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The BPTrends 2014 Survey Report

The latest BPTrends Survey that we undertook in the fall of 2013 is now available and can be read or downloaded.  This is the fifth time BPTrends has conducted this survey.  Each time we have asked more or less the same questions, so we have good data on any possible trends in the market.  Thus […]

This Month’s BPTrends Mini-Poll

We’ve added mini-polls to the new BPTrends website.  So far, not many members are bothering to respond, but hopefully that will change as time passes.  Earlier this month, on March 5th, I wrote a blog entry, The Process Space,  that discussed the process space, as I currently understand it, and suggested where most BPTrends readers […]

Business Managers and the Process Perspective

In some situations, business managers are the leaders in process change.  In other cases, someone outside the unit decides that processes need to change — as when there is a merger or when IT decides that new software is required — and the business managers is a more or less passive participant in the change […]

The Process Space

Celia Wolf and I recently met to review the BPTrends website.  We reviewed what we have published and set some targets for future coverage.  As always, when one undertakes an exercise like this, its nice to have an idea of who makes up the market.  This year we found ourselves using a simple matrix, like […]

Rules and Processes

This month’s video features Gladys Lam, a Principal and co-founder of Business Rule Solutions, LLC and world-renowned authority on applied business rule techniques. Gladys clarifies the differences between process projects and business rules and decision projects.

BPM Research and Education—Process Management and Accounting

Jan vom Brocke, in collaboration with his colleague, Christian Sonnenberg, present a basic toolkit, the Process Accounting Model (PAM), that can help process managers gather the necessary data to clearly demonstrate the economic value generated by their business processes. The toolkit aims to help process managers justify their BPM initiatives in a language familiar to business people. Details inside.

Poll question: Which of the following best describes BPM practitioners in your organization?

Tools You Can Use

As Performance Architects, Roger Addison and Carol Haig appreciate being able to rapidly research models and tools to assist them on their projects. In this Column, they provide information about a tool they have found particularly useful at the inception of a project when just the right type of analysis is of paramount importance.

Three Major Myths of the Business Decision Space – And Why They Matter to Business Process Professionals

In this Column, Ron Ross dispels three major myths of the business decision space that he considers quite harmful. They are 1) All business rules lead to a business decision, 2) A violation of a behavioral rule corresponds to a business decision, and 3) The business rule space and decision space are the same. Read Ron’s clear explanation of why these myths are false.

Making Process Management a Reality

In their Column this month, Alan Ramias and Cherie Wilkins begin a series on how to succeed at integrating process management into an organization. Their initial discussion of this topic logically focuses on some of the barriers to installing effective process management. We look forward to future Columns when they will propose ways of doing this work that minimizes those barriers.