BPMN and CMMN on LinkedIn

There is an interesting discussion taking place on the BPTrends LinkedIn Discussion site


I started the discussion by asking if the OMG should develop a new notation for case management (CMMN) or simply extend BPMN to incorporate the late binding approach used by the case management folks.  One respondent suggested that both case management and decision management should be included in BPMN.  Bruce Silver has explained that the rudiments of case management are already in BPMN 2.0, so it only required a slight extension — which IBM has already made in their latest version of their BPM suite.

In my opinion, the term process, and a process notation, should cover everything that companies do to get work done.  The idea of a “process notation” that excluded key elements of a process is simply incomplete.  I really hate the idea that someone might contrast “process work” with “case management work” as if they were different things.

I realize that my perspective is influenced by the fact that I work mostly with business people to redesign business work, and that those who use a process notation to specify how specific activities will be automated or represented as software have different concerns — and these have come up in the discussion.

The discussion includes some who agree with me and others who don't and I'm sure I will learn, and perhaps modify or qualify my opinion as I read how others view the issues.  As I say its and interesting discussion and worth reading.


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