Gold Alliance Review

by Grant HEnson

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Despite being around for over 45 years now, Gold Alliance has only now started to make its mark on the precious metals industry as a significant player. Over time the precious metals investment partner has managed to garner an amazingly supportive and trusting customer base who’ve been with the company for over a decade or more. 

But what is the primary reason behind the company achieving this attention and familiarity? Does it truly match up with the top precious metals investment partners of the industry in terms of reliability? 

Or is it another company that makes its living off the back of a hollow albeit impressive-sounding team of experts that hits more bumps than home runs? 

This review of Gold Alliance will look at exactly what the company has to offer, along with my verdict on whether you should invest with the company.

Gold Alliance: A Brief Overview

Gold Alliance was founded by Joseph Sherman, Kevin Troy and Fred Abadi and is currently headquartered in Reno, Nevada. 

The CEO, Joseph, came from a hardworking family of a baker and was previously a founding member of the Precious Metals Retail Association (PMA). Whereas both Kevin Troy and Fred Abadi enjoyed fantastic careers as a senior associate software engineer and business operations leader respectively. 

Despite pursuing different career paths, all three men converged on a shared central goal: To help the public achieve protection and performance by diversifying their retirement funds from the overreach of wall street and banks. 

It took some time to get there, but Gold Alliance is now one of the top Gold IRA companies in the precious metals industry, with an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau. In fact, from what I’ve been able to gather from my over two decades of experience working in the precious metals industry, there are various reasons why you should consider Gold Alliance as your designated investment partner when it comes to gold IRAs. The rest of this article will talk about each of those reasons in detail. 

One notable factor that might’ve directly impacted their positive reputation is how transparent they are in dealing with customers. The company prides itself on helping hardworking Americans obtain the benefits of acquiring physical precious metals which are beyond the control of banks and wall street. Educating their customers about intelligent gold investments has also consistently won over investors and remains a cornerstone of their success.

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What Makes Gold Alliance Stand out?

As a vastly experienced and thorough researcher in the precious metals industry, here are a few factors that I believe contribute to the company’s overall recognition and reliability.

Offers a Range of Precious Metals

Gold Alliance offers its customers a huge range of precious metals to choose from when investing in their precious metals IRA account. These include gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bullions. Additionally, the company also offers coins from the royal mints of other countries like Canada and Australia. Some examples of coins you can find on Gold Alliance’s official website include:

  • Gold Australian Striped Marlin 0.25 oz
  • Gold Australian Osprey ¼ oz
  • Gold Canadian Polar Bear ¼ oz
  • Silver Canadian White Falcon 1.5 oz

According to my several years of experience in the precious metals industry, the company's wide range of coins offers multiple investment options for portfolio diversification. Given the increasing volatility of bond and stock prices, a diversified portfolio can contribute to a more secure financial future.

That said, it’s important for you to know that not all of the coins Gold Alliance offers are eligible for investing in an SDIRA (self directed individual retirement account). For one, only gold and silver coins are eligible to stock into your SDIRA. The most profitable IRA eligible coins Gold Alliance offers include:

  • Gold American Eagle 0.1 oz
  • Canadian Gold Buffalo ¼ oz
  • Silver American Eagle 1 oz 
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf 1 oz

IRA Rollovers

I just mentioned how Gold Alliance’s first priority is to provide you with profitable gold and silver IRAs. For that purpose, the precious metal dealers have plenty of certified customer service representatives that offer great advice for their IRA investors. 

Note that direct communication with customer service requires calling their company number. The team will provide professional guidance and support for both direct purchases and rollover requirements.

To begin a rollover, the initial step involves establishing a self-directed IRA. This type uniquely permits the inclusion of precious metals as investments. To set up the SDIRA, an account custodian is needed. An account custodian, a licensed entity or individual, manages your retirement account and assets. Gold Alliance collaborates with three organizations that offer SDIRA custodianship.

  • Preferred Trust
  • Equity Trust 
  • Goldstar Trust

Once you’ve created a SDIRA, Gold Alliance permits rollovers from the following accounts:

  • A 401(k), 403(b), 401(a), 457, thrifts savings plan and annuities.
  • IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts)
  • Roth IRAs and SEP (for roth IRAs the investor has to pay taxes on the converted funds)

Buyback Programs

Even the prices of gold and silver can fluctuate from time to time causing you to reevaluate your investment plans according to the market’s conditions and your financial goals. Gold Alliance understands this very well. 

In fact, it has a dedicated team of experts that takes you through the entire buy back program, which entails selling your assets back to the company if and when the need arises. 

On top of that, Gold Alliance also offers investors the most accurate market rates, thus ensuring that you get a quick and easy exit from any investments you may have made with the company. 

Money-Back Guarantee

Gold Alliance is one of the few precious metal dealers out there that actually offer a full money back guarantee to their customers if they don't like the company’s service. Of course this money back guarantee can only be availed in the first 7 days of you purchasing their services. 

Even with my several years of experience in the field, I haven’t seen a precious metals company provide a 100% refund. So trust me when I tell you that this is an amazing incentive that should motivate you to make your gold and silver investments through Gold Alliance. 

