Jan vom Brocke

Dr. Jan vom BrockeJan vom Brocke is head of the BPM group in Liechtenstein. He is Professor of Information Systems, the Hilti Chair of Business Process Management, and Director of the Institute of Information Systems. He is Founder and Co-Director of the award-winning Master Program in Information Systems with Majors in Business Process Management and Data Science and Director of the PhD Program in Information and Process Management at the University of Liechtenstein(see: www.uni.li/mis). Since 2012 he has been appointed Vice-President of the University of Liechtenstein responsible for research and innovation, re-elected in 2015. Jan has over 15 years of experience in IT and BPM projects and he has published more than 300 papers in
reknowned outlets, including MIS Quarterly (MISQ), the Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS), European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS), and the Business Process Management Journal (BPMJ). He has authored and edited 29 books, including Business Process Management—Driving Innovation in a Digital World and Green BPM—Towards the Sustainable Enterprise, and the International Handbook on Business Process Management. Jan is an invited speaker and trusted advisor on BPM serving many organizations around the world. You can contact and follow Jan via his website: janvombrocke.com.

Class Notes: Where to Study Business Process Management? A Global Perspective Based on EDUglopedia.org

This month, Jan vom Brocke updates previous Class Notes Columns which described the wide range of locations throughout the world where BPM education was offered. Now, the University of Liechtenstein has developed a website, EDUglopedia.org for pooling knowledge of BPM courses worldwide. Read Jan’s Column for details.

Class Notes: BPM Research in Education – On the Role of Enterprise Content in Business Process Management

PDF Version BPM should pay more attention to the role of enterprise content, because the significant effect of how enterprise content is organized on the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes will only increase in the future. This note presents the fundamentals of enterprise content management (ECM) and discusses the interrelationships between ECM and BPM, […]

Class Notes: BPM Research and Education—In-Memory Value Creation

Class Notes: BPM Research and Education—In-Memory Value Creation In his debut Column, Jan vom Brocke describes the results of a number of research projects that the BPM group at the University of Liechtenstein conducted on in-memory technology. In the process, they studied one of the early adopters as well as talking to thought leaders on […]

Is Your Organizational Culture Fit for Business Process Managment?

Is Your Organizational Culture Fit for Business Process Managment? Theresa Schmiedel and Jan vom Brocke of the University of Leichtenstein’s and Jan Recker of Queensland University of Technology introduce the BPM-Culture-Model, which they developed to structure the different notions of culture in a BPM context. Based on their model, they examine the cultural compatibility of […]