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Hack Events: Another Way to Engage Employees in Process Improvement

Continuing her discussion of the limitations of traditional process improvement efforts, Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland, proposes another technique revealed by APQC’s recent research report on continuous improvements—Hack Days and Hackathons. If you are as in the dark as I was about Hack Events, read Holly’s informative Article in which she describes successes achieved by companies employing these techniques.

March 2015

Dear BPTrends Member: Paul Fjelsta, who specializes in developing process improvement frameworks at accomplir, joins Alan Ramias, long time BPTrends Columnist, as co-author of Performance Improvement. We welcome him and look forward to reading the results of this new partnership. Alternatives to traditional process improvement methods are explored in Alan and Paul’s Column as well […]

Materializing the Digital-3D Printing amidst IoT

Lavanya Easwar, a senior architect within the Enterprise Architecture Practice at Wipro Technologies, examines the opportunities presented by 3D printing in the connected world of IoT (the internet of things) and SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud technologies). She demonstrates how their intersection opens avenues for the business to serve the customer better.