Best Precious Metals Company 2024

by Grant HEnson

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Investing in precious metals is increasingly recognized as a strategic move to safeguard financial stability in an unpredictable economic climate. The intrinsic value of these rare metals, combined with their ability to diversify investment portfolios, makes them highly sought after, especially as they retain value even when traditional financial markets are volatile. Precious metals offer a reliable fallback for both current and future financial security.

The key to successful investment in precious metals lies in choosing the right company to partner with. While the instinct might be to go with the most renowned names in the industry, it's essential to delve deeper and consider whether popularity equates to the best choice for your specific needs.

Top companies in the precious metals sector often share commonalities such as positive customer feedback and a variety of investment options. However, there are unique attributes that set each company apart. Drawing from extensive experience in the precious metals industry, I have conducted a thorough analysis and comparison of the leading firms. This detailed guide is designed to provide insight into these differences, helping you make an informed decision about your precious metals investment.

#1. Goldco 

Goldco is one of the most recognizable names in the precious metals sector, owing to its excellent reputation and customer service. This company entered the precious metals market over a decade ago and soon established itself as a top player, assisting numerous customers in diversifying their investment portfolios. That is also why I put Goldco in the first spot in this list. 


As a renowned precious metals company, here are the key products and services Goldco offers: 

Unique Features of the Company:

From what I have explored, some key features that make Goldco stand out of the crowd among precious metals investors include: 

  • Guaranteed buyback of its own precious metals, so when it's time, you can get the highest rates by selling the assets back to the company.
  • On-site live chat to get quick response from the company’s customer support team
  • With approved purchases, you can get free shipping and additional metals.
  • Free startup kit to help you understand the precious metals purchasing process

Customer Service and Customer Reviews:

Goldco’s friendly and educated customer care team will never disappoint you when seeking assistance and addressing your concerns. So you can easily reach them at their toll-free number or contact them through email/live chat.

In terms of reviews, Goldco once again stands strong as a precious metals company that has won over most — if not all — of its customer base. In fact, the company scores an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau, an AAA rating from Business Consumer Alliance, and a five-star rating from TrustLink. With only positive reviews from Goldco’s customer’s on these platforms, there’s no denying the company’s strong customer loyalty and reputation. Read my Goldco review here.


  • A wide range of informational articles and reviews
  • Precious metals buyback guarantee at the highest rates
  • Excellent web reviews from customers


  • $25,000 investment account minimum
  • They don't have an online account opening option

#2. Augusta Precious Metals 

Next up on my list is Augusta Precious Metals. This company focuses on being a one-stop shop for its customers by providing various investment options and services tailored to every customer’s needs. Committing to this goal, Augusta Precious Metals has been a trusted online precious metals dealer since 2012. 

Additionally, Augusta Precious Metals is an approved Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) dealer and follows the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's (NGC) coin grading standards. This means that the precious metals offered by Augusta are graded accurately, enabling investors to get a fair deal on these physical assets. 


Augusta establishes itself as a trustworthy name in the precious metals sector by providing the following:

  • Bullion in gold and silver.
  • Precious metal coins (gold and silver).
  • Gold coins that have already been rolled.
  • Different investment packages. 

Unique Features of the Company

The following are some of the key characteristics — in my view — that made Augusta the second-best company on my list: 

  • Lifetime account support
  • Service tailored according to every individual’s investment needs
  • Dedicated customer service staff
  • Individual webinars to educate investors on the market's possibilities and risks.
  • Investor education for retirement savers provided by industry experts
  • Storage and custodianship of precious metals in a highly secure environment
  • Low storage expenses for precious metals

Customer Service and Customer Reviews

Augusta's exceptional commitment to customers, providing unwavering support throughout their investment journey, secured the #2 position on my list. Regardless of your purchase frequency, their lifetime customer service ensures top-notch assistance.

Even in terms of consumer feedback, the company does not disappoint. After researching Augusta's internet reviews and reputation, I came across an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a 5-star rating from Trustlink. Augusta also holds an AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) — the highest rating assigned by the organization based on a business’s reliability. Not to mention the company's infinite positive customer reviews, which are a plus on its scoreboard. 


  • Low pricing with free service for ten years
  • Dedicated educational solutions
  • No management fees
  • Supports Cash/physical purchases


  • Fees aren't disclosed on the website
  • $50,000 investment account minimum

#3. American Coin Co.

Now I can’t go on with this list without mentioning American Coin Co. What I like about this company is its dedication to customer satisfaction and wide range of investment alternatives. 

This precious metals firm first appeared in California in 2009 as Red Rock Secured, before rebranding to American Coin Co. Since then, it has assisted endless customers in protecting and diversifying their investments.


From what I have explored, American Coin Co. offers a variety of investment products including: 

  • Gold bullion coins and bars
  • Silver bullion coins and bars
  • Platinum coins and bars
  • Palladium, such as American Palladium Eagle, American Silver Eagle, and American Platinum Eagle.

