Class Notes: Power of Text-mining in BPM

Jan vom Brocke, with his colleagues, Stefan Debortoli and Oliver Mueller, investigate text-mining’s potential to support BPM capabilities. Their results show that text-mining offers significant potential for building BPM capabilities in both exploitation and exploration. They identify the considerable potential of applying text-mining in BPM and conclude with a call for more discussion and contributions to this promising new lens through which to build BPM capabilities.

Class Notes: The Competence Gap—an Empirical Investigation of the Demand and Supply Side

Jan vom Brocke teamed up with his colleague, Elena Gorbacheva, to present the results of two studies on the demand and supply side of competencies in the field of Business Process. The studies analyzed 1,507 BPM-related job advertisements and 10,405 profiles of BPM professionals, respectively. You will be surprised by the gap between requirements posted by employers and the competencies listed in the profiles of BPM professionals.

Class Notes: Considering Context in Business Process Management: The BPM Context Framework

Jan vom Brocke and his colleagues, Theresa Schmiedel and Sarah Zelt at the University of Lichtenstein, stress the importance of context when considering BPM initiatives. In their research to determine factors that lead to successful BPM implementation, they identified the principle of context awareness as critical. In this Column, they present the BPM Context Framework to assist practitioners in identifying critical contextual factors.

Class Notes: On the Role of Project Management Skills in Managing Innovation Processes

Jan vom Brocke and Sonia Lippe focus on the importance of project management skills when managing innovation processes. Arguing that there is no “one size fits all approach,” they propose instead applying a management approach designed for specific projects. In their Article, they also present a taxonomy that enables managers to analyze the nature of different tasks to be conducted in a project.

Class Notes: The BPM curriculum revisited

With his colleagues, Stefan Seidel and Sanja Tumbas at the University of Liechtenstein, Jan vom Brocke set about to update a 2012 Column, Class Notes: BPM Research and Education—How was School Today? In this Column, the authors describe the three major archetypes of BPM education and emphasize the need to teach BPM as a problem-solving discipline that drives innovation in a digital world.

Class Notes: 10 Principles of Good BPM

Prompted by a lengthy discussion on the BPTrends LinkedIn site, Jan vom Brocke enlisted the collaboration of his colleagues, Theresa Schmiedel, Jan Recker, Peter Trkman, William Mertens and Stijn Viaene, to share their joint experience at a 2013 BPM workshop at the University Liechtenstein. There they developed ten principles of good BPM which they present in this Column.

Class Notes: BPM Research in Education – How to Measure ECM Success

This Column continues the discussion of ECM (enterprise content management) begun in Jan vom Brocke’s November, 2013 Column. Here he teams up with his Research partners, Andrea Herbst and Nils Urbach, to present a subjective, survey-based tool that assesses an organization’s content-management practices. The tool is available, free of charge, in English, German, and French. The authors encourage readers to apply the ECM success survey to their organizations and provide them with feedback for their ongoing research.

BPM Research and Education—Process Management and Accounting

Jan vom Brocke, in collaboration with his colleague, Christian Sonnenberg, present a basic toolkit, the Process Accounting Model (PAM), that can help process managers gather the necessary data to clearly demonstrate the economic value generated by their business processes. The toolkit aims to help process managers justify their BPM initiatives in a language familiar to business people. Details inside.

Class Notes: BPM Research in Education – On the Role of Enterprise Content in Business Process Management

PDF Version BPM should pay more attention to the role of enterprise content, because the significant effect of how enterprise content is organized on the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes will only increase in the future. This note presents the fundamentals of enterprise content management (ECM) and discusses the interrelationships between ECM and BPM, […]

Class Notes: BPM Research and Education—In-Memory Value Creation

Class Notes: BPM Research and Education—In-Memory Value Creation In his debut Column, Jan vom Brocke describes the results of a number of research projects that the BPM group at the University of Liechtenstein conducted on in-memory technology. In the process, they studied one of the early adopters as well as talking to thought leaders on […]