Archives for September 2019

Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

BPTrends Columnist, Tom Bellinson, is constantly on the lookout for material that will enhance his work as an agile practitioner. In one such search, he encountered Daring Greatly. What he found particularly compelling about the author’s analysis is that she uses empirical evidence coupled with statistical analysis to back her ideas. High praise from someone I know to be a careful and dead center critic.

Harmon on BPM: Three Jobs I’d Like

Paul muses that “it would be fun to have a full-time job with an organization and deal with the organization’s problems on an ongoing basis.” When I think that way, I usually proceed to think in terms of a job that I’d like. In this Column, Paul cites and defines those three jobs and what he would do to be successful in those positions.

“Chunking” as a Tool for Effective Communication and Change

Mark opines, “Sometimes as BPM or Process professionals, we get hung up on maps and models etc, and we forget that there are other tools and techniques we need to leverage.” In his Article, he introduces a technique labelled “Chunking”. Read the Article to learn what it is and how it might work for you.