Roger Tregear

Roger TregearAs the Principal Advisor with TregearBPM (, Roger Tregear delivers BPM courses and consulting assignments around the world. Roger spends his working life talking, consulting, thinking, and writing about analysis, improvement, innovation, and management of business processes. His work with clients is in organizational performance improvement and problem solving based on BPM capability development, and business process, analysis, improvement, and management. He helps small and large organizations understand the potential, and realize the practical benefits, of process-based management. Roger is the author of the book Reimagining Management. Contact Roger on +61 (0)419 220 280 or at

Practical Process: Strategy to Operations: the process pathway

Developing a coherent view of the inter-relationships between strategy and process makes it much more likely that the strategy will be executed and the processes will be effectively managed. To do so, Roger Tregear proposes four practical steps to getting started on the creation of sustainable process-based management.

Continuous Problem Finding

Roger Tregear asserts that if process improvement activity is to deliver its maximum benefit, we must be continuously discovering problems and their causes. In his Column this month, Roger presents some useful strategies that you can use to create a culture of process improvement in your organization.

Practical Process: 2 Virtuous Circles

Central to Roger Tregear’s view of BPM are two different, but closely coupled, virtuous circles. They represent two repeating event chains that, with each iteration, reinforce and compound the benefits of process-based management. In this Column he describes how they define the essence of BPM as a powerful management philosophy.

Practical Process: Mind the Gap

Practical Process: Mind the Gap As readers of Roger’s Column are aware, he believes in remarkable—not merely okay—BPM. One of the qualities of a remarkable BPM practice is being continuously aware of the gaps between actual and desired performance and doing something about closing the gaps. In this Column, Roger discusses the elements necessary to […]

Putting Processes at the Center of Business Management

Putting Processes at the Center of Business Management At a time when organizations are required to “do more with less,” process based management delivers a practical, proven approach to that mandate. In this Article, Roger Tregear presents seven enablers of process-based management that will put management focus on cross-functional value creation, accumulation and delivery.

Practical Process: Why Is It So?

Practical Process: Why Is It So? Acknowledging that “As Is Analysis” is a powerful tool, Roger exhorts practitioners to go beyond the “how it is” to “why is it so.” To do so, he suggests digging into the ancient history of the process to discover how the process has changed over its lifetime, and what […]

Practical Process: 90/10

Practical Process: 90/10 Roger Tregear exhorts organizations and their teams with interest in process-based management to put aside their tools. Business Process Management is a mind game, not “tool time.” Roger believes that the achievement of effective, sustained process-based management is 90% mindset and 10% toolset and maintains that high levels of BPM maturity can […]

Practical Process: Insignificant and Exceptional

Practical Process: Insignificant and Exceptional Roger Tregear urges readers not to be satisfied with mundane and incremental process improvements. Taking a lesson from Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers: The Story of Success, he suggests we examine instances of extraordinary performance and use them to create a new norm. To do so, Roger proposes applying the concept of […]

Practical Process: Measuring Processes

Practical Process: Measuring Processes Frequently, in these pages, our authors have confronted the fact that too many BPM initiatives do not deliver on promises made, and even if the promises are delivered, there is often no solid evidence that they have. Now, Roger Tregear confronts the issue and proposes a solution. He argues that the […]

Practical Processes: There’s a Why in BPM

Practical Processes: There’s a Why in BPM How can process evangelists communicate their point of view to senior managers with decision making responsibility who are unconvinced of the value of BPM. In other words, how can we convincingly present the benefits of a process-based management system? What pain points should we address and what objections […]