These publications were written by Paul Harmon beginning in 2003 at the time of the initial launch of  Paul discontinued writing the Newsletters when he began writing the Advisors in 2004 and he discontinued writing the Advisors when he began writing his monthly Editorial, Harmon on BPM and his Blog, Eye on BPM in 2013. Both of these features have been discontinued. All Advisors and Newsletters are posted in chronological order, beginning with the most recent posting.

BPM and Data

BPM and Data This Advisor provides a very high level look at how process improvement works with Data and offers some suggestions about how the next generation of processes will work with Big Data.

Human Capital Management and BPM

Human Capital Management and BPM People are at the heart of any value chain worth describing. They identify and develop the products or services an organization provides and they support the sale, delivery and maintenance of those products and services. In most organizations, Human Resources is the functional unit responsible for supporting an organization’s employees. […]

Trends in BPMS

Trends in BPMS This month we attend the bpmNEXT conference at Asilomar, which will focus on the latest trends in BPM software. This Advisor will report on some of the insights gained by looking at cutting edge products and talking to the people that are making change happen.

Working at Different Levels

Working at Different Levels Process work varies greatly, depending on the level at which one works. Some work to develop business architectures. Some work to redesign major processes. Others work to automate tasks or to help individuals perform their jobs. The level at which one works has a lot to do with one’s goals, tools, […]

Processes, Feedback, and Management

Processes, Feedback, and Management Most process practitioners don’t think about the fact that one of the most important functions of a process is to provide feedback to management giving them invaluable information for use in a process redesign effort.

Enterprise Transformation

Enterprise Transformation Enterprise Transformation is a popular term used to describe efforts on the part of senior executives to improve the overall performance of their businesses. Of all the terms that have been tossed around recently, it probably is the best description of how executives understand what it is they are doing.

Resisting a Narrow Definition of Process

Resisting a Narrow Definition of Process There is a movement afoot to use the term “process” in a much narrower way than it has traditionally been used. We believe this is a mistake that will cause problems and confusion and should be resisted. In this Advisor we explain why.

Looking Forward to 2013

Looking Forward to 2013 The coming year should be an interesting year for those involved in business process work. In this Advisor we will highlight some of the things that we feel will have an impact on Business Process Management in 2013.

Processes and a Decision Model Notation

Processes and a Decision Model Notation I attended the OMG’s Technical Meeting this month and had an opportunity to discuss, among other things, their new specification on their Decision Model Notation (DMN). This new standard is going to be important in 2013 and beyond.

Lessons from the US Election

Lessons from the US Election Running a US election campaign is an intense effort. In the recent US elections over 2 billion dollars was spent in less than a year and some of the best minds in the US worked on crafting the strategies and the messaging. Can ordinary organizations learn anything from the Obama […]