Bringing the Power of Work Management to Your Business

eg work manager is a software package that embodies the eg principles of production management®. This methodology seamlessly integrates the management of work with the necessary resources and skill competencies. It also includes a suite of Quality and Compliance modules that automate sampling for audits and track customer events.

eg work manager offers a suite of advanced features, including performance forecasting services, progress monitoring, and historical reporting. These features are designed to improve productivity and enhance efficiency within an organization. The product is especially beneficial for managers, assisting them in ensuring continuous improvement within their teams.

One of the key functionalities of eg work manager is its ability to accept work from any third-party source, including major BPM engines. Work can be entered directly into the system, which then applies a set of business rules to prioritize and assign tasks based on available resources, skills, efficiency, and performance objectives.

Moreover, eg work manager plays a critical role in firms’ quality and compliance objectives, providing automatic enforcement of regulatory controls and evidence collection for compliance submissions. The product can be used as a standalone package or integrated with Line of Business (LOB) systems or other BPM applications, thus offering a flexible approach to business operations management.

Leveraging Key Performance Indicators for Optimal Results

With eg work manager, businesses can take advantage of a wide range of generic and custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), measures, and management information all combined into a single system. This allows for a real-time, comprehensive view of how changes in one measure affect others, such as how alterations in staff skills might impact customer service.

The tool links IT and business operations to the delivery of KPIs, providing management information at any level, from individual to department, location, process, channel, or customer group, across any timeframe. It creates a holistic view of work and resources across different channels, resulting in an optimal utilization of resources.

Achieving Measurable Performance Improvements

Organizations that use eg work manager as part of a proactive management discipline can experience immediate and significant performance improvements. With a guaranteed minimum ROI in 12 months, customers can expect productivity improvements and cost reductions between 15-50% achieved within 4-6 months. Moreover, the methodology and product can support a fundamental cultural shift within an organization, leading to increased productivity beyond the capabilities of a typical BPM engine.

Integrating the Production Management Methodology

At the heart of eg work manager lies the Production Management methodology. This methodology includes accurate capacity planning, short interval scheduling of resources against work, and load balancing of the available resources. This approach forms the basis for Team Leader and Operations Management development, equipping them with the necessary skills to manage people and processes in an integrated manner. Consequently, this leads to high-quality delivery, fast customer service, and reduced unit costs.

Exploring the BPM Engine

eg work manager’s functionality spreads across several areas, integrating with external BPM Engines or other LOB Applications where necessary. The primary focus is on Business Operations Management (BOM), allowing businesses to integrate processes, resources, and customer requirements holistically.

Key components include Production Management, which represents the proprietary methodology that underpins the technology. Work Management is a component that calculates how work is deployed to human resources involved in the process. Meanwhile, Resource Management reflects the formal reporting structures of the organization and of any work groups, teams, or matrix structures.

In essence, eg work manager is designed to provide the most comprehensive approach to work and resource management, meeting the needs of various audiences, from team leaders to senior executives.

Here are some of the key benefits of using eg work manager:

  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced compliance
  • Improved decision-making
  • Increased visibility into operations
  • Improved collaboration
  • Reduced risk

If you are looking for a comprehensive work and resource management solution, then eg work manager is a great option. It is a powerful tool that can help you to improve your business performance in a number of ways.

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