Archives for April 2015

Communication Best Practices for BPI Project Success

Based on her experience as a Consultant within Leadership, Project Management and Process Improvement, Gina Abudi strongly believes that BPI projects require significantly more communication than many other types of projects. In this Article, Gina provides proven techniques that enable the BPI team to get buy-in from all of the stake holders—even those resistant to the project.

Communities of Practice: Collaboration Tool for Long-Term Engagement in Process Improvement

In her previous Articles on crowdsourcing and hack events, Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland discussed the limitations of traditional process improvement efforts and explored alternative solutions to engaging employees in process improvement. In this Article, she focuses the discussion on how to keep the momentum going once employees go back to business as usual.

Process Governance Maturity

Sandra Foster, Managing Partner at Capstone Ridge Group in Winnipeg, Canada, presents her case for the importance of Process Governance in sustaining process based management systems.

Harmon on BPM: Change Management and Human Performance

Getting people to support change is key to successful business process change initiatives. Having reviewed the current Change Management literature, Paul derived four basic approaches to gaining support. In this Column, he discusses the four approaches and their importance in achieving a successful process change initiative.

Process and Innovation

I was just reading an article on some of the changes that have been taking place in IT in the past year.  Suffice to say that things are moving very fast.  How can a company keep its processes up-to-date?  First, there are two separate issues.  In one case some innovation, like 3D printing may come […]