SD Bullion Review

by Grant HEnson

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Are you planning to open a precious metals IRA account? While it's smart to ensure a financially stable retirement future for yourself, this investment option may come with various challenges. One major challenge is to find the ideal investment partner. 

Today, there are plenty of companies that have earned the title of 'best in the business,' including 'SD Bullion.' But is it the best? The only way to find that out is by exploring what the company offers and how well it keeps up with its claims of offering the 'best prices' and 'best services.' 

Having spent over two decades investing in the precious metals industry, I am here to help you explore that through this detailed review. 

In this review, I will share all I explored through research and my experience of investing with SD bullion. So, if you're struggling to decide whether SD Bullion is the ideal investment partner for you or not, keep reading to find out!

SD Bullion: A Brief Overview

Since 2012, SD Bullion has been a gold, silver, palladium, copper, and platinum bullion trader operating an online secondary market. Interestingly, 'SD' in the company's name stands for 'silver doctors,' which makes sense since the company was founded and is currently owned by Dr. Tyler Wall. This company is worth considering for precious metals investments because of its below-market prices and offers. 

If you ever want to consider the cheapest investment option for precious metals, you can count on SD Bullion. As someone who has come across plenty of companies that charge high interest on precious metals investments, I was amazed to find that SD Bullion stands up to its statement. 

To my surprise not only did I find cheaper precious metals investment options on the company website, but I also found both foreign and domestic assets listed on their site, including British gold coins. This alone speaks a lot about the benefits you can explore by investing with SD Bullion. 

In fact, this vast product variety and inexpensive asset prices are the main factors that I believe have brought attention and familiarity to the company in the precious metals industry. 

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What Makes SD Bullion Stand Out? 

As I mentioned, SD Bullion is a trusted name in the precious metals industry that is known to offer a splendid variety of precious metals at below-market rates. But does that alone make the company stand out as a precious metals IRA investment partner? Certainly not! But speaking from my own experience, I have come across various praiseworthy services and features offered by the company, including: 

Precious Metals Offerings

Just as a happy customer on TrustPilot whose "passion in life is coins" says, SD Bullion offers 'quite a large collection' of precious metals. From coins to bars, rounds, and more, their website lists plenty of assets for customers to navigate through and find the best asset that fits their investment preferences. 

Notably, below are the categories of assets and products I came across when navigating through their site:

  • Silver: Including coins, bars, rounds, starter packs, newly released assets, IRA-approved silver, etc.
  • Gold: Including coins, cars, foil notes, latest releases, and IRA-approved gold.
  • Platinum: Including coins, cars, and IRA-approved platinum.
  • Palladium: Including bars and coins
  • Copper: Including bars and rounds.
  • Jewelry: Including pendants, bangles, earrings, chains, and rings.
  • Accessories: Including coin capsules, tubes and monster boxes, Sigma and metallic scanners, and other coin accessories. 
  • MinCertified: Including MinCertified coins in gold and silver

Spot Prices

Besides the splendid collection of precious metals, what I loved about investing with SD Bullion was their spot price feature. Unlike most companies I invested with, I was amazed to find a spot price section on SD Bullion's website updated every 10-15 seconds. To benefit from sudden market fluctuations using this feature, I decided to invest in some gold and silver coins as soon as there was a slight price reduction. 

Hence, even though I paid through a paper check via US Mail, the moment I placed my order, the SD Bullion team locked it on the spot price. Eventually, the team sent my order as soon as they received payment. I then tracked the status of my order and its progress until I received the delivery. 

This experience proved SD Bullion's dedication to offering the best price to investors, whether you choose instant delivery or plan to open a precious metals IRA account with them. 

Depository Service

Another aspect where SD Bullion stands out is its reliable and secure storage service through SD Depository. Having prior gold IRA investment experience, I understand how crucial it is to find secure and reliable storage service providers. After all, this company is responsible for storing, maintaining, and keeping track of your assets for the next few years. 

Hence, even though SD Depository is a non-government storage facility, it was easier to trust them since they offered a secure and segregated storage service. As a cherry on top, all stored assets in this depository are fully insured by Lloyd's of London, a renowned and trusted insurance company in London. 

Plus, if you're proceeding with a simple investment rather than an IRA investment and want to store your assets as an SD Depository, the company offers a three-month free storage service.