Educational Material and Market Analysis

Like I mentioned earlier, one of the earliest goals setup by Gold Alliance’s founders was to empower and educate young investors in the importance of diversifying their investment portfolio with gold or silver investments. And according to the resources I’ve found, it seems like they’re going strong in following their early mission, even 45 years later. 

To add to that, Gold Alliance goes about educating its customers in a very organized and clean manner. In fact, the company’s actually gone a step further by setting up a separate educational website called Gold Allied Trust. This website contains numerous insightful blogs, articles and tools that educate customers on a variety of topics. The website features:

  • Gold and Silver IRA Guides: These guides are designed to help you understand the importance as well as the ins and outs of gold and silver IRA investment.
  • Charts: The website features several market volatility and precious metal pricing charts in addition to a gold-ounce price calculator.
  • Blogs About Current Events: These blogs usually deal with how events in the real world may affect gold or silver prices and what you should do to protect your investment.
  • Consultations: Free consultations with Gold Alliance’s precious metals experts to learn which gold and silver investments could be most beneficial in diversifying your portfolio. 

With over two decades of experience in the precious metals industry, I wholeheartedly recommend this website to any newbie investor who wants a crash course on how investing in gold and silver IRAs can ultimately strengthen your portfolio. The free consultations especially are an untapped gold mine as customers get advice from some of the most experienced gold investment specialists in the market. 

How to Invest in Gold Alliance

Apart from all the other advantages customers are afforded, the company also features an easy and swift investment process. Based on the steps I had to go through, here’s how the process works.

Seek Information

I’ve already mentioned how the company places special emphasis on educating their customers before they make any purchases. To fulfill that purpose, Gold Alliance requires that you call its customer service directly to make any investments.

Once your call connects you’ll be transferred to a customer service rep who’ll go through your existing investment portfolio and financial goals to suggest the best precious metal investments you can partake in based on your needs and market trends. 

Setup IRA Account

Once you’re satisfied with one of the investment options Gold Alliance’s customer service rep has presented, the next step is to create your SDIRA account. The company will assist you with this process as well by contacting your current or list of potential custodians and handling the rollover of funds from your current IRA or 401(k). 

The biggest problem individuals run into when setting up their own IRA account and handling the rollover from their other investment accounts is the mountain of paperwork associated with it. Gold Alliance helps out a ton in this regard as well as it handles the bulk of your paperwork for these operations. 

Stay Active Throughout the Process

All you’ll be required to do throughout the process is stay active in order to sign off on all the activities your Gold Alliance agent is handling. This’ll ensure that there are no confusions or errors on our end that could turn into complications when setting up your account and accessing or liquifying your assets. 

Liquidate your Assets

Once you’ve successfully created your account and made the investments you needed to, you’ll only need to access the account again when you’re looking to liquify your assets. In which case, Gold Alliance will be right there to buy back all your gold and silver at their current market price.

Gold Alliance Fees

While the company is indeed praiseworthy for the amount of transparency and efficiency they show in regards to your investments, we did find one small shortcoming in their overall operations. The company does not display a clear estimation or example of how much the entire process of rolling over your investments to the company’s precious metal IRA would cost. 

Instead, the company states that all fees will be disclosed to the customer once they call the company at their designated number and are assigned a customer service representative. 

Gold Alliance Rating on Consumer Sites

Consumer protection agencies are responsible for reviewing and rating precious metal dealers like Gold Alliance in order to gauge their overall reliability as an investment partner. Here’s how Gold Alliance stacks up according to some popular consumer sites.

Consumer Protection Agency


Number of Reviews

Complaints in Past 12 Months

Better Business Bureau (BBB)




Business Consumer Alliance







3 reviews that are below 4-star

Google My Business




Pros & Cons


  • Easy liquidation of assets through a solid buy back program
  • Wide range of IRA-eligible coins
  • Super reliable as it was ranked the no. 1 fastest growing gold company in INC 5000
  • Allows you to store your precious metals at home
  • Provides excellent educational resources for inexperienced gold investors
  • Customers can avail a 100% money back guarantee within 7 days of using their services


  • Official website does not provide any information on fees
  • Fewer ratings and reviews than other companies makes it difficult to judge its reliability

The Verdict 

Gold Alliance has been a part of the precious metals industry for over two decades now, but it has just recently become a major player in the industry. A fact that’s quite surprising considering the company’s wide range of praiseworthy features. 

However, despite its reliability as a gold investment partner, we’d still recommend going on a call with one of their customer service representatives, just to get an idea of the exact fees (if any) they charge. 

Nonetheless, I hope this review was comprehensive enough to aid you in making a more informed investment decision that’s based on your requirements and needs. If you are considering more options, you can read my article on the best precious metals companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gold Alliance Reliable?

Apart from their pricing structure, Gold Alliance excels in maintaining absolute transparency with their customers in regards to any and all investments. Besides that they were also ranked the number 3 fastest growing company in Nevada, so that should also count for something.

Which Shipping Method Does Gold Alliance Use?

Gold Alliance utilizes FedEx or USPS registered and insured parcel deliveries for delivering precious metals that customers have bought. Delivery can take up 10 days depending on your exact location.

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