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by Grant HEnson

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Choosing the right place to invest your retirement funds can be tricky. It means thinking ahead while making decisions today. This just emphasizes the significance of maintaining a varied portfolio. So, what exactly is a good investment in today’s uncertain economy? Well, precious metals like gold have always been a solid choice. They've proven to hold their value over time, despite market volatility. 

As a reputed player in the precious metals investment market, Red Rock Secured (now rebranded as American Coin Co.) makes it easier for investors to make the most of their retirement funds. With investment options like physical gold and silver — and precious metals IRAs — the company allows you to navigate the investment market with ease. 

But is Red Rock Secured a reliable investment partner? Having spent over two decades in the precious metals industry, I believe every company has some positive and negative traits. Exploring these traits is the only way to ensure you invest with the right company. 

Considering the same, this detailed review will take you through the products and offerings of Red Rock Secured. So keep reading to explore all that this trusted company in the precious metals industry has to offer. 

Red Rock Secured: Brief Overview

Before I take you through more in-depth details about the company, let’s first explore what Red Rock Secured is about. 

Headquartered in the southern region of California, this private company claims its primary mission is to educate customers. Their website also mentions the company’s key focus of providing the best quality, authentic products and excellent customer service. 

This is definitely a stellar combo. Especially since most companies I have worked with in this industry lack in one way or another. What’s more? The company emphasizes honesty with its customers, so you’re never in the dark. This was something I found highly praiseworthy during my experience with the company. 

The numerous positive customer reviews have reinforced my confidence in Red Rock's commitment to providing top-notch investment solutions through their products and services. These reviews, sourced from Business Consumer Alliance, Better Business Bureau, and Trustpilot, are prominently displayed on their website.

What Makes Red Rock Secured Stand Out?

Unlike the majority of companies I've dealt with, Red Rock places a strong emphasis on ensuring their customers thoroughly comprehend their potential investment choices. Specifically, when I made the decision to invest with them, they presented me with a diverse array of investment options and services. From a wide range of investment choices to expert guidance, educational resources, and more, each service I delved into provided me with a more profound understanding of the market.

I will further discuss each of Red Rock’s products and services below in detail

Precious Metal IRAs

Let’s begin by discussing the core of Red Rock Secured: their precious metals IRA investment solutions. Considering my own experience, there is no denying that the firm is highly trusted for offering the best-quality gold and silver IRA investment services. This proves to be a great way of diversifying one’s retirement funds. 

To further explore their precious metals IRA investment services, I contacted Red Rock’s professional team that caters to IRA-related concerns and queries. To my surprise, the team was highly professional and supportive, explaining all the basics and advanced concepts involved in this type of investment. This is a must-have for anyone struggling to understand their investment goals and options.

During my deeper exploration, I discovered that their expert team not only offered valuable insights but also guided me through the process of setting up a precious metals IRA account. As I moved forward with my investment choice, I had the privilege of receiving a personalized consultation from their team.

This consultation focused on helping me understand the process of setting up a self-directed IRA. They subsequently walked me through the various precious metals IRA investment options available for my consideration. These options encompassed the following:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium

Precious Metals Coins and Bars

When exploring Red Rock’s physical investment options in precious metals, I found that the company sells coins and bars in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to both investors and collectors.While their inventory varies from time to time, they provided me with a selection of precious metals coins and bars to choose from, including:

  • 2022 1/4 oz Red Lion Gold Coin
  • 2022 1 oz Red Lion Silver Coin
  • 2022 1.25 Ounce Silver Sovereign
  • 2022 Quarter Ounce Gold Sovereign
  • 2021 $10 ¼ OZ. Red-Tailed Hawk
  • Canadian Gold Red-Tailed Hawk Coin
  • Canadian Silver Red-Tailed Hawk Coin
  • American Platinum Eagle Coin
  • American Gold Eagle Coin
  • American Silver Eagle Coin
  • American Palladium Eagle Coin
  • American Buffalo Coin
  • 90% Silver U.S. Coin or Junk Silver


Other than the different types of coins and bars, Red Rock Secured also allowed me to invest in bullion coins and bars. As of the time of writing, I found Red Rock’s bullion investment options to be:

