Tom Bellinson

Tom BellinsonMr. Bellinson has been working in information technology positions for over 30 years. His diverse background has allowed him to gain intimate working knowledge in technical, marketing, sales and executive roles. Most recently, Mr. Bellinson finds himself serving as a Scrum Master for ITHAKA, a global online research service. From 2008 to 2011 Bellinson worked with at risk businesses in Michigan through a State funded program which was administered by the University of Michigan. Prior to working for the University of Michigan, Mr. Bellinson served as Vice President of an ERP software company, an independent business and IT consultant, as chief information officer of an automotive engineering services company and as founder and President of a systems integration firm that was a pioneer in Internet services marketplace. Bellinson holds a degree in Communications with a Minor in Management from Oakland University in Rochester, MI and has a variety of technical certifications including APICS CPIM and CSCP.

Process Solutions: Life in the Cloud: Part III – Scaling Up

The process of building software applications and making them available to users over the internet has evolved over time. In this Column, Tom Bellinson presents a brief history of web hosting to see how we arrived at our present state and why. Details inside.

Process Solutions: Life on the Web Part 11—SaaS ERP

Tom Bellinson asks “what is the difference between an ERP system that is cloud based and one that is not?” He argues that the answer is more about the architecture of the software and less about the software vendor. Read this edition of Process Solutions for Tom’s insights on selecting the software solution that best fits your processes.

Process Solutions: Process Automation: Life On theWeb–WordPress

In his initial Column for 2016, Tom Bellinson describes the process he and his partners followed in launching their 100% web-based enterprise. They began by setting up the domain with their hosting service and doing a baseline installation of WordPress. Tom takes us through all of the steps in the process and highlights the do’s as well as the don’ts in building your web presence.

Process Solutions: Process Automation—Keeping What You’ve Got!

As both a technologist and process professional, Tom Bellinson often finds himself considering the cost/benefit ratio of acquiring new technologies. In this Column, he urges caution before replacing your existing ERP software with newer software solutions and details his reasons why.

Process Solutions: Process Automation: Building the Perfect Beast

When Tom Bellinson took a position at a large public university, he was exposed to some process management challenges that were considerably different from those he encountered in the small and medium size businesses he had worked in for most of his career. Universities tend to have far more processes than do small to mid-sized organizations which led to some using automation tools such as Microsoft Access and Apple’s FileMaker Pro. In this Column, Tom defines the four sets of integrated capabilities present in both tools—Data Modeling, Interface Design, Report Builder, and Programming Logic, and demonstrates how each tool can be used to automate processes.

Process Solutions: Just What is BPM?

Having participated in several debates on BPTrends Linkedin forum about how BPM derives its value, it became clear to Tom that there is considerable disagreement among experts and practitioners regarding what BPM is and what constitutes a good BPM approach. In this Column, he presents his views regarding what BPM is and the value derived from a properly implemented BPM initiative.

Process Solutions: Software Development—The Product Owner

In this installment of his software development series, Tom Bellinson discusses a category of agile development called Scrum. Using this technique, a Development Team sets out to create a functional product early on rather than writing a large design document. The Product Owner plays a critical role in the success of a Scrum project, and, to illustrate how critical the role really is, Tom presents a real world scenario where the Product Owner was not fully engaged and defines the resulting problems that resulted.

Process Solutions: Software Development – Collocation!

In his previous Column in the Software Solutions series, Tom Bellinson presented the Agile Manifesto and introduced the basic principles of how the philosophy aligns with good process management techniques. Recognizing that getting the “soft stuff” right is one of the biggest challenges of any operating philosophy, he sought the expertise of fellow Columnist Keith Harrison-Broninski in providing the solution to that challenge.

Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development by Donald G. Reinertsen

Our author, Tom Bellinson, whose Column, Process Solutions, appears quarterly in the BPTrends Monthly Update, has written an enthusiastic review of The Principles of Product Development Flow. An avid reader of non-fiction books that focus on management topics, Tom says that Reinertsen’s book stands out among others in providing a “mountain of golden nuggets.”

Software Development: An Agile Journey

In his first Column in this series on Software Development, Tom Bellinson provided some history and perspective on how software is developed. This month, he reviews the twelve principles of the Agile Manifesto through the eyes of a business process practitioner and also takes note of the connection between Agile and Lean thinking.