by Grant HEnson

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Countless investors around the world are worried about the looming threat of recession. The COVID pandemic ground everything to a halt and we’re still seeing its effects on the global economy to this day. 

Amidst this much uncertainty, the only practical way to secure your future is with a gold IRA. Other assets like stocks and crypto have higher growth potential, but none are as stable and reliable as gold or other precious metals.

These metals have a long history of protecting assets from both inflation and times of economic downturn, which is why they’re my number one recommendation for IRAs. All you have to do is find the right company to help you create and manage your retirement fund, which is easier said than done.

Fortunately, there are a number of trustworthy companies in the precious metal IRA industry worth your consideration. One of these is also the subject of today’s discussion:

My initial impressions of this company are quite positive. I especially like the vast variety of options available on its website. Not to mention the rare coin inventory which is a gold mine (pun intended) for the collector in me. 

But, before I can recommend it wholeheartedly, let’s take a closer look at what GoldDealer has to offer.

Brief Overview

The first thing that caught my attention when looking into is just how long it’s been a part of the precious metal industry. To my knowledge, this company was established in 1981 — making it 43 years old in 2024. 

While I did not find endorsements from any major celebrities, I don’t think that’s much of an issue for When I’m reviewing relatively new companies in the precious metal space, these endorsements are a way for me to judge the trustworthiness of a company. But for GoldDealer, its age alone is enough evidence to increase my trust in its services. I’m not alone in this sentiment either as general customer reviews for this company are also overwhelmingly positive. Take a look!

Reviews and Ratings

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The Best Gold IRA Companies in 2024

Before I get started with this review, I want to inform you that I have reviewed dozens of precious metal IRA companies over two decades, and I have curated a list of the top 6 gold IRA companies in 2024. I highly recommend reading this article before proceeding with an IRA transfer.

The #1 Best Gold IRA is Augusta Precious Metals, with its A+ rating from Better Business Bureau, hundreds of 5-star reviews, and lifetime account support. Read my review on Augusta Precious Metals, or visit the official Augusta website to learn more. 

What Makes the Company Stand Out?

As you can see from the overwhelmingly positive customer reviews, has one of the best reputations in the precious metal business. The question we should be asking now is how it built this reputation in the first place. 

To answer this question, I analyzed every aspect of’s business. Here are the most notable features and services I found:

Massive bullion collection

At the time of writing, GoldDealer offers 89 unique bullion products which is one of the largest collections I’ve seen from one dealer. These range from coins and bars to entire bags of silver weighing over 700 troy ounces — helping you build your IRA at the pace you want. 

You can also purchase these bullions for all of the major precious metals, including:

The company also sells bars of Rhodium which is something you don’t see often. However, you will have to call them to confirm availability and pricing. 

Super-accurate pricing works on a live price model. In other words, the prices of its products are updated frequently to match the latest market conditions. 

I compared its prices to some of the other precious metal dealers I’ve reviewed in the past and GoldDealer was among the cheapest — making it ideal for both IRA and short-term investment. 

Self-directed IRA

A self-directed IRA is when you manage the IRA on your own. While there are a number of benefits to this approach, the biggest is that you have complete control over your investment

This is why I was quite happy to see offer full support for self-directed IRAs. From what I’ve seen, the company will directly communicate with the depository of your choice and ensure the safe delivery of your purchases without any additional charges. 

Of course, you can also get the IRA metals shipped to your home, but I wouldn’t recommend that unless you’re willing to take the risk of losing it all in a break-in.

Free and secure shipping

This goes hand-in-hand with the self-directed IRA support I mentioned above. In essence, will not charge any shipping fees for orders that are over the 2,000 USD mark. Not only that, but the company will also ensure its deliveries so you don’t have to worry about your precious metals getting damaged or lost in shipping. 

Generous buyback program

In my eyes, precious metal dealers that also purchase the metals back are more reliable, as you don’t have to go running to the nearest pawn shop when you need liquidity. fulfills this criteria with ease as it also offers a fairly generous buyback program. 

The best thing about, however, is that its most up-to-date buy prices are always listed on its website. This allows you to sell at the right time to ensure maximum profit. 

