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Training for Business Process Work

This month’s quiz on asks about what organizations are doing with regard to business process training.  It reflects the fact that in one report we read that training is down, but we have found it about the same this year as last.  We hoped to get a bit more information.  Unfortunately few readers have […]

APQC Offers New Business Archiecture Tool

The American Productivity Quality Center is a well-know group that promotes productivity at US companies.  They support several programs, including their business process classification frameworks (PCF) that define generic, high level processes.  These frameworks are widely used by organizations that want a template from which to develop their own business process architectures.  The APQC frameworks […]

The OMG’s Financial Ontology

An ontology is a precise description of a set of words and their relationships.  Several of the major financial organizations that are members of the Object Management Group have spent some time working out a common set of terms that can be used to define documents or busness rules that will be standard across the industry. […]

Repatriating Manufacturing Jobs

We in the US are in the middle of an election season. Those running for office are all complaining about trade agreements and swearing they will bring manufacturing jobs back to the US. Nobody gets very specific, of course, because nobody knows how it could be done. The US still has the largest manufacturing capability […]

Process Managers

We are running a poll this month to determine what process managers think of as their primary functions.  So far we have only had four respondents.  I guess there are fewer process managers than I thought, but surely more than four.  Hopefully more will come and vote. Everyone talks about process management, but few get […]

Corporate Knowledge

Watching the recent debates over what constitutes a business architecture has depressed me a bit.  In the 90s it was clear to most of us that organizations needed a high-level description of their business processes.  Those processes defined the key outputs of the organization and defined how an organization’s operations were ultimately to be measured. […]

BPM 2016 in Rio de Janeiro

Lots of things are happening in Brazil in 2016.  For one thing, the summer Olympics will be there.  And, then, just after that, on the 18th to the 22nd of September, the annual meeting of the International BPM Conference for 2016 will take place in a hotel on Copacabana Beach. The International BPM Conference is the […]

Questioning BPM?

This past summer Roger Tregear, the head of BPM at Leonardo Consulting, came up with a great idea:  Why not define a number of key questions about BPM and then ask a number of well-known BPM consultants, practitioners and academics to provide brief answer those questions.  The book would fill a need for up-to-date information as […]

Asking the Right Questions

Some recent research in big data and statistical analysis indicates that the biggest problem faced by database analysts mistake the type of question being considered. Without going into more detail about the problems of analyzing large data sets, the same problem often occurs in the process area. In process, the problem occurs because the analyst […]

The Chipotle Food Chain

Business processes take many forms. One common type of process is a supply chain that links suppliers to manufacturers and distributors. In the case of most restaurants, the supply chain runs from ranches and farms via central processing kitchens to restaurants where food items are combined and cooked. As with any major process problem, when […]