BPM and CX

Zbigniew Misiak, a senior consultant at BOC Group and Connie Moore, a Senior Vice President of Research at Digital Clarity Group, offer advice derived from their experiences regarding how customer experience and operational excellence practitioners can work together to successfully implement business transformation projects.

Achieving Business Process Agility through Service Engineering in Extended Business Networks

Paul Grefen and Oktay Turetken of the School of Industrial Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands discuss an approach to achieving process agility that is completely tuned to a service-oriented business. BASE/X is such an approach, as the authors explain in this Article.

Block Chain Amidst the Chain of Things—A Nexus of Infinite Potential

Lavanya Easwar, a Senior Architect at Wipro Technologies, examines how Block Chain can act as a key differentiator to greatly enhance an organization’s customer service. She also examines some of the key aspects IT needs to consider in creating effective strategies to enable Block Chain’s potential.

Use BPM to Give Your Business an Edge

Lewis Robinson, a consultant specializing in social media marketing and sales, contends that if you want to build your business to a new level, you need to have the right strategies. One strategy you can leverage is Business Process Management, and Lewis discusses how to apply BPM principles to achieve that goal.

Digital Transformation—Industry Buzz Word or Real Possibility

Stuart Janzen, lead solutions architect for BPLogix, says that, in the 20 years he’s worked in BPM, the “original digital transformation” of the paperless office is as far away now as it was then. Do you agree?

BPM as a Management Discipline?

Andrew Spanyi, a thought leader in process management and previous contributor to BPTrends.com, says that the “M” in Business Process Management is far from reaching its full potential. In this Article, he presents the 4 foundational elements for achieving a successful BPM initiative and the obstacles to avoid in the process of implementation.

How Can BPM and Customer Journey Mapping be Used Together?

In this Article, Zbigniew Misiak provides an overview of one aspect of the relationship between BPM and the Customer Experience – how Customer Journey Mapping can be used together with other ways of modeling.

5 Reasons why you should Give Your Business a Digital Transformation

Lewis Robinson, a consultant specializing in social media marketing and sales, contends that if an organization wants to reign supreme in its market, going digital is a necessity. Read his Article for his insights into the subject.

6 Techniques for Creating Engaging Business Processes

In this Article, James Ross, Senior Implementation Consultant for Promapp Solutions, acknowledges that, while everyone can create a business process, not everyone can do it well. To develop meaningful, engaging processes that will actually be used, he offers six tried-and-tested techniques.

Application Portfolio Analysis: Tool for Cloud Migration

Dr. Gopala Krishna Behara, a Lead Enterprise Architect in the Global Enterprise Architecture division of Wipro, observes that a majority of customers are moving from a data center business to the use of cloud services, but not all enterprise applications are equally suited for migration to the cloud. In this Article, he proposes Application Portfolio Analysis as a solution to determine which applications are best suited for cloud migration.