Letter from the Managing Editor:

April 2014

Dear BPTrends Member:

As Managing Editor, each month I am struck by the quality of the analysis and counsel offered by the distinguished BPM practitioners who write for BPTrends. This month is no exception, with discussions of topics ranging from a renewed look at Balanced Scorecard, to the Agile Manifesto, to process mining and many more. As always, we hope you will find that the information presented by our authors enriches your knowledge and practice of BPM.

Carolyn Potts
Managing Editor

New Features

April 1, 2014




Analytics and Business Processes

This month, James Taylor, renowned expert in decision management, presents Part 2 of his discussion on Decision Modeling and Business Process by clarifying the difference between Process Analytics and Decision Making Analytics.


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Harmon’s Blog: Eye On BPM

Process Improvement!

Most days we think of process improvement as incremental improvement.  Then, occasionally, we see something that reminds us of the major improvements we have made in some industries.  A few months back, I was impressed by a video from a car manufacturing plant which showed the degree that the assembly process was automated. Yesterday, my friend Bassam AlKharashi, the Director of Business


A Scorecard for Process Managers

Harmon on BPM Column

Paul Harmon offers his perspective on an alternative to trying to fit process concepts into the four categories of the traditional scorecard.. He proposes that a better way of thinking about a scorecard is to tie it closely to the source of the measures. In this Column, he demonstrates an approach that not only pays considerable attention to what customers want, but also deals with measures required by senior executives and other key stakeholders.

3 + 1: All Is Changed, Changed Utterly

Extreme Competition Column

In his Column this month, Peter Fingar spends one sentence reminiscing about the good old days of BPM and then launches a discussion of the technologies that he believes will profoundly change how companies operate. Read his Column and let us know what you think about these technologies and the impact they might have on your organization.

Continuous Problem Finding

Practical Process Column

Roger Tregear asserts that if process improvement activity is to deliver its maximum benefit, we must be continuously discovering problems and their causes. In his Column this month, Roger presents some useful strategies that you can use to create a culture of process improvement in your organization.

Software Development: An Agile Journey

Process Solutions Column

In his first Column in this series on Software Development, Tom Bellinson provided some history and perspective on how software is developed. This month, he reviews the twelve principles of the Agile Manifesto through the eyes of a business process practitioner and also takes note of the connection between Agile and Lean thinking.


The Added Value of Process Mining

In this Article, Anne Rozinat and Christian Günther, address the questions of which kinds of processes can be analyzed with process mining and what benefits it would bring. To help you find an answer, they provide a framework for the most common process mining use cases, so that you can determine if you could benefit from the use of process mining and how you might use it effectively in your organization.

APM in Globally Distributed Enterprises

Sameer Paradkar begins this Article with an introduction to Application Performance Management (APM) and the challenges faced by Application Software Management (ASM) teams. He then presents an approach for managing these ASM problems based on his experience as an Enterprise Architect with the Ernst & Young IT Advisory.

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