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by Grant HEnson

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Precious metals such as gold and silver are seen as safe-haven investments that have always garnered attention from investors during times of financial crisis. These time-tested assets, known to hold their value, help secure your hard-earned money for years. So, when it's finally time to liquidate your assets to attain financial stability in a struggling economy, the precious metals you invested in have your back (and pocket)!

In my experience, with a track record spanning over two decades in investments, I highly recommend securing retirement funds through a precious metals IRA account. The key question then becomes: How do you identify the 'right' company for this investment?

To make an informed decision, it's essential to explore the products and services offered by a precious metals investment company. In this review, I will thoroughly examine what American Coin Co. has to offer. Continue reading to assess whether American Coin Co. aligns with your investment goals.

American Coin Co.: Brief Overview

American Coin Co., originally named Red Rock Secured, underwent a rebranding process and is now based in Spokane, WA under its new identity. Operating with a new identity, the company assists investors in setting up a self-directed IRA, and shipping IRS-approved precious metals to secure depositories nationwide. Not to mention their assistance with rolling over your current IRAs or 401(k)s into precious metals, such as gold or silver. 

On their website, American Coin Co. provides instructional content for investors, including free consultations, the latest news, and real-time price charts. Through these endless educational resources, the company employs a customer-centric approach by prioritizing investor education to the fullest. 

While most companies in this industry claim the same, my experience with American Coin Co. proved that they fulfill their commitment with up-to-date educational resources and lasting professional support. This made it clear that American Coin Co. provides unmatched IRA investment solutions compared to its competitors.

What Makes American Coin Co. Stand Out? 

While American Coin Co. lists limited IRA-approved precious metals on its website, the company stands out for its emphasis on providing the best investment services. I will talk about these services in further detail. 

IRA-Approved Coins

As I mentioned, one of the drawbacks of investing with American Coin Co. for me was their limited IRS-approved investment options in precious metals. While they do not compromise on quality, the only precious metals IRA investment options the company offers include: 

  • Red Lion Gold Coin
  • Red Lion Silver Coin
  • 90% Silver U.S. Coin or Junk Silver
  • Gold American Buffalo
  • Silver Red-Tailed Hawk
  • American Palladium Eagle
  • American Eagle Platinum
  • Silver American Eagle
  • Gold American Eagle
  • Red-Tailed Hawk
  • Silver Sovereign 
  • Precious Metals IRA

Despite having limited investment options, American Coin Co. did not disappoint me in its overall IRA-related services. From professional assistance through a free investment consultation to a detailed guide on how IRA investment works, American Coin Co. assisted me in every way regarding IRA investments. 

The best part? Their specialized IRA investment services are not limited to inquiry and awareness. Instead, it extends to a hassle-free investment process and lifetime account services for investors. 

Educational Resources

While I’ve already mentioned that American Coin Co. prioritizes customer awareness through various educational resources, let’s take a look at what they offer in this category: 

  • Metal News and Blog: Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned investor in the precious metals industry, being familiar with the market news and updates always helps you make smarter investment decisions. American Coin Co. offers investors the same through its news and blogs section. This section offers insights on the basics of precious metals investment, but this section also features expert insights into the industry, the latest news, political updates, and more. 
  • Free Guide: Adding to the educational resources I found on the American Coin Co. website, the company offers a free investment guide. This free guide covers everything a customer needs to know to kickstart their investment journey with American Coin Co. 
  • Real-Time Precious Metals Price Charts: The American Coin Co. website also features real-time price charts. Although the company does not offer platinum and palladium investment options, the price chart section has a dedicated chart for all precious metals. This is especially helpful for investors who want to track the precious metals' historical and real-time price changes to determine the right time to enter the market. 

Depository Services

Unfortunately, the American Coin Co. website does not mention the third-party storage and depositories the company partners with. Upon speaking with their customer representative, I discovered that American Coin Co. offers the flexibility to select one of the country's top-tier depositories for storing your assets. 

Additionally, it's worth noting that they provide insurance coverage through Lloyd's of London, ensuring protection for all orders up to $1 billion, which is quite reassuring. You can trust that your assets are completely protected with American Coin Co. 

Price Protection

One feature that genuinely sets American Coin Co. apart, and has provided me with peace of mind through a real-life scenario, is their price protection policy. I recently invested in gold and silver with them, and unfortunately within just seven days, the market unexpectedly took a dip, causing the value of my assets to decline. 

