Letter from the Managing Editor:

December 2014

Dear BPTrends Member:

BBC, 2014
Members and readers who attended the Building Business Capability Conference last month all agreed that the meeting was a huge success. This conference has grown dramatically and BBC 2014 drew 1500 attendees. We expect this pattern to continue into 2015 when the BBC will be held in Las Vegas from November 2 -6.

BPM in Europe Conference
Now we turn our attention to the BPM in Europe Conference presented by IRMUK to be held in London, England June 15-17. The call for speakers has been published and the deadline for submissions is December 15, 2014. We urge all of you to register to attend and those who are interested in presenting to submit a proposal ASAP.

Carolyn Potts
Managing Editor

New Features

December 2, 2014




Six Sigma

This month Michael Thorn, a certified Project Management Professional and Six Sigma Black Belt, discusses the components of a successful Six Sigma Project.



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Harmon’s Blog: Eye On BPM

Uptake of Case Management

Case management (or Adaptive Case Management or iCase, or dynamic processes) has been hot throughout most of 2014 -- at least its been talked about and featured in lots of conference discussions.  Some tool vendors claim to support Case Management with BPMS features or modules and the OMG is readying a new Case Management notation, and consultants are lining up to help clients do Case Management.


Harmon on BPM: What is Case Management?

Harmon on BPM Column

Although companies are not doing a lot of Case Management, the subject is receiving considerable attention from leading edge thinkers, BPMS vendors, and the OMG where work is in progress on a Case Management notation. In this Column, Paul Harmon defines his understanding of Case Management and what it could mean for process practitioners.

Process Solutions: Software Development—The Product Owner

Process Solutions Column

In this installment of his software development series, Tom Bellinson discusses a category of agile development called Scrum. Using this technique, a Development Team sets out to create a functional product early on rather than writing a large design document. The Product Owner plays a critical role in the success of a Scrum project, and, to illustrate how critical the role really is, Tom presents a real world scenario where the Product Owner was not fully engaged and defines the resulting problems that resulted.

Business Architecture: Critical Thinking in Business Architecture

Business Architecture Column

In his Column this month, Mike Rosen draws a parallel between critical thinking skills and the tasks of the business architect. He presents the skills required for critical thinking, examines them in the context of business architecture, and ends by defining the characteristics of a critical thinking architect.

Business Rule Solutions: What We’re Learning from Decision Engineering—Part I

Business Rules Column

White-collar workers make operational business decisions day-in and day-out. Many people think of such work as a matter of art, not engineering. They’re being proven wrong. Learn about the latest developments in business rule and decision engineering in Part I of this two-part Q & A with Ron Ross.

Extreme Competition: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Extreme Competition Column

Peter Fingar contends that the fourth industrial revolution is upon us, a revolution that promises to have an enormous effect on manufacturing innovation including “smart devices” that can take control of machines on the shop floor by communicating autonomously. Peter explores the impact this revolution might have on manufacturing operations management processes.

Performance Architecture: A Process Management Framework

Performance Architecture Column

When a new or updated process is ready to be deployed, functional managers must not only effectively implement the change, they must assure that it is managed and sustained over time In their Column this month, Roger Addison and Carol Haig discuss the characteristics of a well-managed and sustainable process implementation.


Cloud BPM Software Requirements

Adeel Javed believes that migration to the cloud is a question of when , not if. In this Article, he focuses on requirements of a cloud BPMS that organizations should look for when they decide to migrate to the cloud.

BPM without Boundaries? Let’s Get Real

Joachim Van den Bergh, a senior research associate at the Vlerick Business School, believes that BPM is not a panacea and that those who present it as such are endangering the credibility of the discipline. In this Article, he challenges practitioners and academics to create their definition of BPM and when and where they would and would NOT use it.

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BPM in Europe June 15-17, 2015, London, England. This popular annual European BPM conference, co-produced by BPTrends and chaired by Roger Burlton, will once again be co-located with the annual Enterprise Architecture Conference.

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