Sameer Paradkar

Sameer ParadkarSameer is a Solution Architect with IBM GBS (Global Business Services). He is responsible for the Presales, IT Strategy and Business Case Development for Commerce Solutions. Sameer has worked with fortune 100 organizations to advise their Business and Technical leaders on roadmaps to successful technology adoption strategies. Sameer is regarded as a creative and out-of-the-box-thinker. He has an in-depth understanding of a variety of systems and is able to articulate advantages and disadvantages of each as they relate to a customer's business model. Sameer has extensive experience in the ICT industry and has worked extensively in the U.S., UK, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East regions.

APM in Globally Distributed Enterprises

Sameer Paradkar begins this Article with an introduction to Application Performance Management (APM) and the challenges faced by Application Software Management (ASM) teams. He then presents an approach for managing these ASM problems based on his experience as an Enterprise Architect with the Ernst & Young IT Advisory.

eCommerce in the Customer Empowerment Era

In this Article, Sameer Paradkar provides a step-by-step approach for building eCommerce Applications and describes the Logical Architecture of an eCommerce ecosystem. He completes his discussion of eCommerce by suggesting the benefits of, and trends in, eCommerce systems.

Turning Information into Insights

Introduction Business intelligence as it is understood today is said to have evolved from the decision support systems that began in the 1960’s and developed through to the mid-1980s. DSS originated in the computer-aided models created to assist with decision making and planning. From DSS, data warehouses>, Executive Information Systems, OLAP and business intelligence began […]

Supply Chain Management—A Practical Solution Approach

Supply Chain Management—A Practical Solution Approach To accommodate the disparate functions that comprise an organization’s value chain, Sameer Paradkar proposes a foundation architecture on which more specific solutions can be built. His architecture is based on the Supply Chain Managmenat (SCM) value chain domains and the Supply Chain Operations Refrence-manual (SCOR) process methodology. Sameer claims […]

An Approach to Managing Landscape Architecture

An Approach to Managing Landscape Architecture Transformations in organizations resulting from mergers, acquisitions or the overhaul of processes often bring a radical change to the entire business landscape and, by association, the entire IT landscape. In this Article, Sameer Paradkar and Jay Kulkami, propose an application classification that enables pinpointing areas where there is need […]

Building Mobile Enabled Enterprises

Building Mobile Enabled Enterprises In this Article, Sameer Paradkar, Shyam Dixit, Imran Arfi and Prashant Singh, a team of consultants from the Enterprise Architecture Practice of Wipro Consulting Services, provide an overview of mobile computing and describe the methodology for building mobile enabling enterprises and the benefits to those organizations that adopt the technology.

The Anatomy of Software Frameworks

The Anatomy of Software Frameworks In this Article, Sameer Paradkar outlines historical data around frameworks and explains standard approaches to framework development. Whether you are in the process of selecting a framework application or developing one, Sameer’s Article will provide useful information to assist you in your effort.