Super Users in Action: Knowledge Management

Laila Māra Pesoa, process knowledge management expert at the Cabot Corporation, continues her series defining the role of a “Super User, this time with a focus on knowledge management” and its importance in successfully fulfilling that role.

BPM (Still!) Too Confusing to Be Taken Seriously

Mark McGregor, a BPM and EA strategy consultant avoids using the term BPM when talking with people about process. How can this acronym cause so much confusion, he wonders. Read why in this article.

Business Orchestration

Using musical orchestration as an analogy, Howard Webb, Director of Enterprise Strategy and Planning at Daugherty Business Solutions, considers six fundamentals he believes, when practiced, can orchestrate your business.

There is More Than Just the Atlantic Separating Europe and the USA

Mark McGregor, a BPM and EA Strategy Consultant, reviews some of the differences between BPM as practiced in Europe and in the USA. Read his sometimes surprising comparison of how it’s done “across the pond” and here in the US.

Communicating About Change

In this article, Gina Abudi, author of Implementing Positive Organizational Change: A Strategic Project Management Approach (J Ross Publishing, 2017,) provides best practices for effective communications to engage employees in change initiatives.

Super Users in Practice: A Case Study

In the first Article in the series, Laila Māra Rizzotto Pesoa , a process knowledge management expert at the Cabot Corporation, defined a “super user” as a process and knowledge specialist who works as the liaison between the BPM structure and the people who work within it. In this Article, she presents a case study showing the super user in action.

Big Data Analytics – Use Case Identification Framework

In this Article, Sameer Paradkar, a Solution Architect with IBM GBS (Global Business Services) provides a methodology for identifying big data use cases and shares the best practices and standards that should be leveraged for big data use case identification.

Don’t Negotiate your BPM Resources as Commodities

We can all agree that negotiation skills are an invaluable skill in any business environment. In this Article, Lilou Hoffman, a negotiations specialist at The Negotiations Experts, offers techniques that in her experience ensure a successful outcome.

An Approach to Digital Transformation

In this Article, Sameer Paradkar, a Solutions Architect with IBM GBS (Global Business Services) explains the overall approach to building digital capabilities through transformation. Sameer believes the best digital strategies do not rely on past analyses, but instead start afresh and develop a strategy based on a vision of where the value will be in the next several years.

How Improving Business Processes Can Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line

Owen McGab Enaohwo, CEO and Co-Founder of SweetProcess, suggests four steps to improve business processes that can have an impact on your bottom line.