Mark McGregor

Currently serving as SVP Strategy at Signavio, Mark was formerly a Research Director at leading IT industry analysis firm Gartner. Mark has been around the BPM market for many years and is widely respected for his knowledge and views on business change. He is the creator of “Next Practice.”

Mark has authored and co-authored four books on business and process management, and he is passionate about the people aspects of change. He has traveled internationally; learning, teaching and researching the cultural aspects of change and how executives perceive business and process improvement. He has taught thousands of professionals the importance of process, and continues to work with various CEOs in the education of BPM. Mark holds qualifications and certifications in Six Sigma, PRINCE2, Sales, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis.

BPM (Still!) Too Confusing to Be Taken Seriously

Mark McGregor, a BPM and EA strategy consultant avoids using the term BPM when talking with people about process. How can this acronym cause so much confusion, he wonders. Read why in this article.

There is More Than Just the Atlantic Separating Europe and the USA

Mark McGregor, a BPM and EA Strategy Consultant, reviews some of the differences between BPM as practiced in Europe and in the USA. Read his sometimes surprising comparison of how it’s done “across the pond” and here in the US.

Modern Compliance Management in Times of Constant Change

Mark McGregor, Senior Vice President of Strategy at Signavio,states that compliance violations can quickly lead to penalties, reputational damage, or even public scandals, there is a lot at stake. An here he offers sound advice for avoiding the pitfalls that can lead to such violations.