December 2020

If you are busy decking the halls or otherwise preparing for the holidays, please take a time out and read the Articles and Columns in this month’s Update., I hope you will find the information presented here of value to you in your daily work. Please continue to give us your comments and thoughts and […]

November 2020

It’s Election Day here in the U.S., and I for one, along with many others, anxiously await the results. Election aside, we have a substantial and compelling Update this month that, we hope, will provide you with some insights and support for your BPM work. This month’s contents feature Paul’s speculation about what the coming […]

October 2020

The leaves are turning here in the northeast–a prompt to us to ready our winter wear and for all of us to return to our fall schedules. Whether you’re facing the onset of fall with the dread of the winter that follows or looking forward to the next season and the new possibilities it offers, we […]

September 2020

This month we resume our regular publishing schedule presenting new content by our Columnists and Contributors. Among our Columns this month is a compelling discussion by Roger Tregear of processed-based management, and Paul Harmon’s interesting insights into how he might respond to a  solicitation for a process job at a casino.  As always, I hope […]

August 2020

In keeping with our August tradition, we are suspending our normal publication schedule and are presenting our Best of BPTrends, a compilation of what we regard as The Best selections from the past 12 months. We hope you enjoy re-reading these Articles and Columns and that they spark some new thoughts the second time around. PLEASE NOTE. Due […]

July 2020

Happy Independence Day to all of our members and readers in the United States, and Happy Bastille Day on July 14 to our members in France. This month’s contents feature the usual variety of BPM topics including Paul’s tribute to Brett Champlain and his critical role in the AMPMP and its growth as an International […]

June 2020

This month, as always, our authors  offer advice on subjects that will help you make good use of your time during our universal quarantine.  I hope that whether you are working at home under quarantine, or at your workplace keeping your “social distance”, you continue to be safe and Covid-19 free. Please let me know […]

May 2020

Dear BPTrends readers, We hope you and your colleagues, friends and family are well and safe during these challenging times of the Corona Virus.  And, we hope you find some helpful information  in our publications this month. As always, we have some very compelling and interesting content from some of our favorite authors. Paul takes another […]

April 2020

All of us at BPTrends are well, locked down and following the guidelines for Covid-19.  We hope all of you, your families, your colleagues and your friends are safe, locked down and finding ways to cope during the onslaught of of this pandemic virus.  This month, we again call your attention to our 2020 BPTrends […]

March 2020

Dear BPTrends Member: As we inch toward spring, we at BPTrends are delighted to offer content we hope you will find both interesting and informative. Paul discusses recycling those waste bi-products from the input-output process, while Ron Ross focuses on the importance of rule independence in a digital world where the pace of change continues […]