Unique Features of the Company

Here are some of American Coin Co.'s strong points that set it apart from the competition:

  • Precious metal storage methods that are safe and secure
  • Low premium fees, ranging from 1% to 5% over the cost of all common bullion, including  Canadian Maple Leafs, American Eagles, and bars. (excluding collectible coins and bullion).
  • Price protection and waived Custodian Fees are also available for large investors.

Customer Service and Customer Reviews

American Coin Co. shines in customer service, with their attentive support team always ready to address queries. During my call to inquire about investing, the staff displayed professionalism and knowledge, providing friendly and helpful assistance to obtain the information I needed.

When I further looked at the customer reviews of American Coin Co., I found plenty of favorable feedback on the company that backed up its legitimacy. To be precise, the company has an A+ rating on BBB, a 4.2-star rating on TrustPilot, and a AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance. 


  • Pricing transparency
  • Outstanding customer service and education
  • A wide range of investing opportunities
  • Low premium on precious metals
  • A customer service team that goes above and beyond to assist you


  • They have no paper money offerings

#4. American Hartford Gold 

Recommended by well-known TV personalities and politicians like Bill O'Reilly, Rick Harrison, and Rudy Giuliani, American Hartford Gold is all about gaining investor trust. In this regard, this family-owned business has made its name in the industry for its impeccable principles focused on professional investment assistance to its customers. 

What further makes American Hartford’s assistance commendable is the company’s emphasis on providing information and timely knowledge so new and seasoned buyers can make educated investment decisions. 


In a nutshell, American Hartford Gold is known for its dedication to meeting all of your investment needs by offering: 

  • Gold coins and bars
  • Silver coins and bars
  • American Buffalo gold coins
  • American Gold Eagle gold coins
  • American Silver Eagle coins
  • 1-ounce gold bars
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins

Unique Features of the Company

The distinctive features of American Gold Group back up its years of reputation as one of the top firms. These features include: 

  • Guaranteed buyback.
  • Proper asset handling and shipping under standard procedures and expert supervision.
  • Intelligent analysis and suggestions to help investors explore the best precious metals investment options.
  • Complete confidentiality of investor’s buy or sell transactions. 

Customer Service and Customer Reviews

American Hartford Gold stands out with exceptional customer service, offering financial expertise, real-time market news, price charting tools for precious metals, and a live chat feature. Additionally, they provide free investing guidance through email for interested customers.

As a firm that treats you like family, the customer reviews of American Hartford Gold also speak volumes about its legitimacy. When I looked into American Hartford Gold’s customer reviews on TrustPilot and BBB, I found no unresolved complaints or unanswered questions. This demonstrated that the organization is committed to assisting its customers in every manner possible. 


  • Pricing transparency
  • There is no minimum investment amount
  • Customer service is available around the clock
  • Investment advice from a professional team
  • Frequent promotional offers and bundles are offered
  • Up-to-date news and educational resources


  • Prices are not listed on their web product catalog

#5. Birch Gold Group 

Birch Gold Group, headquartered in Burbank, California, was founded in 2003 by a dynamic team of experienced wealth managers, financial advisors, and commodity dealers. The vision behind this company was to educate the public on alternative investment options and provide the best solutions for individual needs. 

Following this goal, Birch brings two decades of investment and gold price-tracking experience to the customer’s table. This experience backs up the company’s strong track record of customer success, which is a positive one. With the risks associated with the gold market, this is a must-have feature.


The diverse range of products and services offered by Birch Gold Group include:  

  • Gold bars and coins
  • Silver bars and coins
  • Platinum bars and coins
  • Palladium coins and bars

Unique Features of the Company

When you partner with Birch Gold Group, you can take advantage of benefits such as: 

  • Access to real-time interactive and historical graphs of numerous precious metals listed on the website.
  • A collection of step-by-step recommendations to assist investors in navigating the precious metals market.
  • Fees for the first year are waived for investor accounts worth more than $50,000. 
  • Access to a free information kit.
  • Easy-to-navigate website.

Customer Service and Customer Reviews

Birch Gold’s customer support is accessible through phone or email. When I called them to learn more about how the company handles customer questions, I found their staff highly attentive and helpful. The customer service representative patiently answered all of my questions while helping me understand my investment choices based on how the market was doing.

You may be curious about what Birch Gold’s customers say about the company. At the time of writing, Birch Gold rated 4.8 stars out of 5 on, based on 114 ratings. Additionally, reviewers rank the company 5 stars out of 5 across 126 reviews. Based on 119 ratings, TrustPilot users also give Birch Gold 4.8 stars out of 5.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Customer education commitment
  • Thousands of positive customer reviews
  • The minimum investment is low
  • Almost two decades of experience
  • Upfront pricing structure
  • Storage and custodial alternatives that are adaptable


  • A minimum purchase of $10,000 is required for investment in physical assets
  • Online purchases are not supported

#6. Noble Gold Investments 

Noble Gold Investments completes my list with its user-friendly website layout, allowing customers to explore investment options effortlessly. The visually appealing site provides quick access to gold and silver investment details.

