Celia Wolf

Celia WolfCelia has over 40 years experience in business development, operations management, and marketing across a broad range of industries and markets. In addition to her responsibilities as Publisher and CEO of BPTrends, Celia is also the Managing Director of BPTrends Associates, (www.bptrendsassociates) a professional services company providing educational and consulting services to managers and practitioners interested in understanding and implementing business process change. She has held key management positions at several large corporations, including the Gillette Company, the Bose Corporation, Field Enterprises, Inc. and Scott Foresman & Company. For the past 25 years she has focused her efforts on the software applications, tools and services markets serving as President and CEO of Gold Hill, Inc., VP of Marketing and Operations for Genesis Development Corporation, SVP of Marketing and Sales for LearningBrands, Inc., and working as an independent consultant to start-ups and restarts, developing and implementing strategies for software and services businesses. Celia has been an active member of the Massachusetts Software Council, was a Founder and President of the LISP Industry Council and served as a regular panelist for the MIT Enterprise Forum.

Celia lives in Newton, MA.

Celia can be reached at cwolf@bptrends.com

Technical Brief: Conducting a Business Process Audit

Technical Brief: Conducting a Business Process Audit Celia Wolf provides a brief description of the Business Process Performance Audit, a tool that can help organizations understand where they stand today and to chart a course for significant improvements in the future.

Technical Brief: The Market for Packaged Applications

Technical Brief: The Market for Packaged Applications Celia Wolf describes the Packaged Applications market, provides some definitions that emphasize how they can be used for business process automation, and estimates the overall size of the market.