Overcoming Challenges Involved in Remote Work

Lewis Robinson also has some suggestions for facing the challenges of working from home. Here are Lewis’ tips for working remotely, which he feels will help you and your employees to overcome them.

Front Line Leadership: Get Results from your Team When No One is in The Office

Mark McGregor believes that despite the strangeness of quarantine, you still have the opportunity to lead your team effectively and provides five useful suggestions to accomplish this goal.

The Evolving Role of Process Practitioners

Andrew Spanyi, a business process consultant and training manager, defines what he believes to be the skills that process professionals must develop if they are to take their rightful place in the digital business environment of the future.and explores the impact that the expanding assortment of digital tools is likely to have on process practitioners.

Super Users in Action: Training, Part II – Changes Driven by Learning

Laila Māra Rizoto-Vidala-Pesoa, a Process and Knowledge Management expert at Cabot Corporation, continues her discussion of the Super User’s training role that she began in her January Article. Here she asks what type of changes does the Super User enable.

6 Ways To Create a Top-Performing Business

Getting and keeping your company in great shape might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Lewis Robinson reminds readers that, business goals aren’t reached overnight and suggests 6 ways to help get your company performing at its best.

There’s Always a Time for Process

Mark McGregor suggests that during times of crisis, processes become more critical, so don’t look elsewhere for solutions. He offers four particular activities to carry out on your process portfolio. Read his article for timely and useful advice for overcoming the crisis anxiety and remaining productive.

5 Ways to Improve Your Business Process Management

Based on his experience, Lewis Robinson, a business consultant specializing in social media marketing, CRM, and sales, notes that for a company to be successful, it must put in place several measures to deal with complex changes occurring in today’s business world.. These measures are a part of business process management that is crucial to the survival of any company.

Process is not Just Hot, It Seems to be Truly Sizzling Right Now

Mark McGregor, a frequent contributor to these pages, says that after years of playing the poor relation to other technology trends, the process market is once again a hot topic. Read why he thinks so in this Article.

12 Most Effective Tips for Optimizing Your Supply Chain

Tobias Foster, a marketing manager and a content creator at the Assignment Help UK,
is well-aware that supply chain managers have to stay up to date with cutting-edge trends in order to make their businesses more productive. The only way to do this is to learn the best industry practices. Read his 12 practical tips for optimizing your supply chain.

Southbeach Notation: Its Semantics and Case Study

This article, describes Southbeach Notation which is rooted in the principles of Triz. The article, written by Howard Smith, a frequent contributor to BPTrends, explains why Southbeach was developed and outlines the design goals for its specification and subsequent software implementation. A case study is included which illustrates how the use of Southbeach, in conjunction with Triz methods, allowed a Fortune 500 company to win a major new contract