Since its inception in 2017, the company has risen to the top of the customer satisfaction ratings. But that’s not all, as Noble Gold Investments are quickly on their way to becoming an industry leader — mainly for enabling customers to transition from the volatile stock market to precious metals assets through simplified investment options. 


As a precious metals firm that offers investors a diverse selection of products and services, here is what the company has to offer to its investors: 

  • Silver and Gold 
  • Metal coins
  • Palladium coins
  • Platinum coins
  • American Gold Eagle (bullion and proof coins)
  • Uncirculated American Gold Buffalo coins
  • Australian Kangaroo coins
  • Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  • Austrian Gold Philharmonic coins
  • Collectibles and rare coins 

Unique Features of the Company

Noble Gold Investments, although being a relatively new company compared to others in this list, stands out for the following distinctive features:

  • Offers the first and only Texas storage in collaboration with International Depository Services (IDS) in Dallas.
  • Guaranteed buyback program
  • Royal survival packs
  • Free educational resources
  • Professional Coin Grading by Numismatic Guarantee Corporation

Customer Service and Customer Reviews

The best feature of Noble Gold's simple website was the easy-to-access and dependable customer support option. So, if you ever get lost on a Noble Gold page, just go to the bottom and look for their helpful FAQ option. Moreover, by clicking the "Call" button, you can connect directly with one of their experts from your computer. 

When I examined the BBB website for customer feedback on Noble Gold, I found 0 complaints about the company on the website. Furthermore, it obtained a 5/5 overall rating on BBB. 

But there are some loose ends that the company has to cater to, particularly in terms of service charges. With a 2.2 rating on TrustPilot, I also found some negative reviews regarding Noble Gold's additional service fees. 


  • Quick sign-up procedure
  • Accessibility to expert advice
  • Excellent customer service
  • Separated storage
  • Straightforward and easy-to-navigate website
  • Simplified options to invest in physical gold and silver 


  • For some consumers, investment minimums may be prohibitively high
  • Does not provide international precious metals storage choices

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Precious Metals Company

Because precious metals investment is relatively new, selecting an investment firm to help and educate you throughout the process is critical. Based on my ten years of experience working in the same landscape, here are a few factors that can assist you in partnering with the best firm in the industry:

Product and Service Quality:

The product quality of a precious metals company is one of the most crucial elements that help evaluate the company’s credibility. Hence, I recommend choosing a company that provides high-quality, ISO 11596:2021 tested, and certified gold, silver, and other precious metals at reasonable costs. 

Track Record and Reputation: 

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to evaluate whether a company is worth considering. Look into the company’s online reputation and track record and ask yourself: Are they well-known in their field? Is their Better Business Bureau rating positive? How long have they been in business? Once you get the answers, you can streamline your list of the best companies that fulfill your investment requirements. 

Security and Safety: 

When selecting a company, ensure that it provides a secure storage facility through government-licensed and IRS-approved third-party depository firms like Brinks, Delaware Depository, or HSBC Bank USA. 

Your chosen precious metals company should also take the required precautions to safeguard your valuables. Here, I would also suggest you consider companies with the most up-to-date security on their website while offering insurance coverage in case of asset theft or losses. 

Investment Options: 

You can only make the most of your finances if you have enough investment options to consider. Hence, you should look for companies that provide a wide range of precious metals investment options, including gold, silver, palladium, platinum coins, bullion, and more.

Payment Methods: 

Look for businesses accepting various payment methods, such as bank cards, bank transfers, etc. This will help you get through the investment process without any payment limitations. I would like to point out that most top players in the market support multiple payment options, making the investment process seamless.

Customer Service: 

Another factor that heavily influences your experience with a precious metals company is its customer service. If an investment company does not address your questions and concerns, you’re on your own when figuring out the market and making investment decisions. This is where you should go the extra mile to partner with a top leader in the industry. In this regard, I recommend only considering companies with an easily accessible customer support team that addresses your inquiries and has a quick response time.

Transparency in Pricing: 

Lastly, finding hidden service charges when you’re halfway through investing with a company can be a real shock. So it’s always better to opt for companies that are clear about their precious metals prices, service fees, and hidden charges (if any) from the get-go.


To secure your financial future with precious metals, select a reputable company offering high-quality products, a proven track record, secure storage, diverse investment options, and transparent pricing. You should also consider customer service and payment methods for a seamless investment journey. 

To make an informed decision and ensure a smooth and successful investment venture in the precious metals industry — you must consider these factors. Besides, choosing the right investment partner will only give you peace of mind in tumultuous times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best precious metal to buy right now?

While it depends on your investment goals and preferences, gold is the best precious metal that promises stability and value retention.

What is the best gold storage company?

One of the best gold storage companies today is BullionVault.

Are precious metals stocks a good investment?

Yes, precious metals stocks have long been considered a safe investment option for being rare and stable in value. In fact, over the years, their value has only increased.

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