Andrew R. Spanyi

Andrew R. SpanyiAndrew Spanyi is the Managing Director of Spanyi International Inc., a consulting and training company, which operates in the field of organization and business process design. His current practice focuses on assisting leaders to transform out-dated, traditional mental models and behaviors towards one based on enterprise business process principles.

He was previously affiliated with The Rummler-Brache Group [RBG]. He joined RBG in 1992 as a consultant, was named a Principal in 1995, and Managing Partner of the Canadian practice in 1996.

Over the past decade, Andrew has managed or participated in over 125 major performance improvement projects across several key industries in both the USA and Canada.

Previously, Andrew worked as the Senior Vice President of SCONA, a specialty financial services firm, and prior to that assignment he was the Director of Marketing and Product Development with Xerox Learning Systems (AKA as Learning International, Achieve Global).

Andrew is regularly asked to speak at conferences on Process Management. He has written extensively on business process issues and is the author of the recently published book Business Process Management is a Team Sport: Play It to Win!.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Arts (Economics), and earned his MBA [Marketing/Finance] from York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is a member of the American Management Association and the American Society for Quality.

BPM as a Management Discipline?

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Process Management—10 Questions that can Change Everything

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Process Management—A Global View

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Leading Process Change – Part 3

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Leading Process Change–Part 2

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Leading Process Change

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Beyond Process Maturity to Process Competence

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What Really Matters!

What Really Matters! Andrew Spanyi, a BP consultant and the author of a new book, Business Process Manageemnt is a Team Sport, suggests eight principles for enterprise business process management.