However, thanks to their remarkable price protection policy, I was able to recover the difference in value. They promptly delivered additional metals to compensate for the price difference. It's important to note that this invaluable service is exclusively available for approved investment accounts, offering a compelling reason to consider American Coin Co. for your precious metals investments.

100% Free Insured Shipping

Want to get your precious metals shipped to your preferred address? No problem! American Coin Co. does that, too! Besides offering third-party depository services, the company delivers your precious metals IRA so you can store them yourself at an IRS-approved location. Adding to it, this delivery service is 100% free and insured. 

Not only did I save on the shipping fee when I requested delivery of my assets, but I also enjoyed a stress-free shipment experience. 

Transferable Buy Back

Finally, American Coin Co. stands out for its transferable buyback service. With this service, the company buys back any precious metals you purchased from them whenever you're ready to liquidate your assets. They offer the current market value when buying back from their customers.

How to invest with American Coin Co.?

When exploring their investment process, at first I was disappointed that American Coin Co. doesn't allow online investment options. Most companies I invested with over the years offer online investment services, and I was expecting the same from American Coin Co. 

Nevertheless, I still decided to explore the investment process at American Coin Co. To my surprise, even though I couldn’t place an order online, the company’s tax-free precious metals IRA investment process was very straightforward with the following 3-steps: 

Step #1: Open a Self-Directed IRA Account

First, their professional team explained how to open an IRA account with a reputable precious metals custodian. Once I was familiar with the entire process relevant to my goals, they helped open my account. 

Once my account was funded, my account manager at American Coin Co. helped me choose and purchase from their IRA-eligible investment options. They then transported my assets to the IRS-approved depository I chose for storing my precious metals.

Step #2: Funding the Account

After opening my self-directed IRA account, I had to fund my account. Gladly, the team offered me two options: to move or roll over funds from my existing retirement account and/or fund it with cash. Since I already had a retirement account, I chose to transfer funds from that account. The team at American Coin Co. assisted me throughout this rollover process. 

Step #3: Selecting Metals and Getting Them Delivered

Once my account was funded, my account manager at American Coin Co. helped me choose and purchase from their IRA-eligible investment options. They then transported my assets to the IRS-approved depository I chose for storing my precious metals.

American Coin Co. Fees

Despite their hassle-free investment process, one drawback of American Coin Co. is their lack of pricing details. According to their website, the company charges zero management fees and offers free shipping of the precious metals. 

They also mention that 90% of their customers are eligible for free lifetime services. Additionally, there are no hidden expenses when you open and fund an IRA with a reputable custodian. 

While these are all interesting details, I couldn't overlook the absence of clear pricing details on their website. Compared to the companies I invested with throughout the years, this downside made it difficult for me to compare American Coin Co. with other competitors.

Pros & Cons


  • They offer price protection for seven days after purchase.
  • There are no account management fees.
  • With eligible accounts, there are no custodial costs at American Coin Co.
  • The company stores your assets in a secure depository or delivers them directly to your home for storage in an IRS-approved location.
  • There are no out-of-pocket expenses when you set up and fund your account.
  • Their website offers various educational resources and tools, including news, blogs, investment guides, and price charts.


  • Their website does not offer any clear pricing information.
  • The website has limited information about the company's third-party services, like depository locations.
  • The company does not support online investment options.
  • American Coin Co. has no online reviews on consumer review sites like BBB.

The Verdict 

From complete support for precious metals IRA investment from industry experts to various standout services, American Coin Co. has much to offer. All these factors make the company worth considering, especially for investors planning to secure their retirement funds correctly. 

However, like every other top-rated company, American Coin Co. also has some downsides that shouldn’t be ignored. Specifically, their lack of pricing transparency and zero online reviews leave room for second thoughts. When choosing an investment partner, it’s important to consider their track record, often indicated by customer reviews.

Since American Coin Co. doesn’t have this information readily available, I recommend contacting their customer support for more details before making a final decision. Ultimately, if you’re still in doubt, you can always check out my article on the best precious metals companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is American Coin Co. located?

The company is headquartered in Spokane, Washington.

Does American Coin Co. have online customer reviews?

At the time of writing, American Coin Co. is not listed and has no reviews on any consumer review sites like BBB, BCA, TrustPilot, etc.

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