Joseph (Joe) Francis

Joseph (Joe) FrancisJoseph (Joe) Francis has over 15 years experience in Supply-Chain Management and is currently the Managing Director of Process Core Group, a Supply-Chain Consultancy, as well as CTO of Supply-Chain Council (SCC) a non-for-profit manufacturing practices trade group. In professional practice has executed transformation programs and provided advice and mentoring on business process and supply-chain management improvements with groups as diverse as Volvo, United States Air Force, Lowe's Companies, DHL, Alcatel, Verizon, Daimler-Chrysler, Samsung, DuPont, Sasol, Volvo, GS Caltex, and Epson-Sanyo, Air Products, IBM, PRTM, Cendant, Home Depot, Compaq and in particular with HP where during his employment he led the process re-engineering of the HP/Compaq supply-chain merger in 2001/2002; the combined value of programs he directly managed is in the US$6B range.

In his CTO capacity he is managing over 200 global research team members, as well as developing the global SCC training program for SCORþ, SCOR Roadmapþ, DCOR(R), CCOR(R), SCORþ Six-Sigma Convergence, SCORþ PBL, and SCORþ Team Development. He controls the standards and certification for all SCC trainers globally. He also manages the development of the public four-level SCORþ Certification and the SCORmark(R) Fee-Free Benchmarking System.

Joe speaks extensively on framework-based BPM, with groups including SCC, Brainstorm, Shared Insights, IQPC, AQPC, ABPMP, and Open Group. He co-authored and placed in public domain the DCOR(R) and CCOR(R) process standard frameworks for Product Design and Sales Management. He has lectured on or participated in research with SCOR(R) and BPM at University of Houston Bauer College of Business, Georgia Tech Logistics Institute, and Gordon Institute of Business Science in South Africa. He has large base of writing on practical aspects of Framework-based BPM techniques in large enterprises.

Managing BPM: Plan P From Outer Space

Managing BPM: Plan P From Outer Space This month, Joe Francis considers what it takes to successfully manage a BPM team. He not only provides advice but offers a formula that suggests project variables and shows how process management varies from small to mid-sized and large teams.

Managing BPM: Stamp of Approval

Managing BPM: Stamp of Approval Lots of process change teams have worked hard to improve a process and rolled it out to a grateful audience, only to find that their new process is noncompliant. This month, Joe Francis considers how you validate processes to win that stamp of approval.

Managing BPM: A Word From Your Sponsor

Managing BPM: A Word From Your Sponsor When asked about the most important key to process improvement, most practitioners immediately say its having a good sponsor. This month, Joe Francis reflects on sponsors and their importance.

Managing BPM: Just Doing It

Managing BPM: Just Doing It This month, Joe Francis considers what happens after a BPM group creates a new design. He considers a variety of deployment strategies he’s encountered and offers some advice on what seems to work best.

Managing BPM: Blink Analysis

Managing BPM: Blink Analysis This month, Joe Francis reflects on how a professional, familiar with the common problem patterns that occur in a specific domain, can sometimes instantly recognize problems that someone less familiar with the domain patterns would uncover, only after extensive research and study.

Managing BPM: The Process Crawl

Managing BPM: The Process Crawl This month, Joe Francis considers how the use of business process frameworks simplifies the task of capturing current process information in an organization.

Managing BPM: The MOBO Process Path

Managing BPM: The MOBO Process Path This month Joe Francis considers how companies continue to reorganize their functions and suggests that the management of processes gives leading organizations the ability to continue to prosper even as organizations change functional reporting relationships.

Managing BPM: To O or Not to O

Managing BPM: To O or Not to O This month, Joe Francis describes how he approaches outsourcing proposals using a business process framework like SCOR.

Managing BPM: Supermodel

Managing BPM: Supermodel Joe Francis focuses his attention on the tendency of some groups and individuals to obsess over process models that are too complex. He advises that the goal is performance improvement and suggests you keep the modeling effort to the minimum necessary to assure improved performance.

Managing BPM: Growing Up

Managing BPM: Growing Up This month Joe Francis recounts his experience with CMM. He provides some metrics for what a company saves as it matures to suggest just how valuable it can be to get to level 4.