Class Notes: The BPM Billboard – A Tool for Planning and Scoping BPM Initiatives

In this Column, Jan vom Brocke and his colleagues Jan Mendling, Michael Rosemann and Manuel Weber, present a tool – the BPM Billboard – which has been developed to capture all relevant aspects of a successful BPM approach in a “one-page-representation”. Read to see a useful tool for your BPM practice.

Harmon on BPM: Business Rules vs. Machine Learning

There are different ways to think about a business process–as a series of activities linked together to accomplish a goal.or as a series of decisions that result in a desired outcome. Paul contends that todays’ businesses are focused on using new Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to develop business decision systems which can be developed more quickly and are easier to maintain than older methods.

Harmon on BPM: Improving Productivity

Leading economists have constantly predicted that investment in information systems would lead to major improvements in overall productivity. Posing a contrary viewpoint, other economists and IT specialists have undertaken studies that suggest that information systems is generating little or no increase in overall productivity. Paul presents 3 cases that provide some light on the subject.

Frameworks: Process Framework Fundamentals Remain Foundational

APQC conducts a survey every two years to explore process frameworks. How do people use them? What are their benefits? And where do people get hung up during implementation? So, what are this year’s results? Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland shares the results.

Practical Process: Why is Process Work Different?

Although many skills are needed to be successful in process management and improvement, they seldom come to full force naturally. Instead, they need to be discovered, valued, and nurtured. Success in process-based management requires many competencies, including hard and soft. In this Column, Roger Tregear focuses on the soft side. What are they anyway?

The Agile Practitioner: The Daily Stand-up

While preparing for an upcoming IRM UK Business Change & Transformation Conference, Tom Bellinson discussed an agile practice called the daily stand-up. The idea behind a stand-up is to promote the agile principle of “people and communication over process and tools.” Learn more about this practice which could prove useful to your team.

Digital Transformation: Digital Transformation and the New Normal

One year ago in this Column Mike Rosen made some predictions regarding the phases of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. One year later, he takes a look at those predictions to see how accurate they were and what we’ve learned about the emerging new normal.

Class Notes: The BPM Context Matrix – A Framework for Context-Aware Business Process Management (BPM)

In this leading edge Column, Jan vom Brocke and his colleagues, Manuel Weber and Thomas Grisold present a BPM context framework to identify essential attributes to pinpoint the contextual requirements of business processes. Here, they report on the first global level project using the matrix.

Business Rules Solutions: Concept Models: Who Are They For?

Concept models are for people in a great many areas of the business. Ron suggests we think of concept models as the new Knowledge Commons for the business. In Ron’s Column this month, find out all the roles that can benefit from a concept model. You’ll be surprised!

Harmon on BPM: Improving IT Productivity

Paul takes a close look at 3 cases to chronicle efforts in the last fifty years to improve information systems productivity—the failures and finally, success. It’s an engaging narrative that reads like good must read nonfiction.