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BPM and Cognitive Apps

Increasingly, organizations will try to improve processes that involve decisions and in many cases they will do it by trying to incorporate cognitive technology.  To facilitate this, leading cognitive vendors will offer apps that will help companies solve specific kinds of problems. A good example of this is IBM’s recent release of IBM Watson Tradeoff […]

When Training Really Doesn’t Matter

My last blog entry described the difference between training and motivation — basic concepts in the Human Performance Improvement field (See.  As I pointed out, Gilbert’s rule is that you (hypothetically) hold a gun to the student’s head and tell them you will kill them if they can’t generate the desired performance.  If they […]

When Training Doesn’t Help

Good process analysts need lots of different skills.  One set of skills they need relate to human performance analysis.  As one looks at deficient business processes one often encounters problems resulting for poor human performance.  The employees aren’t doing what management wants them to do.  To improve the process, in these cases, you need to […]

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn to “reinvent processes”

Microsoft has just announced that it will buy LinkedIn for $26 Billion.  At a press conference, Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft said that the deal was “key to our bold ambition to reinvent productivity and business processes.” Obviously LinkedIn represents a major step toward cloud computing for Microsoft.  No matter what operating system you […]

Colruyt Powers its Own Forklifts

I’ve written before about the new requirements that the growing emphasis on sustainability is going to impose on organizations.  New technlogies are going to be required, embedded in new processes. A nice example of this is provided by the Colruyt Group, a family-owned company that is a major Belgian owned supermarket chain with some 200 […]

BPM London Coming Up in June

The 2016 edition of BPM London is almost upon us.  This is the best place to get an overview of what’s happening in the world of process in business. Once again the conference is being chaired by Roger Burlton and co-sponsored by BPTrends.  Once again it is being held at the Radisson Blu Portman Hotel […]

IRMUK BPM Conference – June 13-16 – London

The latest London BPM Conference is almost upon us.  Once again, Roger Burlton is chairing the conference, and BPTrends is sponsoring it.  This year’s conference has assembled a program that will provide attendees with an outstanding overview of what’s happing in the world of business process this year.  Once again the BPM conference is co-located […]

Airport Screening by TSA

Those who have been traveling in the US this spring probably know that lines to get screened for flights have gotten longer and slower.   TSA is the US government group responsible for providing airport screening.  Last year they began experimenting with Pre-Check, a system that would allow selected flyers to go through faster.  In […]

Getting Outside Help

We posted a mini survey this month to ask organizations what kind of information they would seek from a conference if they, or someone else from their organization, were to attend. At the moment the largest number of respondents say they would be seeking information on how to manage a process improvement effort.  The next three […]

BPM 2016 Rio de Janerio

Each year there is an international BPM conference which is the main conference for those interested in academic BPM and in research in BPM.  This year’s international BPM 2016 will take place on September 18-22 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Having done quite a bit of consulting in South America, and enjoyed visits to Brazil, […]