Dave Ackley

Dave AckleyDave Ackley is the founder of Ackley Associates, an Oregon consulting firm specializing in advanced modeling methods. He has almost 40 years' experience in business and systems analysis, method development and process improvement. During that time he consulted with over 50 major corporations on enterprise modeling, information systems planning and process reengineering.

The pressure on businesses to respond ever more quickly to market and technology changes led to his breakthrough discovery of a single generic architectural structure that is common to every business enterprise. The result was an entirely new template-based Integrated Modeling Method that reduced enterprise model development time and cost by over 90%. Details of the original method can be seen at www.ackley.com. A current application of the method was developed with Frank Steeneken and appears in the BPTrends article "A Complete Model of the Supermarket Business."

Dave holds a BS in electrical engineering, an MBA, and a PhD in business administration. He can be reached at dave@ackley.com.

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