Lean and Business Process Management

Paul Harmon and Sandra Foster teamed up to write this piece at an earlier date, but it’s a timeless article as apropos today as it was when it was first written. Let us know your thoughts. Anything you would omit or add to update it?

An Overview of Network Orchestration

In this Article, Lewis Robinson redefines software networking as another name for the orchestration of networks. It is, he says, “a method for automatically programming the behavior of a network.” He provides more detail on what network orchestration is and explains why he believes it’s so crucial.

The Death of Peter Fingar

It is with sadness that BPTrends notes the passing of Peter Fingar, a thinker, writer and consultant who contributed greatly to today’s Business Process Management scene. For most of us, Peter first came to our attention when he co-authored Business Process Management: The Third Wave, in 2003, with Howard Smith. In fact Peter had been […]

Why You Need a Head start on End-to-end Process Management

Organizations use many tools and methodologies to capture information about how they perform day-to-day activities to achieve cost reductions and desired efficiencies. One common approach is end-to-end process management. Nandhini Jeyachandran explains why.

Are We Looking at the Right Tools?

Despite widespread use, many people remain unconvinced of the importance of Business Process Management. Why? What are we getting wrong? Read what Laila Mara Pesoa , Process and Knowledge Management Consultant at Alpha Leonis Advisors, thinks could be at least part of the problem.

How HR Teams Can Apply The Agile Methodology

Frank Hamilton , a professional writing expert and author at Best Writers Online argues that Agile development keeps growing in prominence, and suggests that we need to understand and embrace the changes that Agile has on the roles of business analysts, developers, managers, and even end-users.

What is CRM and Why Should Your Business Be Using It?

Lewis Robinson, a frequent contributor to our pages, asks, “When it comes to CRM, are you wondering what all the buzz is about?” Lewis sees CRM as a powerful tool for any business that involves sales. Read why.

10 Ways AI is Transforming BPM

Anthony Lysak , CEO of Scanteam/Pro, tells how AI is transforming business operations. Although we’re still waiting to see business operations make the best use of AI, Anthony details current successful applications with hopes of many more in the future.

What is CRM and Why Should Your Business Be Using It?

Lewis Robinson, a frequent contributor to our pages, is a CRM (customer relationship management) enthusiast. Take a look at just some of the ways he believes CRM can transform your business.

Super Users in Action: Top-down Channel

Laila Mara Pesoa continues her discussion of the Super User’s responsibilities—this month addressing his/her determination of how best to disseminate to the team information about changes management intends to make. What are the most suitable format and strategy to facilitate the greatest acceptance by the workers who will be faced with the change?