive catalog of different products. 

For starters, the company deals in the three most popular precious metals: gold, silver, and platinum. For each of these metals, you have the option to choose between coins and bars of various sizes. 

Take gold for example. Pimbex offers 73 unique options for gold alone. In terms of weight, these range all the way from one gram to a kilo. Not to mention the plethora of stylish coins such as the American Gold Buffalo coin or the American Gold Eagle coin. 

A similar amount of variety is available for silver and platinum as well — making Pimbex a precious metal collector's dream retailer. 

Gram Club subscription

In simple terms, the Gram Club subscription is an easy way to accumulate precious metal wealth over time. All you have to do is sign up once and you will receive either gold or silver each month at your home. 

In my experience, subscriptions like the Pimbex Gram Club are highly effective for building an inflation-resistant retirement fund without any extra effort. 

Something I really like about Pimbex’s implementation of this idea is that it is just as straightforward as the rest of their services. There is only one fee per month (of 125 USD or 250 USD) and you can cancel or reinstate the subscription at any time without any additional charges. 

Free shipping

If your order is above the threshold of 500 USD, Pimbex will not charge any shipping fees. This 10 USD shipping fee might seem inconsequential, but for investors with a small capital, it can be the difference between profit or loss in the future. 

Discounts with certain payment methods

Pimbex offers a very generous 6% discount if you use certain payment methods. These are:

  • ACH (orders between 299 USD and 20,000 USD)
  • Bank wire transfer (orders between 2,000 USD and 50,000 USD)

Market-competitive prices

For me, the prices of a precious metal bullion retailer are the most important aspect of their service. On-time delivery and good service quality don’t matter much if the company sells these metals with egregious margins. 

Fortunately, Pimbex doesn't disappoint in this regard either. I scanned through their catalog on multiple days and the prices always stayed very close to the open market rates of these metals.

Buyback service

The ability to sell the metals you purchased from Pimbex back to the company is a massive convenience for investors looking to profit from dips. It also comes in handy for folks who want to liquidate their precious metal IRAs fairly quickly.

Responsive customer support

The reliability of Pimbex’s service meant that I didn’t encounter any issues when purchasing metals from their website. However, I wanted to test the quality of their customer support network. So, I sent them an email about some queries a first-time customer might have and their response was quicker than I expected. 

I received a reply the same day with clear answers to most of my questions. The customer service rep was quite polite which is a plus in my book. The last thing you want is to deal with a rude support agent when you’re already frustrated by some issue regarding the company’s services. 


For normal purchases, Pimbex only charges a 10 USD delivery fee for orders under 500 USD. As for Pimbex’s Gram Club subscription, there are two available options at the time of writing, 125 USD or 250 USD per month.

According to my research, these subscription fees are automatically renewed on the 1st of every month. If you want to cancel the subscription, you will have to notify Pimbex at least 48 hours before the next payment renewal. 

Aside from these, Pimbex does not charge any hidden membership or cancellation fees.

Storage Services

As far as I’m aware, Pimbex does not offer any form of precious metal IRA. In other words, it does not provide any storage services to its customers. Any metal you’ve purchased from Pimbex is delivered to the address you specified during the buying process.

That said, you can still use Pimbex to start a self-directed precious metal IRA. The company is also willing to help you set up and reach your IRA goals. 

Just make sure that you have a secure place to store your precious metals before actually buying the metal. The last thing you want is to lose your retirement fund due to theft or robbery.

How to Invest with the Company

There are two main ways to invest in precious metals with Pimbex. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to accomplish both methods. Side note, you will have to register an account with Pimbex before making any purchase.

Direct purchase

  • Visit the Pimbex website and choose the metal you want to buy i.e. gold, silver, or platinum
  • Next, browse the available options and choose the size and design you want to purchase
  • Click on “Add To Cart” and then on “Begin Checkout”

The only remaining step is to verify your billing info/address and go through the checkout process like you would with any other online retailer. 

Gram Club

  • Visit the Gram Club section of Pimbex’s website
  • Choose between the 125 USD or 250 USD monthly plan
  • Agree to Pimbex’s Terms of Sale and click “Get Started Today”
  • Verify your billing info and address and you’re done

Is Pimbex Reliable?

Given my personal experience with Pimbex’s service, as well as the hundreds of positive customer reviews, I’d have to say yes. The process of purchasing precious metals from this company is extremely streamlined and hiccup-free. 

Plus, from everything I’ve gathered, Pimbex’s delivery times are also quite consistent, especially when it comes to the monthly Gram Club subscription.

Pros and Cons

Here’s a summary of my thoughts regarding Pimbex:


  • Doesn’t have any hidden fees or charges
  • Offers a massive variety of different sizes and designs
  • Has a near flawless track record so far
  • Doesn’t charge absurd margins on its products
  • Offers a convenient precious metal accumulation subscription service
  • You can sell your purchased bullion back to Pimbex at reasonable prices


  • Credit card purchases are temporarily unavailable at the time of writing
  • Pimbex doesn’t have any options for international shipments outside of the US

Final Verdict

All things considered, Pimbex is one of the most reliable precious metal bullion retailers I’ve come across. Despite its relatively recent launch, the company has already become the go-to retailer for many investors, and for a good reason. It offers market-competitive prices and even offers free shipping for orders above 500 USD. Not to mention the Gram Club subscription, which can be a very smart way of investing in precious metals over a long period of time. 

However, just like any other company I’ve reviewed so far, I strongly recommend doing your own research before buying anything from Pimbex. Consulting a finance expert before making any investments is also a very smart move. If you want some more options, take a look at my article on the best precious metals companies in 2024.


Is It Safe To Purchase Precious Metals From Pimbex?

Yes, purchasing precious metals from Pimbex is quite safe. They deliver your metals in discrete packages and require an adult signature before handing you the package — so no leaving the delivery on the porch. I also didn’t find any evidence of missed deliveries or any other similar issues.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

In my experience, you should receive your precious metals within 48 hours of the payment getting cleared. However, this delivery time can get longer due to stuff like holidays or unexpectedly bad weather.

Does Pimbex deliver everywhere in the US?

No, they do not. Due to either local laws or separation from the mainland USA, Pimbex does not ship to Minnesota, Alaska, and Hawaii.

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