How People Research BPM

I am increasingly told that I am out of date — that today's business people tweet, and blog and get information by means of various social media.  I realize that, in some sense this is true.  I myself, for example, no longer read a newspaper, but read my news, online, via or the   I do still read books, but I understand that a growing number read books via “readers” of various kinds.

My concern, however, is whether I should continue to write articles for the website, or give that up and confine myself to blogs and tweets, with perhaps a home-place on Facebook.  This month, the mini poll asked readers to tell us where that get research questions on BPM.  We offered several options from face-to-face conversation and on-line discussion groups to tweets, emails, blogs and websites.   Interestingly, we've had a better than average response and most respondents say they do research via websites and web searches.  Slightly fewer say they research at discussion groups, or via blogs written by selected individuals.  In any case, there are enough who still rely on websites to encourage me to keep writing for bptrends.

I hope other readers who haven't responded yet will take this poll.  I really am interested in learning about how people are getting information about BPM.


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