“Sell To Us” Service

If all this wasn't enough, SD Bullion also offers buyback services. This is a service that not many precious metals investment companies offer. Hence, I decided to try it myself. Upon further research, the company only purchases specific assets, with a minimum amount. This includes at least: 

  • 20 ounces of silver
  • 1 ounce of gold
  • 1 ounce of platinum
  • 1 ounce of palladium

Since I had to sell around 20 ounces of gold, I locked these assets for sale at their spot price after contacting their team. Afterward, I shipped them to SD Bullion's local facility. Once the company received the package and inspected the gold for authenticity within three working days, I immediately received my payment. Yes, selling to SD Bullion was as simple as that!

Educational Resources

The educational resource section on SD Bullion's website is undoubtedly a cherry on top. Why do I say that? Because it features everything, from the basics of precious metals investment to the latest news, trends, scams, and even blogs on silver and gold price forecasts. 

Despite having investment experience in this industry, this wide range of updated educational resources was highly knowledgeable een for me, allowing me to make a more informed investment decision. 

How to Invest with SD Bullion?

Besides all the stand-out services, does SD Bullion offer assistance and convenience in gold IRA investment? Absolutely! Having opened a gold IRA account with SD Bullion myself, their team guided me and helped me every step of the way. Precisely, the investment process with SD Bullion involves the following steps:

Step 1: Set Up a Gold IRA

First, as per the IRS rules, I had to set up a self-directed IRA account for storing precious metals in an IRA account. For this, I provided them with the required investment and financial details. Once their gold IRA investment representative had all the details, he opened my self-directed IRA account. 

Step 2: Fund Your Account

The next step was to fund my account. In this process, I have seen many companies support limited funding options. But that's not the case with SD Bullion. Instead, their representative allowed me to choose between a check payment, a bank transaction, or a rollover from an existing IRA/401k account. 

Once I decided to rollover from my existing 401k account, the representative directly contacted the team handling my 401k account and proceeded with the rollover. 

Step 3: Buy Precious Metals

After funding my account, it was time to purchase precious metals from SD Bullion through these funds. So, I told the representative about the IRA-approved assets I wanted to buy from the ones listed on their website. 

After the assets were added to my IRA account, the company safely moved them to the SD Depository. From then onwards, I could keep track of my assets online and through physical visits until I was eligible to seek their physical possession.

SD Bullion Fee

While there's a lot SD Bullion stands out for, its fees ain't one of them. Why do I say that? Because I hardly found any details about their gold IRA account opening fees on the website. The company does mention its storage fees, which start at $9.99/month. 

But it isn't transparent regarding its gold IRA account opening, account setup, and account maintenance fees. In fact, I only learned about their IRA investment charges after speaking directly with their gold IRA investment representative. This lack of fee transparency on their website disappointed me, especially when the company stood out in all other aspects. 

SD Bullion Rating on Consumer Review Sites

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55 complaints closed

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252 reviews that are below 4-star

Pros and Cons


  • Has a solid online reputation and thousands of positive reviews
  • Offers competitive precious metals prices
  • There is a huge varity of assets available for purchase on their website
  • All purchases at SD Bullion are insured
  • You can also sell your assets to SD Bullion at their spot prices


  • Their precious metals shipment service is only accessible in the US and some specific international nations.
  • Their website doesn’t feature any live chat support.

The Verdict

From spot prices to a wide variety of investment options, a supportive team, reliable storage service, an easy selling option, and a 3-step gold IRA account opening process, SD Bullion has much to offer. 

All these standout services make it an ideal precious metals IRA investment partner. However, the lack of transparency for gold IRA investment-related fees and the absence of a live chat option is a notable drawback that shouldn’t be overlooked when investing with the company. 

Regardless, speaking from my own experience, I suggest you thoroughly consider your specific investment requirements and preferences before making a decision. This will help you determine if SD Bullion meets all your requirements. If you want to look at other options, see my article on the best gold IRA companies.


Is SD Bullion a reputable company?

Absolutely! The company has been in business since 2012 and has served over 400,000 happy customers. This proves that SD Bullion has a solid track record, adding to the company’s reliability for investment in all types of precious metals.

Is there a minimum deposit amount required at SD Bullion?

No, there are no minimum deposit requirements when investing with SD Bullion.

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