Letter from the Managing Editor:

February 2015

Dear BPTrends Member:

This month, our authors have provided a range of BPM topics including a rather alarming discussion of the cognitive economy to crowdsourcing and process improvement to a re-examination of the capabilities vs. process discussion. As always, I urge you to share your reactions and comments with the authors on the BPTrends Linkedin cite.

Carolyn Potts
Managing Editor

New Features

February 3, 2015


Using Process to Drive Stakeholder Engagement – Part 1

Laura Thompson, Practice lead, Business Transformation at Capstone Ridge Group in Winnipeg, Canada presents Using Process to Drive Stakeholder Engagement in this, Part 1 of 2 Parts.



Some business process methodologies (like Six Sigma) are incremental, or bottom-up. Others (like Business Process Reengineering) are top-down. Which type does your company use?

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Harmon’s Blog: Eye On BPM

What Process Methodologies Are Used?

This month, the mini-poll on the www.bptrends.com website focuses on the types of methodologies that organizations use.  So far we've only had 19 responses, and hopefully we'll have a few more before long.  So far, the largest number of our respondents suggest that their organization does NOT use a business process methodology.  I take this to mean that there is no standard way such organizations


Harmon on BPM: Types of Process Methodologies

Harmon on BPM Column

This month, Paul discusses both bottom-up and top-down methodologies and warns that over emphasizing either one can cause problems. He asserts that the best BPM methodologies combine both approaches and manage the entire lifecycle of an organization’s processes, applying a variety of tools and techniques as appropriate.

Process Solutions: Just What is BPM?

Process Solutions Column

Having participated in several debates on BPTrends Linkedin forum about how BPM derives its value, it became clear to Tom that there is considerable disagreement among experts and practitioners regarding what BPM is and what constitutes a good BPM approach. In this Column, he presents his views regarding what BPM is and the value derived from a properly implemented BPM initiative.

Extreme Competition: The Cognitive Economy–and YOU

Extreme Competition Column

Peter exhorts business analysts and architects to focus on what’s happening in the Cognitive Economy and Cognitive Society instead of continuing to focus on capabilities vs. processes and the latest modeling standards. To emphasize the coming crisis, he cites a study conducted by Princeton and Northwestern Universities which predicts that 47% of Western jobs are at stake, and the wealth gap is reaching historical proportions. What can analysts and BPM professionals do to stem the tide of this “unpredictable, unknowable tsunami”? Peter says “get informed” and suggests a number of useful and accessible sources for doing so.


Increasing Employee Engagement in Process: The Case for Crowdsourcing

In this Article, Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland, a program manager for business excellence research at APQC, analyzes the results of APQC’s recent research report on continuous improvements. The report suggests that crowdsourcing techniques can succeed where traditional methods to engage employees in process improvements often fail. She cites the crowdsourcing activities used by two organizations to successfully facilitate process improvement.

The Enterprise Transformation Architecture (ETA)

Recognizing the potential risks of large transformation initiatives, Larissa Zhurakovskaya, Amit Mitra, and Amar Gupta present a framework that advocates a step-by-step evolution of best practices to support acceptance of innovation and change. Read their Article for details of the ETA framework they propose.

Demystifying the Relationship Between Processes and Capabilities: A Modest Proposal

Alan Ramias and Andrew Spanyi recently printed out 196 pages of commentary from the BPTrends Linkedin site on the seemingly endless process vs. capabilities discussions. Undaunted, they have decided to weigh in on the discussion and do so in this Article. Please tell us what you think of their conclusions on the BPTrends Linkedin site.

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