5 Ways to Improve Your Business Process Management

Based on his experience, Lewis Robinson, a business consultant specializing in social media marketing, CRM, and sales, notes that for a company to be successful, it must put in place several measures to deal with complex changes occurring in today’s business world.. These measures are a part of business process management that is crucial to the survival of any company.

Process is not Just Hot, It Seems to be Truly Sizzling Right Now

Mark McGregor, a frequent contributor to these pages, says that after years of playing the poor relation to other technology trends, the process market is once again a hot topic. Read why he thinks so in this Article.

12 Most Effective Tips for Optimizing Your Supply Chain

Tobias Foster, a marketing manager and a content creator at the Assignment Help UK,
is well-aware that supply chain managers have to stay up to date with cutting-edge trends in order to make their businesses more productive. The only way to do this is to learn the best industry practices. Read his 12 practical tips for optimizing your supply chain.

Southbeach Notation: Its Semantics and Case Study

This article, describes Southbeach Notation which is rooted in the principles of Triz. The article, written by Howard Smith, a frequent contributor to BPTrends, explains why Southbeach was developed and outlines the design goals for its specification and subsequent software implementation. A case study is included which illustrates how the use of Southbeach, in conjunction with Triz methods, allowed a Fortune 500 company to win a major new contract

Super Users in Action: Training Process Maturity on an Individual Level

In 4 previous Articles, Laila Mara Pesoa, addressed the Super User’s role in the organization. In this Article she focuses on Training and why the training provided by a Super User is unique.

Learning How to Successfully Manage Your Start-Up

Lewis Robinson, a business consultant specializing in social media marketing, CRM and sales, suggests that you should consider becoming a certified project manager to successfully manage your start-up and offers 5 reasons why.

How to Make Your Financial Department Run More Smoothly

Experience as a business process consultant has informed Lewis Robinson’s belief that your whole company benefits when your finance department runs with maximum efficiency. Read the steps he proposes to achieve this efficiency.

Design Thinking versus Business Architecture and Process Improvement

Adrian Grigororiu compares Design Thinking with Design process. Apples and oranges? You may find the result of his efforts surprising.

4 Ways Going Paperless Can Boost Your Company’s Productivity

In this timely Article, Lewis Robinson, a frequent contributor to BPTrends, argues that one of the best ways to make a positive change in your company is to take a more green-friendly approach. By embracing an environmentally-friendly approach, you will cut costs and boost productivity levels at your workplace.

The Rings Framework for Strategy Development; Porter’s Take on Strategy

Adrian Grigoriu, an enterprise architecture consultant, believes that in the modern Digital age, the fast-moving pace of change may endanger your company’s very existence. His solution is to develop a clear strategy analysis and specification frame. In this Article, Adrian Grigoriu shows you how.