Lexi Capital Review

by Grant HEnson

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Lexi Capital has rapidly risen up the ranks to become one of the most significant players in the precious metals industry. In their 13-year run as a precious metals investment partner, they’ve managed to gain and nurture the trust of a seemingly endless customer base. This is primarily because of the level of transparency they’ve maintained between themselves and their customers. 

However, is this reputation truly well earned? Or is Lexi Capital simply another entity that needs further assessment to ensure it meets investor expectations and industry standards?

This in-depth review of the company will provide you with information on exactly what services they offer. In addition to this, I'll also provide my final verdict on whether or not you should invest with the company.

Lexi Capital: A Brief Overview

Lexi capital was founded 13 years ago by two entrepreneurs who grew frustrated that retirees were getting scammed of their hard earned money due to an inefficient banking system and fluctuating markets. 

Both of them shared a common belief that retirees should have access to market insights and recession-proof assets that eventually help them preserve their future. The inception of Lexi Capital emerged from this shared belief. Over time, the company has flourished, establishing itself as a leading investment partner within the precious metals industry and earning an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

In fact, speaking with over two decades of experience in the precious metals industry, numerous factors set Lexi Capital apart from other leading investment partners.The rest of this article will dive into each of these reasons in detail. 

One factor that may have contributed the most to Lexi Capital’s success is the continuous support and guidance they provide to their customers even after they’ve made their investments. The company provides each of their customers a comprehensive six month plan designed to mitigate any initial losses they face. 

The education of their customers is also something Lexi Capital focuses on and is a cornerstone of their continued success.

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What Makes Lexi Capital Stand Out?

As a vastly experienced analyst of the precious metals industry, I believe these are a few factors that contribute to the company’s overall positive reputation and credibility. 

Gold and Silver IRAs

While many top precious metals investment partners offer their customers a huge variety of precious metals to choose from, Lexi Capital stands out as it offers access to only the gold and silver assets that consistently offer strong returns. 

These gold and silver coins and bullions are offered after diligently checking if they maintain their position as high value resources on both domestic and international markets. This way, Lexi Capital decreases the chances of any of their customers experiencing serious losses when investing in precious metals. 

On top of that, Lexi Capital is also aware that there are only a few types of gold and silver assets that can be stored in a self-directed IRA which narrows down the number of assets they offer even more. 

Thus, what the company offers is a small range of market reliable gold and silver coins that make your job easier as an investor. As they do all the prior market research to provide you with investment options that are more likely than not going to net you a profit. 

Lexi Capital also offers to send the precious metals you’ve invested in straight to your home in a secure manner for a small shipping fee. Alternatively, investors also have the option of allowing Lexi Capital to store their gold or silver for them in their secure storage vaults. Thus, ensuring that their assets are protected and safe at all times.

The Gold Assurance Plan

One of Lexi Capital’s oldest and most outstanding features is its gold assurance plan. In a nutshell, the gold assurance plan is a 6-month pricing policy offered by Lexi Capital when you purchase your first gold or silver coins. 

Now, you may have heard that gold and silver coins are stable investments in a world where the stock market is constantly fluctuating. While that is true for the most part, that does not mean that the gold or silver market is completely immune to fluctuation. 

Gold and silver can also come under short-term fluctuations and Lexi Capital’s gold assurance plan protects you from these fluctuations by helping to mitigate the effects of these short term corrections. You should know, however, that Lexi Capital only offers some specific coins that are eligible for the gold assurance plan. 

On these coins, the plan offers six months of protection of up to $500 per ounce, thereby encouraging you to invest while simultaneously protecting your investments. You won’t be left in the dark with respect to your portfolio’s eligibility either as the company’s customer service reps are extremely thorough in communicating the eligibility of each of their coins. 

Professional Customer Service and Education

Speaking of professional customer service, Lexi Capital’s customer service department employs some of the most capable and knowledgeable precious metals experts you’ll find. 

When I had my first call with them, I was given a designated customer service representative who explained to me in clear detail why creating a self-directed gold IRA is one of the best investment decisions I could make to preserve my wealth

They did their utmost to ensure that I understood the benefits of diversifying my investment portfolio with gold and silver. As a bonus, they also offered me up-to-date market information and guided me constantly on how to make well-informed investment decisions according to those market trends. 

I also decided to have my precious metals shipped to me, and Lexi Capital’s customer service representatives provided me with full-assistance so I understood exactly how the process worked. 

IRA Rollovers

Like most top gold IRA investment partners, Lexi Capital aids you in rolling over your funds from an existing IRA or 401(k) into the self-directed IRA you create with the company. 

Once again you’ll be asked to contact one of the company’s customer service reps who’ll guide you on how to first open a new self-directed IRA with the company and then rollover your assets from your traditional IRA. To get in touch with their customer service department you’ll have to call the number displayed on their website. 

