Letter from the Managing Editor:

February 2017

Dear BPTrends Member:

Digital transformation and its impact on BPM is very much on the minds of our authors this month. Paul Harmon and Keith Harrison-Broninski weigh in on the subject in their respective Columns. Leandro Jesus and Michael Rosemann of Queensland University of Technology share their thoughts on the future of BPM in their Article. As always, we urge you to let us know your response to our content and to suggest any topics you would like to see discussed in future issues of the BPTrends Monthly Update.

Carolyn Potts
Managing Editor

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New Features

February 7, 2017


Develop a Communication Plan for BPI Projects to Engage Employees

In this video, Gina Abudi, President of Abudi Consulting Group, discusses the importance of Communication Plans for Business Process Improvement projects to engage employees in the projects.


What do managers and supervisors at your organization know about processes? (Choose more than one.)

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Harmon’s Blog: Eye On BPM

What do managers know about business processes?

The current mini-survey being run on BPTrends asks readers to tell us what managers at their companies know about processes. One option suggests that an organizations know about processes, could help improve them, get data about them and use that data to make day-to-day management decisions.  For those familiar with CMMI, that would suggest a maturity level of 4.  Only one respondent suggested


Harmon on BPM: Digital Transformation

Harmon on BPM Column

In this Column, Paul discusses the impact of the digital transformation on BPM. He urges business process analysts and developers to rethink how their organizations’ work and to develop the new kinds of digital systems and infrastructure needed to survive in the near future.

Essentials of Business Architecture: ‘Developing your Capability Architecture: It’s all about being able to get things done’

Roger Burlton explores the various perspectives on the definition of a “capability.” His goal is to ensure that, regardless of how you define capability, that you maintain an approach that is business oriented and not just about IT.

Human Processes: Happy New Processes

Human Processes Column

To date, the focus of business process practitioners is on defining and then streamlining workplace activities. Keith Harrison-Broninski wonders if that will be the case in ten years. Read his Column to discover his thoughts on the future of business process. What do you think?


The Future BPM: Seven Opportunities to Become the Butcher and not the Turkey

Leandro Jesus and Michael Rosemann of Queensland University of Technology argue that we need to move into a new type of BPM.in the digital age. They declare that this is not an evolution from the existing base, it’s a paradigm shift. Read this thought-provoking Article and let us know your perspective.

Business Process Maturity in Polish Organizations—2016

Lukasz Tartanus of PROCESOWCY.PL presents an overview of their 2016 survey. Essential aims of the survey were as follows:

  • to place the organizations operating in Poland at the five defined levels of process maturity
  • to describe the trends and changes observed between the editions of the survey
  • to present the differences between declared and actual process maturity

Rising to the Disruption Challenge: Ignore, Fight, or Embrace?

Eric Pelander, a partner in Waterstone Management Group, believes that today’s business environment requires that companies be prepared to respond to a disruption in their core markets from a new business model. Read his Article for his approach to dealing with the disruption challenge.

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