Business Process Manifesto

by Grant HEnson

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The Business Process Manifesto is a comprehensive framework for understanding the core tenets of business process management (BPM). It was created by a group of industry professionals and researchers who believe that a common, shared understanding of BPM's foundations would benefit the entire field.

The Rationale Behind the Business Process Manifesto

The field of BPM is multifaceted and dynamic, encompassing a broad spectrum of strategies, methodologies, and practices to analyze, improve, and manage an organization's business processes. However, the diversity and complexity of BPM can sometimes make it challenging to maintain a shared understanding of its fundamental principles.

For years, business process consultants, academics, and practitioners have been honing their skills and refining their understanding of these principles, often learning through hard-earned experience. Yet, there is a lack of a centralized resource that encapsulates this collective wisdom—a go-to guide that provides a comprehensive and unified perspective on the discipline.

The Journey of Creating the Business Process Manifesto

The Business Process Manifesto emerged from this need for a consolidated knowledge base. As a labor of love and dedication, it is a document that is both grounded in practice and shaped by experience. It has gone through numerous drafts, each iteration reviewed and refined by a dedicated group of colleagues and friends from the BPM field. Each contributor brought their unique insights and experiences to the table, enriching the document and ensuring that it was comprehensive, inclusive, and representative of the diversity of the field.

The Value Proposition of the Business Process Manifesto

The Business Process Manifesto aims to serve as a touchstone for those involved in BPM—a comprehensive guide that can be used as a reference and a tool for learning. It seeks to provide clarity and coherence, illuminating the fundamental principles and practices that underpin the discipline. In doing so, it bridges the gap between theory and practice, offering practical insights drawn from the collective experience of a diverse group of BPM professionals.

Moreover, the Manifesto is not just a static document; it's designed to evolve, absorbing and reflecting the ongoing developments in the field. As the BPM discipline grows and changes, so too will the Manifesto, providing a living, breathing testament to the ongoing journey of learning and improvement in the field.


The creation of the Business Process Manifesto marks a significant milestone in the BPM field. By providing a shared understanding of the foundations of BPM, it offers a resource that can enhance practice, guide research, and provide a roadmap for future developments. 

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