  • 1-oz Silver American Eagle
  • 1-oz Gold Bar
  • 1-oz Gold American Buffalo
  • 1-oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf
  • 1-oz Gold American Eagle
  • 10-oz Silver Bar
  • 100-gram Silver Valcambi Bar
  • 1-oz Gold South African Krugerrand
  • 1-oz Silver Bar
  • 1-oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf
  • 10-Gram Gold Bar
  • Gold Bar 50-gram Valcambi CombiBar
  • 1-oz Silver Round
  • Gold Bar 1-Kilo
  • 10-oz Gold Bar
  • Platinum American Eagle 1-oz
  • Platinum Bar 1-oz
  • Silver Bar 100-oz
  • 1-oz Silver South African Krugerrand
  • Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf 1-oz
  • Palladium Bar 1-oz

While the company does offer other  popular bullion coins and bars to investors, their availability varies from time to time. Hence, I suggest you consult with the company to explore your available investment options in bullion.

Premium Products

As I further searched Red Rock’s product offerings, I also found a dedicated section for premium products. Just like their other products, Red Rock has a specific list of premium items you can consider for investment, depending on what’s available. These products include:

  • 1/10-oz Gold Canadian Red-Tailed Hawk
  • 1/2-oz Silver Canadian Red-Tailed Hawk
  • 1-oz Gold American Eagle Proof
  • 1/4-oz Gold Canadian Arctic Fox
  • Gold American Eagle 4-pc Set
  • 1-oz Gold American Buffalo Proof – Current Year
  • 1/4-oz Gold Rose Crown Guinea
  • 1/4-oz Gold American Eagle Proof
  • 1-oz Platinum American Eagle Proof
  • 1/2-oz Gold American Eagle Proof
  • 1.25-oz Silver Canadian Rose Crown Guinea
  • 1.5-oz Silver Canadian Polar Bear & Cub
  • 1.5-oz Silver Canadian Arctic Fox
  • 1.5-oz Silver Canadian Polar Bear
  • Gold American Eagle 2-pc Set
  • 1-oz Silver American Eagle Proof
  • 1/10-oz Gold American Eagle Proof
  • 1/4-oz Gold Canadian Gyrfalcon
  • 1.5-oz Silver Canadian Gyrfalcon
  • 1/4-oz Gold Canadian Red-Tailed Hawk
  • 1.5-oz Silver Canadian Grizzly Bear
  • 1/4-oz Gold Canadian Polar Bear & Cub
  • Gold British Queens Beast 0.25-oz White Greyhound 2021
  • 5-oz Silver America the Beautiful
  • Franklin Half Dollar Circulated
  • Silver 90% Junk by Face Value
  • 1964 JFK Half Dollar Circulated
  • 1964 JFK Half Dollar BU
  • Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar Circulated
  • Silver Peace $1 – BU
  • Silver Mercury Dime Circulated
  • Silver Peace $1 – Circulated

Depository Service

With over two decades of experience, I have learned that choosing an investment partner that connects you with reliable depositories is paramount. Not only does this guarantee your precious metals security, but also allows you to access the assets when needed without any hassle.

Considering this, Red Rock promises that its customers' IRA-held metals are fully insured and stored in a top-tier depository with cutting-edge security. While this was pleasing to hear, I did not find any specific depository mentioned on their website. Instead, the company's website mentions that it connects you with several reputable and secure depositories nationwide. 

When I inquired further, their representative explained that investors have the freedom to choose their preferred depository.

Additionally, after purchasing precious metals from Red Rock, I was provided with insured storage and shipping services. While this was beneficial, what really won my trust regarding Red Rock’s third-party depository services was the insurance of my assets by Lloyd's of London. According to the company, all orders of up to $1 billion are insured by Lloyd's of London, so there’s nothing left to stress about.

Red Rock Secured also simplifies the process of converting your retirement account into a specialized IRA capable of legally holding precious metals. Through a swift and uncomplicated process, they linked me with a capable custodian who efficiently oversaw my IRA account, managing asset acquisitions and liquidations. Alongside this professional management, I gained full control over the assets within my account.

