Roger Whitehead

Roger WhiteheadRoger Whitehead is a director of Office Futures, an independent consultancy in electronic business that he founded in 1981. The company advises organizations on using information technology to help make their strategies real. It also assists with product and supplier selection, and system implementation.

Roger additionally works with suppliers of systems, carrying out industry and competitor analyses. He is a frequent speaker at - and an experienced designer of - industry conferences. Roger also designs and leads private seminars on information technology and its effective use.

The third main part of Roger’s activities is writing. He was the editor and co-author of Transforming Organizations Through Groupware, a book of case studies on the use of Lotus Notes. Roger was also the editor of and major contributor to Adding Value through Intranet Applications and wrote the book-length report, Strategic Workgroup Computing. He is currently writing a book on business process management (BPM).

Roger publishes Office Jotter, an online ‘blogazine’ on managing the electronic business, and will shortly be setting up a Wiki on business process management.

You can contact Roger on or at:

14 Amy Road,


Surrey RH8 0PX


Tel +44 (0)1883 713074; mobile +44 (0)7801 538560


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