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Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development by Donald G. Reinertsen

Our author, Tom Bellinson, whose Column, Process Solutions, appears quarterly in the BPTrends Monthly Update, has written an enthusiastic review of The Principles of Product Development Flow. An avid reader of non-fiction books that focus on management topics, Tom says that Reinertsen’s book stands out among others in providing a “mountain of golden nuggets.”

Should Every Manager Be a Process Manager?

Continuing the discussion begun by Roger Tregear in his April Column, Continuous Problem Finding, Paul presents his thoughts on what companies and their managers must do to continuously improve their business.

Do Business Rules Define the Operational Boundaries of an Organization?

“The short answer is no”, says Ron Ross, but the suggestion raises some interesting questions. What is bounded by business rules? Does scope need to be understood in a deeper sense? How do these issues relate to smart business processes? Ron addresses these questions in his Column this month.

Using Scope Models for Process Analysis—Fast Results for a Hurry-up World

Alec Sharp’s Column this month is a follow-up to his April 2013 Column, Scoping Models. Here, Alec provides his approach to extending scoping models for use as analysis models. As always, Alec uses examples from his own consulting experiences to demonstrate that simple techniques rigorously applied accomplish a lot in a short time.

Approaches, Methodologies, & Algorithms

A lot is written about methodologies, and I guess it’s an area that is so informal, that everyone gets the right to use words as they please.  In any case, I wouldn’t presume to lay down rules for anyone by myself.  That said, here’s how I use the terms.  First, imagine a continuum that runs […]