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April 2017

Dear BPTrends Member:

We are proud to announce that our sister company, BPTrends Associates been named one of the top 20 most prominent BPM Solution providers of 2017 by CIO Review. You can read the article and learn more here.

This year we are again proud to support the IRM UK BPM Conference, co-located with the Enterprise Architecture Conference in London October 16 – 19, 2017.Registration is open – through Friday, April 21st, and we encourage all our readers to submit their papers and or attend.

Carolyn Potts
Managing Editor

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New Features

April 4, 2017


Develop a Project Charter for your next BPI Project

In this video, Gina Abudi, President of Abudi Consulting Group, discusses the importance of developing a Project Charter for Business Process Improvement projects. Also, Aparna Raja of KiSSFLOW tells how to avoid the pitfalls of process automation. As always, we hope you’ll find all of the content compelling and will let us know your thoughts.


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Harmon’s Blog: Eye On BPM

Portugal in May

I'm getting excited about the upcoming BPM Conference in Lisbon on May 25th.  The conference is going to focus on the impact of AI and Cognitive Technologies on Business Process Change and I've been asked to keynote it.  (For more information on the conference, please check:  lisbon.bpmconferenceportugal.com ) I happen to think that Ai and Cognitive Technologies are about to have a very large


Harmon on BPM: Business Process Architectures

Harmon on BPM Column

Paul Harmon says that “Words decay with use.” In his Column this month he explores the various definitions of Business Architecture that have evolved over the years.

Process Improvement: Sole Survivor: How to be Successful as a One-Person BPM Shop

Alan Ramias launches a series of Columns the purpose of which is to suggest things you can do early in the game to get somewhere with BPM when there is only you (at least at first).The early Columns will focus on tactics for early success, as opposed to tools and methods. Read the first in Alan’s Sole Survivor series.

Practical Process: Delivering artifacts, not value?

Practical Process Column

Roger Tregear asserts that it proves to be easy for those closely involved in the theory and practice of process-based management to confuse the delivery of nicely crafted artifacts with delivering real value. In his Column this month he provides a sequence of questions for analysis that will help you avoid that problem

Process Solutions: The Process of Startups

Process Solutions Column

Finding a lack of content relating to small businesses in the BPTrends archives, Tom decided to share his experience in starting a new soap business with our readers. The Process Startups is the first of several Columns in which he will describe his progress and setbacks in his and his team’s effort to launch his new business. Follow the first installment of the process.


How to Empower Knowledge Workers Using Cognitive BPM

In this Article Adeel Javed, a technology professor with over a decade of experience with BPMtakes a look at how different IBM® Watson™ services can be used within business processes to empower knowledge workers in making better decisions.

Seven Pitfalls of Process Automation

Aparna Raja, Digital Marketing Specialist at KissFLOW defines the 7 pitfalls of Process Automation and how to avoid them.

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