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September 2016

Dear BPTrends Member:

Returning to our regular monthly presentation of new content after the “best of” issue in August, this month we bring our readers an array of thought-provoking Columns and Articles that we hope will offer new and useful perspectives on Business Process Management. Paul Harmon and Sasha Aganova focus on sustainable processes, while Alan Ramias and Tom Bellinson take a historical perspective on their topics—Lean and Six Sigma and software applications, respectively. Roger Addison and Carol Haig take us on a field trip to an Apple Store and Keith Harrison-Broninski presents a method for measuring change.

We want to remind you that the Building Business Capability Conference is coming up the end of next month from October 31 to November 4 in Las Vegas. Follow the link to register.

Carolyn Potts
Managing Editor

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New Features

September 6, 2016




Managing Value Creation

Tom Einar Nyberg, Head of BPM Capgemini Norway, presents Managing Value Creation.


Some organizations only think of processes when they think of trying to improve how specific activities are performed. Other organizations think more broadly, and consider changes in processes as the way to implement major business initiatives.

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Harmon’s Blog: Eye On BPM

Macro and Micro Processes

As I work with people trying to analyze processes, I increasingly find myself drawn to the importance of distinguishing between the problems associated with (1) large scale processes, like value chains and level one processes like Manufacture x and Sell x, and (2) smaller processes, like sets of activities that can be automated by software applications. In a sense this distinction is rather


Harmon on BPM: Sustainable Business Processes

Harmon on BPM Column

In a world in which water and energy are becoming increasingly more expensive, and the negative effects of industrial processes and waste disposal are increasingly scrutinized, efforts at sustainable waste processing processes are going to be increasingly necessary. Read Paul’s Column for an account of his recent visits to companies where sustainable waste processing has become a major priority.

Process Improvement: Lean Six Sigma…Always Together?


Because Alan Ramias began his career at Motorola in the 1980’s when the company decided to improve product quality tenfold by combining Lean and Six Sigma techniques, he was a bit baffled when articles began to appear many years later extolling the advantages of unifying the methodologies. In this Column, he recounts the processes Motorola undertook to educate their employees on implementing the combined methodologies. Read this interesting account of the history of Lean Six Sigma.

Performance Architecture: Disruptive Design

Performance Architecture Column

Using the Apple Store’s design as a model, Roger Addison and Carol Haig describe how Apple has successfully created a space that excites and accommodates customers’ needs and desires. Read their Column to learn how their Apple store experience led them to consider the importance of design in engaging customers and how the design drives Apples’ sales and service process to such great success.

Process Solutions: Life in the Cloud: Part III – Scaling Up

Process Solutions Column

The process of building software applications and making them available to users over the internet has evolved over time. In this Column, Tom Bellinson presents a brief history of web hosting to see how we arrived at our present state and why. Details inside.

Human Processes: Measuring Change

Human Processes Column

In this Column, Keith Harrison-Broninski uses the Casual Loop Diagram as a starting point for measuring change. He provides a step by step method for aligning system dynamics with business processes. He has used this approach successfully in large-scale, multi-stakeholder environments. Keith would welcome your questions on how you might apply this approach in your organization.


Getting Business Change to Stick

As an experienced consultant both within organizations and externally, Sasha Aganova has evolved a “best of” methodology to implement change. In this Article she presents her model for sustainable change.

Part Three: Frameworks and End-to-End Processes

Although either end-to-end process methodology or process frameworks can be used independently, Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland and Roger Burlton believe combining them is invaluable for process management and helping organizations achieve their goals. In this Article, they explain how to accomplish this end.

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