The first step to creating an SDIRA (self-directed IRA) is to first find and set up an account custodian. Lexi Capital itself has partnered up with STRATA Trust, a well known and trusted Gold IRA custodian. While this is an excellent option to go with, I myself also have a list of trusted custodians you should consider. These include:

  • Preferred Trust 
  • Equity Trust
  • Goldstar Trust

Once you’ve created an SDIRA with them, Lexi Capital offers assistance in rollovers from:

  • Roth IRAs
  • 401(k)s 
  • Traditional IRAs and SEP

Full Refund and Return Policy

Lexi Capital is one of the few precious metal dealers out there that prioritize the needs of their customers before their own. This is evident from their full refund and return policy. 

Lexi Capital offers all their customers a full refund, return and/or exchange on any gold or silver coins they sell. The only stipulation is that the customer applies for the refund, return or exchange within three days of when they first received the item. Customers need to notify Lexi Capital if they want a refund or return by calling them on the number displayed on their website. 

Even with decades of experience in the precious metals industry, I’ve seen very few companies offer full refunds on any of their goods. Believe me when I tell you that this is indeed a great incentive to invest with Lexi Capital.

How to Invest with Lexi Capital

On their official website, Lexi Capital has mentioned a detailed method through which investors can open a self-directed IRA with them and invest in the precious metals they offer. Here’s how it works.

Open a Self Directed IRA

When it comes to opening a brand new IRA with the company, Lexi Capital offers you two choices:

  • You can open a brand new self-directed IRA with them.
  • You can transfer another retirement account into the self-directed IRA you create with the company.

The company provides assistance in both scenarios. For instance, if you don’t want to transfer funds from your traditional IRA account, or don't have an existing IRA, Lexi Capital simplifies the process of creating a new account with step-by-step guidance. On the other hand, if you prefer more control over your existing assets by moving them to your account with Lexi Capital, their customer service department facilitates this process for you.

Before you decide on what to do, you’ll have to fill the IRA form on their website or contact their customer service department through the number provided. 

Collect your Documents

Fortunately, opening a gold IRA doesn’t require too many identification documents, especially when you open the account through Lexi Capital. In fact, all you’ll need to open a new gold and silver IRA is your social security number and some personal information. 

Transferring accounts, however, is a little more tricky. In addition to these documents you’ll also need your retirement account statements as proof of your retired status. 

Connect with Customer Service Representative

After completing both of these preliminary steps, you’ll finally have to connect and collaborate with your designated customer service representative to figure out your investment options. 

Your advisor will first educate you on how gold and silver can allow you to hedge against the growing instability of traditional financial markets. 

Moreover, he/she will inform you of the importance of diversifying your portfolio in these testing financial times where traditional stock and bond markets are continuously fluctuating. 

Once you fully comprehend the nature of what you’re getting into, your advisor will start discussing your investment options with you according to the funds in your account and your investment approach. 

Liquidate your Assets

Finally, if you feel that conditions are favorable and you could make a profit from the sale, you can choose to access your account and liquidate all your assets. 

Most of the time, the company itself will buy back the gold or silver from you. Other times they’ll find a suitable buyer for you from their own customer list.

Lexi Capital Fees

If you’re a new investor you’ll be glad to know that opening a new IRA account with Lexi Capital is free of charge. However, the account has to contain a minimum of $15,000 to be eligible to invest with the company. To add to that, the minimum value for all investments must also be greater than $1,500. 

An investment of $1,500 is ideal for beginners who want to take small steps or diversify their portfolio, especially if you’re buying gold or silver. Note that there is a shipping fee of $14.95 for orders under $15,000. 

Lexi Capital also imposes annual account management fees of $285 for investments of $50,000 or less in a customer’s first year. This annual fee is reduced to $180 in subsequent years. For investments over $50,000 there are no annual account management fees. 

Lexi Capital Rating on Consumer Sites

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Pros & Cons


  • Have been in business for over a decade
  • Website offers live-chat support
  • Effectively protect your gold investments with their gold assurance plan
  • Advisors offers a customized portfolio analysis
  • Simple and quick process to create an IRA account with them
  • They’ve partnered up with STRATA, a reputable IRA custodian


  • It may be challenging to call the business during busy times
  • Website does not feature a full fledged learning center

The Verdict 

Being active for 13 years, Lexi Capital has become a significant player in the precious metals industry. Upon closer inspection I can tell you that it deserves this top spot due to the impressive number of services the company offers and its numerous praiseworthy features. The best of which has to be the fact that they don’t charge any fees when you open an IRA account with them. 

Despite its reliability though, I’d still recommend having a call with one of their customer service representatives to better understand how their gold assurance policy works in particular. 

Nonetheless, I hope this review of the company was comprehensive enough to aid you in making a more informed investment decision that’s according to your requirements and needs. For other options, you can explore my article on the best precious metals companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lexi Capital Reliable?

In my experienced opinion I’d say yes the company is indeed reliable. Mainly because of the absolute transparency they show when dealing with their customers, especially when they’re discussing investment options.

Does Lexi Capital Report Your Purchase of Precious Metals to the IRS?

No, Lexi Capital is not required to report their sales or transactions to the IRS, provided you don’t fall under the form 8300 requirement.

Does Lexi Capital Have a Minimum Order Requirement?

Yes, the minimum order requirement for Lexi Capital is $1,500 per transaction, regardless of the payment method.

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