How to Improve Worker Engagement Using Process Gamification

In this Article, Adeel Javed, an Intelligent Automation Specialist, discusses which game elements in business process can be used to improve worker engagement.

3D Printing Is Hot…And It’s Only Going to Get Hotter

The intersection of computer modelling and design software and printing hardware that can turn the models into reality will continue to push the envelope of what’s possible in 3D printing and will move us towards a future where 3D printing is less of a novelty and more of a given across manufacturing and medical realms.

Case Study; How the Hertz Corporation Improved Management of their Rental Care Locations Worldwide

Elena Haidukova and Michael Donaghey detail how a software solution improved the construction and management of Hertz rental car locations worldwide.

Optimizing Your Business Supply Chain Management

Respecting a long tradition in consultancy, Lewis Robinson, a business consultant specializing in social media marketing, CRM, and sales, suggests that by implementing more efficient supply chain methods, you can reduce your operating costs and boost your company’s net profits.

How to Hire a Social Media Management Team

Mark Clain, a freelance writer, believes that out-sourcing the management of your social media program will eliminate the hassle and stress that managing an in-house team invariably causes. In this Article, he explains his rationale and offers his advice on qualities you should look for during your outsourcing search.

The 4-Dimensional Swimlane: An expanded view of process modeling

Dr. Drasin. is a professional consultant currently leading the office of Process Improvement and Innovation at the University of Maryland, College Park. In this Article, he expands upon his belief that one of the key aspects of process excellence is that the models are able to balance the syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic needs of the environment.

Modern Compliance Management in Times of Constant Change

Mark McGregor, Senior Vice President of Strategy at Signavio,states that compliance violations can quickly lead to penalties, reputational damage, or even public scandals, there is a lot at stake. An here he offers sound advice for avoiding the pitfalls that can lead to such violations.

Steps for Choosing the Right Business Process Management Software for Your Business

In this Article, Bhavesh Koladiya, a software analyst for SoftwareSuggest, provides eleven steps for selecting the most suitable software vendor for your organization.

Upper Management should Greatly Support an HR Department

Lewis Robinson, a business consultant specializing in social media marketing and sales, is a strong advocate for a strong human resources department which, he contends greatly benefits a company. Read why.

Business Capabilities: Hype or Panacea

In this Article, Ravi Mehra, a business architect at Capstera, defines business capabilities and describes key use cases of business architecture and capability modeling.