The third edition of the Business Process Maturity Survey, developed and conducted by the experts at PROCESOWCY.PL, provides a comprehensive and objective analysis of business process maturity in Polish organizations.

The survey was conducted in two phases. In the first phase, organizations were asked to self-assess their process maturity levels. In the second phase, a team of analysts from PROCESOWCY.PL conducted in-depth interviews with representatives from 21 organizations to validate the survey findings.

The survey results showed that the average process maturity level in Polish organizations is 3.2 out of 5. This means that most organizations have a basic understanding of process management, but they still have room for improvement in terms of the effectiveness and permanence of their process management implementation.

The survey also found that the most important factors contributing to the successful implementation and maintenance of process management are:

  • The support of senior management
  • The involvement of employees
  • The use of process management tools and techniques

The survey report also provides a detailed analysis of the role of Conscious Process Owners, strategies to build engagement, the interplay between process management and company strategy, employee and process control, and customer satisfaction.

Overall, the third edition of the Business Process Maturity Survey is a valuable resource for business leaders and process managers who are looking to improve the maturity of their organizations’ business processes.

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