Notes on Innovation/Spotlight

Notes on Innovation are essays on innovations involving new technologies, techniques and strategies that that influence the way we work and live today. Spotlights are short essays on specific topics with descriptions and links to all related articles previously posted to BPTrends.  Both of these features have been discontinued and similar content is presented in Columns, Articles, Blogs and Editorials.  All Notes on Innovation and Spotlights are posted in chronological order, beginning with the most recent posting.

Job Aids and Checklists

Job Aids and Checklists A job aid or checklist prompts employee performance when a task is to be performed. It’s much less expensive than training or building a rule-based system and, when it’s appropriate, it’s a great way to save money while improving employee performance.


BPM and ERP This month, Spotlight looks at some of the Articles that BPTrends has published on ERP applications and the relationship between ERP and BPM.

Get the Customer to Do It

Get the Customer to Do It One of the ways that organizations can change processes is to hand off some activities to the customer to perform. Most of us now pump our own gas, an activity that gas station attendants performed in decades past. The customer might be a business partner, or the end user, […]

Complex, Dynamic Processes

Complex, Dynamic Processes One of the major concerns among practitioners, researchers and vendors, in 2011, is going to be how organizations deal with complex, dynamic processes – processes that are often referred to as case management processes. Here is a quick review of some of the material we have already published on this important topic.

Notes on Innovation: Design Your Own Online

Notes on Innovation: Design Your Own Online This month, our Note on Innovation focuses on a business model that sells products and services that customers can customize and configure online.

Task Analysis

Task Analysis This month, our Spotlight focuses on Task Analysis and highlights some of the best Articles that BPTrends has published on the topic.

Notes on Innovation: RFID Tags

Notes on Innovation: RFID Tags Our first Note on Innovation introduces Radio-Frequency IDentification tags—chips that can be embedded in products that are used to track and locate items in supply chains or on the retail floor.

Organizational Change and Transformation

Organizational Change and Transformation In this Spotlight, we review some of the Articles we have published regarding how organizations can change their cultures and, given the special concerns of our readers, how organizations can become more process oriented.

Business Process Frameworks

Business Process Frameworks Slowly but surely business process frameworks, like eTOM, SCOR and VRM, are gaining the attention of organizations that want to move up the process maturity scale as quickly as possible. With a minimum of effort, a business process framework can significantly change the way an organization conceptualizes and manages its processes.


Innovation Innovation continues to be a much written about topic. In this Spotlight, we provide a few comments on Innovation and look at some of the Articles BPTrends has published on this important topic.