Metastorm BPM

by Grant HEnson

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Metastorm BPM is an extensive, scalable enterprise software suite that helps organizations to model, execute, analyze, and improve their business processes. It is designed for mid-to-large-sized organizations that require the seamless execution of intricate business processes.

One of the key features of Metastorm BPM is its single user interface. This interface insulates users from the complexities of diverse systems and applications, making it easy to model and automate business processes. The interface also supports various modeling and process execution standards, making it easy to integrate diverse legacy applications into service-oriented business processes.

Another key feature of Metastorm BPM is its highly resilient and scalable Process Engine. The Process Engine oversees the execution of Metastorm BPM processes and corresponding transactions, essentially serving as the single point of contact for all individuals, applications, and databases involved in the process. The Engine diligently maintains the status of each process instance (or business event) while managing auxiliary tasks such as user/role authentication, application integration, to-do lists, Metastorm's proprietary Watch List feature, auditing, and notifications. Administrators are further enabled to manage Process Engine instances utilizing the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

Metastorm BPM can be implemented in a variety of ways, depending on the specific needs of the organization. In larger organizations, Metastorm BPM is typically implemented in conjunction with Metastorm Integration Manager (MIM). MIM helps to disperse the integration workload, thereby optimizing the overall scalability of the Metastorm BPM implementation.

In short, Metastorm BPM is a comprehensive and versatile business process management solution that can help organizations to improve their efficiency, effectiveness, and agility.

Here are some of the benefits of using Metastorm BPM:

  • Increased efficiency: Metastorm BPM can help organizations to streamline their business processes, which can lead to increased efficiency.
  • Improved effectiveness: Metastorm BPM can help organizations to improve the quality of their work by ensuring that processes are executed correctly and consistently.
  • Enhanced agility: Metastorm BPM can help organizations to be more responsive to change by providing a flexible platform for managing business processes.

If you are looking for a comprehensive business process management solution, Metastorm BPM is a great option. It is a powerful tool that can help you to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and agility of your organization.

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