Tools and Educational Resources

Other than a huge range of services, I explored additional tools and resources that helped improve my experience with the company. These include:  

  • The Gold Watch: Wondering if gold's value will increase over the next decade? Do you consider gold as a wise investment during a financial crisis in your country? While these questions and thoughts might cross your mind, Red Rock's Gold Watch section provides answers for these questions from an experts' perspective. This resource proves invaluable for investors aiming to gain a clearer understanding of gold's future direction.
  • Global Gold News: Red Rock Secured also covers worldwide gold news and what experts believe about this asset's future. So, their global gold news section has the latest gold news and precious metals updates to help you capitalize on the commodity at the correct time. 
  • Research: Adding to the educational resources, Red Rock also has a dedicated section that features the latest research about gold and other precious metals conducted by professionals in this industry. This section takes you through the worst and best-case scenarios of investing in precious metals in different economic conditions. 
  • Knowledge Center: Are you unfamiliar with the different types of precious metals available for investment today? Gladly, Red Rock’s knowledge center covers reviews on most of the popular assets in this industry. But that’s not the whole story! In fact, I delved into numerous resources covering subjects like metal categories and investment strategies. This was a definite bonus, offering both newcomers and seasoned investors the chance to explore the various facets of investing in precious metals more extensively.
  • Real-Time Gold and Silver Charts: Lastly, with endless educational resources, finding real-time gold, and silver price charts, Red Rock’s website was no longer a shock for me. However, what did amaze me here was a real-time spot price chart of gold and silver. This is especially helpful for investors who want to evaluate the real-time price changes of gold and silver to make that long-awaited investment decision at the right time.

How to Invest with Red Rock Secured?

As I mentioned, purchasing precious metals from Red Rock Secured begins with a no-pressure consultation with one of their professionals. However, what’s more interesting is their hassle-free and straightforward investment process. Considering my experience, this process entails the following steps: 

Step #1: Consultation

First, I consulted with Red Rock’s professionals to understand what investment options best fulfill my goals and requirements. 

Step #2: Transfer Funds

Once I was familiar with their investment options and what I wanted to proceed with, Red Rock helped me select an IRA custodian to manage my retirement account. Afterward, the representative at the IRA custodian I chose conducted a tax-free and penalty-free transfer from my bank to fund my IRA account. 

Step #3: Convert Funds into Assets

I proceeded to select the precious metals I wanted to include in my IRA account. Red Rock Secured managed the process of converting the funds in my account into invested gold and silver coins and bars. Similarly, as I needed to invest in physical assets, the company charged me for these and generated the necessary ownership documents.

Step #4: Deliver Your Precious Metals

Lastly, Red Rock arranged for the delivery of my IRA-approved precious metals to a secure storage facility insured by Lloyd’s of London. As for my physical precious metals investment, the company ensured secure delivery to the address I specified.

Red Rock Secured Fees

Unfortunately, I found no clear pricing details on Red Rock’s website. The only mention of pricing on their site is paying for the shipment of your assets to a safe physical storage facility.

Due to this lack of pricing transparency, I contacted their professional team to understand Red Rock’s pricing approach. While there were no severe expenses, the lack of pricing information on the website made it hard for me to compare the company to other market competitors. 

Red Rock Secured Rating on Consumer Review Sites

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3 reviews that are below 4-star

Pros & Cons


  • The company lets you choose whether you want to store your assets in a safe depository or at your preferred location.
  • They offer many gold, silver, platinum, and palladium investment options.
  • Red Rock Secured emphasizes continuously researching cutting-edge technologies linked with the precious metals industry.
  • They offer free shipping and insurance for every order.


  • Their website does not mention any pricing details

The Verdict 

Red Rock Secured has a great reputation for educating and aiding all levels of gold investors. Undoubtedly, the vast educational resources and professional support ideally back this reputation. Moreover, considering my own experience, Red Rock is also one of the few companies that offer gold, silver, and a variety of unusual investment choices to develop a diverse portfolio.

Despite these positive traits, the company has its share of limitations. For instance, Red Rock doesn’t offer an updated variety of investment options like most competitors. The website's lack of pricing transparency also leaves room for doubts and second thoughts. I suggest you carefully consider your investment needs and decide whether Red Rock is the ideal partner for you or not. 

If you plan to explore more investment options, you can always check out my article on the best precious metals companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are The Red Rock Secured Customer Care Representatives Investment Advisors?

Representatives of Red Rock Secured are not financial or investment advisors. They can, however, educate you about investing in precious metals. Hence, their professionals are well-versed in explaining basic guidelines and answering your queries about the various investment options you can explore in the precious metals industry.

Does Red Rock Secured offer any other types of investments?

Red Rock Secured sells virtually any form of gold or silver. However, some online reviews mention that the company offers additional investment options like a real estate investment. I suggest you speak with their representative to discover more about the most recent investment opportunities you can explore with them.

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