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January 2015

Dear BPTrends Member:

Hope your holidays were full of family, friends and good cheer. All of us at BPTrends wish you a happy and prosperous 2015.

As we begin our eleventh year of publication, we look forward to continuing to provide you with content that you find informative and useful in your BPM practice. We hope that you will continue to contact us with your comments and suggestions for topics and perspectives you’d like us to explore in the coming year

Carolyn Potts
Managing Editor

New Features

January 6, 2014


Six Sigma

This month Michael Thorn, a certified Project Management Professional and Six Sigma Black Belt, discusses the components of a successful Six Sigma Project.



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Harmon’s Blog: Eye On BPM

How Do BPTrends Readers Get Information

Lots of people talk about social media and seem to suggest that everyone now gets their information from Tweets and Blogs.  In this month's mini-poll on BPTrends we asked our readers to tell us where they get information on process issues.  So far a total of 33 people have responded -- not many, but more than usually respond.  We let people choose more than one option, since we all get information


Harmon on BPM: 2015

Harmon on BPM Column

As the world economy picks up, Paul looks forward to 2015 in which, he predicts, new technologies will challenge process professionals who will be equipped to meet the challenge with a variety of new tools.

Business Rule Solutions: Q&A: What We’re Learning from Decision Engineering, Part 2—Fresh Thinking about Business Process Models

Business Rules Column

Ron Ross encourages BPM practitioners to consider fresh ideas about business process models. Using a Q & A format, he relates what you need to know to bring your thinking and practices up to date in this, the concluding Column of this two-part series.

Practical Process: A Failure An Opportunity of Governance

Practical Process Column

In his experience as a BPM consultant, Roger finds that most organizations fail to sustain effective process-based management because they fail to firmly embed business process governance, a prerequisite to effective BPM. In this Column, he offers five practical steps to incorporate governance in an organization’s processes, thus assuring a sustainable process-based management system.

Down Under: The Importance of Clearly Understanding End-to-End Processes

John Jeston and Gina Craig

In their roles as process practitioners, John and Gina have found that far too frequently BPM projects begin and continue without having a clear and agreed upon definition of when a process starts and ends. In this Column, they cite three cases to illustrate their point and suggest steps to avoid the problem.

Human Processes: Minutes = Weeks

Human Processes Column

If you’ve been frustrated by the inaccuracy of the minutes from a meeting you’ve attended, you are not alone. In this Column, Keith analyzes the problem and proposes a simple, easily implemented solution that will save time and costs no money.


Real World Business Processes: ‘There is no such thing as a bad example’—’After the Fire Alarm’

In the second installment of his series of Articles on real world business processes, Roger Burlton relates the problems that occurred after a fire broke out in his condominium complex. In analyzing the ensuing chaos, he finds many parallels to problems that occur in business when individuals pursue their own best interests, oblivious to how their actions undermine the overall performance of a process.

Case Study

Motorola Solutions Case Study

Matt Feetterer, a Channel Account Manager at Motorola Solutions, Inc., describes how he and his team carried out a process improvement project whose goal was to develop the right processes to enhance channel sales. Read this Case Study to learn how they successfully accomplished that goal.

Book Review

Facilitator’s and Trainer’s Toolkit: Engage and Energize Participants for Success in Meetings, Classes and Workshops By Artie Mahal

Artie Mahal is a master facilitator, and Paul asserts that, in this book, he successfully teaches readers the same skills he applies in his own classes. Paul strongly recommends this book to anyone engaged in a process improvement project that involves a workshop or facilitation session.

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Building Business Capability Conference November 2-6, 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada. This popular annual North American Conference is co-produced by BPTrends, Business Rules Solutions and the IIBA, bringing together a broad range of professionals who collaborate to provide integrated solutions for enterprise performance improvement.

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BPM in Europe June 15-17, 2015, London, England. This popular annual European BPM conference, co-produced by BPTrends and chaired by Roger Burlton, will once again be co-located with the annual Enterprise Architecture Conference.

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