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May 2017

Dear BPTrends Member:

This month I would like to call your attention to 2 BPM Conferences—Paul Harmon will be featured as a speaker at the upcoming BPM Conference, Business Disruption: New Paradigms and the Speed of Change in Lisbon, Portugal on May 25 th . And, we are once again pleased to support the IRMUK BPM Conference to be held in London, England from October 16th-19th.

I am also asking your assistance in identifying an individual from Europe, Asia and/or Latin America to write about BPM in their part of the world. If you are interested, or if you know someone who would be interested, please contact me at capotts@bptrends.com.

Carolyn Potts
Managing Editor

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New Features

May 2, 2017


Managing Value Creation

Tom Einar Nyberg, Head of BPM Capgemini Norway, presents Managing Value Creation. We originally published this popular video in September, 2016.


There have been a number of process innovations in the last few years. One of the ones that has received the most attention in academics has been Process Mining -- a technique that allows an organization to map the pattern and flow of from one existing activity to another, and to identify bottlenecks by looking at data in the organization's database.

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Harmon’s Blog: Eye On BPM

Process Mining Experimentation

There is lots of academic interest in process mining -- the use of tools to evaluate events and determine flow patterns (processes) and bottlenecks.  Recently a group of university people announced the free availability of Nirdizati -- an Alpha release of a predictive monitoring tool that individuals and organizations can experiment with.  http://nirdizati.cs.ut.ee  Use of process mining isn't for


Harmon on BPM: Value Chains vs. Ecosystems

Harmon on BPM Column

Paul reflects on what Michael Porter meant when he described a value chain in 1985 and compares it to how the definition has changed over the years using Amazon and Uber as contemporary examples.

Business Rules Solutions: The New Knowledge Paradigm: Enabling Operational Excellence

Business Rules Column

Ron Ross posits that to achieve true operational excellence in today’s technological world, companies need to follow well-defined rules. First, they need to know what the rules are and the rules need to be “a living breathing resource.” Ron calls it business knowledge engineering. Read his Column for details of this concept.

BPM and Lean: Enabling the Adaptive Enterprise – Software for Change

In his new role as CTO at Bizzdesign, Peter Matthijssen observes that organizations handle change today in much the same way as they did 10, 20, 30 years ago and asks if this makes sense in today’s digital world. Read his Column for his answer to the question.


Steps for Choosing the Right BPM Software for your Business

Bhavesh Koladiya, a software analyst at Software Suggest, defines his criteria for finding the right BPM software for your organization.

The Trouble with Procedure Documents

Ivan Seselj, CEO of Promapp, provides some astonishing statics relating to actual process usage in organizations. For example, a recent survey indicates that 44% of the companies surveyed say that few or none of their processes are actually used by employees. Ivan offers some invaluable suggestions for overcoming this problem.

Calendar of Events


Business Disruption: New Paradigms and the Speed of Change, Lisbon Portugal, May 25, 2017. Paul Harmon will speak on Managing the Cognitive Transition.

IRMUK, October 16-19, London, England, October 16-19, 2017. This popular BPM Conference is co-located with the Enterprise Architecture Conference.

Building Business Capability, Loew’s Royal Pacific Resort, Orlando, Florida November 6-10, 2017.

Education and Training

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