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To Succeed with Case Management – You Need Intelligent BPM

In this Article, Gal Horvitz, CEO of PNMsoft, makes the case for Intelligent BPM in the form of iBPM Suites, which allow you to create Case Management solutions that can be modified over time. Read why this matters and how he believes iBPM software will help you optimize business outcomes and outpace your competition.

What kind of year has 2016 been?

Learning About BPMN

The Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) was created by a committee working with the OMG a few years ago.  The person who chaired that committee was Stephen White, who, at the time, worked for IBM.  Dr. White has written several articles describing BPMN which have been published on BPTrends website.  He is prepared to write […]

Harmon on BPM: Knowing Where to Tap

Paul uses an anecdote about an engineer who charged what the customer thought to be an unreasonable sum for tapping his hammer on a pipe joint to repair a problem. When questioned about his fee, the engineer explained that “knowing where to tap with the hammer” required a great deal of hard won expertise. Similarly, the value a good BPM consultant brings to a job is a result of education and lots of experience. Read Paul’s Column to see if you have encountered some of the scenarios Paul describes.

The Role of a Governance Committee

In her first Article in this series, Stacey Wright, a program manager at Macedon Technologies, discussed the Steps to Governance. In this, the second Article, she focuses on the role of a Governance Committee, which she considers key to the long-term success of a BPM initiative. She offers the voice of experience in making the committee a powerful platform for change within the organization. The third Article will be published in the November Update.

October 2016

Dear BPTrends Member: Although the autumn leaves haven’t begun to fall yet here in Boston, there’s a bit of a nip in the air, a harbinger of what’s to come in the ensuing winter months. We are continuing to offer what we hope will be of interest to you by way of timely and compelling […]

Question 7-What’s The Return on Process?

In the July Update we published the fifth Article from a new book by Paul Harmon and Roger Tregear, Questioning BPM, in which 33 respected thought leaders in the BPM community respond to a set of 15 questions. This month, Paul writes a summary of responses to Question 7, “What’s the Return on Process?”

Business Rules Solutions: Pattern Questions for Harvesting Business Rules from Business Models of Milestones or States

Ron Ross continues his series on Pattern Questions, focusing this month on questions pertaining to business models of milestones or states. Ron believes these questions assist not only in capturing related business rules, but also in discussing and resolving related business issues with business stakeholders. In this Column, he presents a targeted set of pattern questions pertaining to milestones and illustrates them with practical examples.

Business Architecture Essentials: ‘Developing your Process Architecture: It’s all about your work’

Continuing his series on the Essentials of Business Architecture, Roger focuses this Column on “the work that must be done.” He believes that a useful process architecture should be built by working from the outside in. Read his Column to learn the techniques he uses to achieve this end. Part 2 of this Article will be published in the November Update and will focus on the Components of a Good Business Architecture.

Blockchain and Business Process Improvement

The authors begin their discussion by stating, “We’re in the year of Blockchain…” They believe that Blockchain Technology has the potential to have a significant impact on a wide spectrum of business process. Read their interesting analysis of this new technology and how they believe it can relate to Business Process Improvement.