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Process Improvement: Integrating Process Management

In this, the second Column of a series on how to integrate process management into an existing management system, Alan Ramias provides an example of how it can be done on a larger scale—by extensively integrating tools, roles and practices of process management into an organization.

If your organization has created one or more BPMS applications, which of the following is true:

Extreme Competition: The Cognitive Internet of Everything

Peter Fingar has frequently said that “everything is changed, changed utterly.” In this Column, he explores how the cognitive internet will profoundly affect Business Process Management and offers suggestions to prepare your organization for the sea change he predicts will occur.

Class Notes: 10 Principles of Good BPM

Prompted by a lengthy discussion on the BPTrends LinkedIn site, Jan vom Brocke enlisted the collaboration of his colleagues, Theresa Schmiedel, Jan Recker, Peter Trkman, William Mertens and Stijn Viaene, to share their joint experience at a 2013 BPM workshop at the University Liechtenstein. There they developed ten principles of good BPM which they present in this Column.

A Process Mining Course

One of the things that you have probably read about is Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).  Several leading universities have launched them — and futurists have boldly suggested that in the near future kids from India and Brazil may sign up online and earn degrees from Harvard or the London School of Economics, via these […]