Rosland Capital Review

by Grant HEnson

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Did William Devane's Rosland Capital commercial prompt you to consider Rosland Capital as your prospective precious metals investing partner? If that's the case, we both know you've come to hear the truth about what the company has to offer beyond its appealing marketing. 

Truthfully, if you’re unsure whether you can trust the company, I and many other satisfied investors would happily suggest you do so. But I understand that a claim or suggestion isn’t enough to trust and invest your hard earned money with precious metals dealers. 

Hence, as a precious metals and gold IRA investor with over two decades of experience investing with multiple companies, including Rosland Capital, I am here to share my experience of the company. So, if you’re unsure about what to anticipate from your investment experience with Rosland Capital, this review is tailored just for you. 

Rosland Capital: A Brief Overview

Founded in California in 2008, Rosland Capital is a trusted name in the precious metals investment industry. What makes it stand out are its diverse assets, international accessibility through associated companies, and a straightforward selling strategy facilitated by real-time and professional conversations.

Why? Because Rosland Capital is all about offering straightforward, simple, and easily accessible investment solutions to novice and experienced investors. Notably, you can access Rosland Capital’s precious metals investment services through their headquarters in Los Angeles or associated companies in Asia and Europe. 

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What Makes Rosland Capital Stand Out? 

As mentioned earlier, Rosland Capital stands out for more reasons than one. Here’s what I have discovered during my investment experiences with the company: 

Wide Product Variety

One of the most crucial aspects to consider when picking an ideal precious metals investment partner is the investment choices. As the saying goes, “The more the merrier”. Having multiple investment options helps you make a better decision based on your budget and asset preferences. 

Gladly, Rosland Capital caters to this requirement by listing a vast variety of precious metals on its website. This includes a huge variety of the following assets in gold, silver, and platinum: 

  • Bars
  • Bullion coins
  • Premium coins
  • Exclusive coins
  • Exclusive speciality coins
  • IRA-eligible products

Beyond this collection, Rosland Capital also works with several groups to create special coin lines celebrating organizations, events, and charitable initiatives. One specific example is when the company worked with Fisher House and issued the $5 Fisher House coin in 2014. 

Rosland Capital offers treatments to veterans' families and service members as a charitable approach using a percentage of profits generated by selling these coins. 

Additionally, the company is the sole distributor of the Formula 1 Coin Collection since 2020. This coin collection primarily commemorates the 2020, 2021, and 2022 motor vehicle racing events. It is also worth noting that each coin in the collection is crafted with 99.99% fine gold and 99.90% fine silver — underscoring its exceptional quality and value.

Another notable addition to Rosland Capital’s collection of coins is their collection designed to celebrate Ayrton Senna's career in collaboration with Senna Institute. The company contributed to the 30th anniversary of Ayrton Senna’s win at Monaco.

These unique initiatives by Rosland Capital to create unique and exclusive coins in collaboration with other organizations undeniably make the company’s coin collection stand out. 

Educational Resources

If all of this wasn’t enough, Rosland Capital’s emphasis on educating its customers is another praiseworthy factor that makes the company reliable. When I say educate the customers, it doesn’t solely mean through basic guidance on call or generic articles published on their website.

Instead, the company’s dedication to educating both beginner and experienced investors is visible through its website's vast categories of educational resources. Unlike most companies I invested with that consider customer education the least of their concerns, Rosland Capital’s info-rich resources amazed me. 

Notably, my experience of navigating through their website time and again has exposed me to the following educational materials: 

  • Gold Buying Insights: This includes detailed guidelines and fact-based information on why and how you should buy gold. Their website also features a ‘How to research gold spot prices’ section. This is another great educational resource that helps beginner investors navigate market prices and compare them with the prices precious metals dealers offer.
  • Silver Buying Insights: Similar to gold, Rosland Capital’s website features info-focused guidelines and articles about why and how to buy silver.
  • Historical Price Chart: They also have dedicated gold and silver historical price chart sections where you can easily check and analyze the market shifts of your preferred assets before making an investment decision.
  • First-Time Buyers Mistakes: Rosland Capital also features a section where they share all the first-time buyers' mistakes to help beginners avoid making the same mistakes most investors make.

Customer Support

When I first chose to invest with Rosland Capital, I wasn’t very experienced in the precious metals investment industry. Because of that, I chose to get insights and investment suggestions from their team by calling 1-866-942-2962. Surprisingly, all my stress and doubts about choosing Rosland Capital vanished when I talked to their team. 

