Process Automation: Automate Where Returns Are

The ultimate goal for automation should be to increase throughput from the overall process rather than reducing processing time for one of the activities. Gangesh Dubey and Samandeep Singh explain why in this detailed article.

Easy Skills You Can Improve for Your Business

Lewis Robinson provides a succinct description of a few skills you should master if you want your business to be a smashing success. It’s definitely worth the read.

SAP Acquisition of Signavio Heralds a Seismic Shift in the Process Mining, Modelling and Management Markets

Mark McGregor predicts that last month’s SAP announcement of the acquisition of Signavio will radically change several process-related markets. A bold statement that makes this Article required reading. Do you agree with Mark’s conclusion?

The Basics of Business Finances

Lewis Robinson, a business consultant and frequent contributor to BPTrends, knows that managing a company is no easy feat and that the managing an organization’s finances is key to success. Lewis provides a succinct summary of what you need to know to master business finance.

Need Help Managing Business Continuity? Time to Take a Look at IIBA

Ann Cain, Director of Communications at IIBA, remarks that, throughout the pandemic, we have seen the value business analysis professionals bring to their organization. She urges all BPM professionals to take a closer look at IIBA in this time of constant change to learn how their tools and resources can help you.

BPM at Ampirical

Ampirical is a Louisiana-based power-generation engineering services firm founded in 2006. Jim Boots, a BPM consultant and frequent contributor to BPTrends, and his co-author, Aris Kyriakides , an Ampirical employee, joined forces to tell the success of Ampirical’s BPM story. They provide the key contributors to that success, a story well worth the read and one that could help you in working on your own BPM projects.

Winning at Hyperautomation

Andrew Spanyi declares that “Digital transformation is no longer a luxury for most organizations – it’s a necessity.” Gartner coined the term “hyperautomation” to represent the concurrent application of multiple digital tools in automating tasks and processes. Andrew believes Process Professionals are well positioned to make a major contribution to the success of hyperautomation. Read why and how.

Super Users in Action: Bottom-Up Channel

To succeed with Continuous Improvement projects requires the involvement of the entire team. All the team members must believe they can contribute and are being consulted. Laila Mara Pesoa offers invaluable advice on how to achieve that ideal state.

How to Build Better Relationships with Your Customers

Lewis Robinson offers some useful tips that based on his personal experience, every small business owner needs to know in order to achieve long term success.

Rethinking Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Mark McGregor addresses the fact that, while people, process, and technology has long been seen as the key to success in improvement and transformation efforts, when it comes to people, there is a tendency to talk about people as a commodity. In this Article, he exhorts us to replace “they” with “you and me,”—a welcome change that might have a transcendent effect on using and applying technology. Interesting thought, yes?