Free appraisals

The toll-free number of isn’t limited to buying or selling precious metals either, as they provide a free appraisal service as well. 

I was curious about the accuracy of their appraisal so called the company myself and asked about the value of my silver coin collection. The person talking to me was super cooperative and inquired about the contents of my collection in detail.

It took me a few minutes to provide the required info and I had an appraisal for my silver coins soon after. To my surprise, this appraisal was even a bit higher than my own estimate of this collection. 

This also ties into the buyback service I discussed above since was willing to purchase my silver coin collection at a very competitive price.

PCGS and NGC certification

Aside from purchasing gold and silver as investments, I’m also an avid collector of rare old coins. When purchasing coins, I always look for certification from either PCGS or NGC as they’re both the gold standard (pun intended) in the coin certification business.

With you can get your coins graded more easily as it is authorized by both PCGS and NGC. The company also sells rare coins that are already graded to ensure their authenticity.

Wealth of educational resources

A big hurdle I see many new investors face when entering the world of precious metals is the lack of knowledge. What is bullion? How much should I invest in gold vs silver? These are the types of questions that they need answered before they can make the right purchasing decisions. 

Luckily, GoldDealer is ready to help its customers in this regard as well. On its website, you’ll find detailed and well-written guides regarding the most important aspects of precious metal investments and IRAs. 

The company also publishes a weekly gold newsletter to keep you in the loop about the latest market trends. Not to mention the audio newsletter which you can listen to when commuting from work. 


I was thoroughly impressed when looking into the fee structure of This is because the company is extremely open about its fees and margins. The prices of its products update every few minutes, ensuring that you’re always buying or selling at the most recent rates. 

I also purchased a few items for the sake of this review and did not find any hidden charges or commissions that weren’t already listed on the website or told to you by the sales rep. 

Plus, as I mentioned earlier, there isn’t any shipping fee for orders over 2,000 USD either. 

Storage Services

To my knowledge, doesn’t offer any in-house storage services. However, they have partnered up with a CNT Depository to provide independent precious metal storage that’s directly linked to your dealer ( in this case).

By choosing this service, you can instantly sell the metals stored in your CNT account and receive the money within minutes. While this isn’t very necessary for long-term IRAs, I can see it being the ideal choice for investors looking to make profits in the short term.

How to Invest with the Company provides a bespoke service to each of their customers. All you have to do is call the company on its sales line ((800) 225-7531) and a sales rep will help complete your order from there. 

I understand how some might see this as a downgrade from purchasing metals directly from the website. But, in my experience, the call experience with this company is just as quick and effortless as online shopping. I only had to stay on call for a few minutes for the orders I mentioned earlier.

Is It Reliable?

Judging from my own experience and reviews from other customers, I’d have to say yes. Plus, also has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau which further solidifies its reliability. 

Pros and Cons

Here’s a summary of my thoughts on


  • Vast collection of precious metal bullions
  • Some of the lowest prices on the market
  • Free shipping for orders over 2,000 USD
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Generous buyback service
  • Responsive customer support system


  • No in-house storage service
  • No way to purchase precious metals without calling

Final Verdict

All things considered, earns my full recommendation with flying colors. It is genuinely one of the most reliable and trustworthy precious metal companies I’ve ever reviewed. I especially liked the on-call experience with the company as it was just as reliable as buying directly from the website. 

That said, I still advise you to do your own research before purchasing metals from GoldDealer, or any other company for that matter. It’d also be a good idea to consult a financial advisor to get an accurate scope of your IRA.


Can I purchase precious metals directly from GoldDealer’s website?

Unfortunately, no. GoldDealer’s website doesn’t have an online retail interface. So, the only way to purchase precious metals is to get in contact with the company via phone.

Does ship outside the US?

From what I’ve seen, GoldDealer’s operation is mostly limited to the US. Of course, you can always call the company and inquire about availability in your region or country.

Is buying from GoldDealer safe?

Yes, it is. GoldDealer only sells certified precious metal bullion that matches the purity levels mentioned on its listing. Plus, it also ensures the shipment against any damage or theft.

How long will it take for me to receive my order from

In my experience, it might take anywhere between one and three weeks to receive your order. However, it can take longer due to any unexpected delays from the shipping company and also during the holiday season.

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