The representative dealing with me was quick and keen to enlighten me with everything related to precious metals investment. I told the representative about my investment goals and budget, and she didn’t waste a second suggesting some investment options and their specific benefits. Eventually, after a detailed conversation, I eventually knew I wanted to invest my money in trending gold and silver coins. 

The best part? I didn’t even feel like I was investing with a third party. Instead, it felt like trusting a friend with my investment. This commendable customer support is something I haven’t experienced in many precious metals investment companies. Having said that, this is probably one of the strongest reasons why Rosland Capital is among the best in the industry. 

How Do You Invest with Rosland Capital?

Now that we’ve explored what Rosland Capital offers, let’s discuss how you can invest in the company, considering my investment experience. The only way to make non-IRA purchases with Rosland Capital is to contact their customer support team and place your order. This is due to the absence of precious metals pricing on their website. Yet, once you get in touch with their team, it’s a no-hassle process to invest with them. 

Likewise, making gold IRA investments with Rosland Capital is also quite simple! From my experience investing with them, I appreciated the company’s commitment to assisting customers every step of the way. Here’s why: 

  • First, when I talked to their representative, they briefly explained how a gold and precious metals IRA investment works. This conversation helped ensure I wanted to proceed with the gold IRA investment, from the tax benefits to compulsory distributions, penalties, and more.
  • After the consultation, the representative gave me some client agreement documents by Rosland and account opening documents shared by my IRA custodian in partnership with Rosland Capital, which was Equity Institutional.
  • Once I filled out and signed these documents, my Rosland Capital and Equity representatives opened my account in both companies.
  • The next step was to fund my account, for which Equity allowed me to choose between direct funding or a rollover from my existing IRA. Upon proceeding with direct funding, the Rosland Capital representative contacted me to discuss what precious metals I wanted to purchase.
  • Eventually, the precious metals I chose to purchase were instantly sent to a secure and separate third-party storage depository in Delaware. Since I made the purchase, Equity has been responsible for handling my assets' management and storage security.

Rosland Capital Fee

In terms of pricing, I have somewhat mixed feelings about Rosland Capital. Let’s start with what I liked: 

The company was quite transparent with their additional fees affiliated with gold IRA investment. Simply put, the company doesn’t charge any fees for helping in creating a precious metals IRA account. 

However, you will have to pay account setup, asset storage, maintenance, and other fees to your custodian, i.e., Equity Institutional. Below is the fee charged by Equity Institutional for each of these services: 

  • One-time account setup fee: $50
  • Annual asset maintenance fee: $100
  • Annual storage fee: ranges between $100 or $150 (varies on the chosen storage option)
  • Paper Statement Fee: $40 (only for customers that require a paper copy of their statements)

Now, coming to what I didn’t like: 

Although the company doesn’t charge any additional fee, the prices of their precious metals aren’t listed on the website (as mentioned earlier). According to the company, this is because of the frequently fluctuating prices of precious metals. 

Hence, every time I had to find out the price of an asset, the only option I had was to consult with their team. While it’s not challenging, the constant need to call and ask for the latest prices may be a hassle for most customers who prefer quick online purchases. 

Rosland Capital Rating on Consumer Review Sites

Consumer Protection Agency


Number of Reviews

Complaints in Past 12 Months

Better Business Bureau (BBB)



11 complaints closed

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)



1 complaint closed




31 reviews that are below 4-star

Pros and Cons


  • Their free IRA package kit entails detailed investment insights for first-time buyers
  • The Rosland Capital website features gold and silver price charts for easy tracking
  • Their quick shipping allows you to receive your assets within 14 business days on average
  • They also allow you to invest in various exclusive gold and silver coins
  • Rosland Capital's website features various educational resources and news updates


  • The website doesn't feature any live chat option
  • The website does not display precious metal pricing

The Verdict

Rosland Capital is undeniably a trustworthy precious metals investment partner, whether for its countless positive customer reviews, a professionally skilled and well-aware customer support team, or a wide range of investment options. 

But, despite being an ideal dealer for many investors, the company's limited contact options and undisplayed asset pricing may not suit some investors' preferences. Hence, I would suggest you thoroughly consider your specific investment goals and requirements before proceeding further. This way, you can make an informed investment decision by comparing your specific investment requirements with the company’s offerings. You may want to have a look at my article on the top gold IRA companies to assist in your decision-making process.


Can the company deliver the gold you buy to your home?

Rosland Capital can ship non-IRA purchases to your residential address within 14 business days on average.

Is Rosland Capital any good?

Absolutely! Rosland is a reputed precious metals dealer offering a wide varity of pure and exclusive assets, professional support, and investment guidance. The company also has an A+ rating on BBB, which further backs its reliability.

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