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Human Processes: The Innovation Triangle

Large organizations – having invested heavily in social media – are now asking how it’s possible to gain a return on their investment. Keith Harrison-Broninski introduces The Innovation Triangle as an example of how to solve this emerging problem for all organizations.

Enterprise Rule Enactment Service Patterns

In this Article, Vitaly Khusidman describes two enterprise architecture patterns for Rule Enactment Service that enables the externalization of business rules. The main benefits of using these patterns include shorter time to market and lower initial implementation costs, as well as lower maintenance costs.

A Practitioner’s Perspective: Now’s Your Chance – What to Cover in an Executive Briefing on Business Processes

At the end of his November 2011 Column, Alec Sharp promised that in his next Column he would share what he covers in executive briefings on business process. Now in January 2014, he’s finally fulfilling his promise. Here, he provides some excellent advice on how to, as well as how not to, approach a presentation of BPM to an organizations’ executives.

Poll question: Are process improvement programs in place to identify and improve problems and defects in your organization?

Decision Modeling for Business Process

James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions, is one of the leading experts in decision management. He shares his expertise in two brief videos: First, Decision Modeling and Business Process, published here. The second, Analytics and Business Processes, will be published in a subsequent Monthly Update.

Introduction to Evaluating BPMS Suites

Introduction to Evaluating BPMS Suites In 2005 BPTrends published a number of reports on specific BPMS products. To provide a consistent approach for our evaluations, we began with a discussion of all of the things that a BPMS evaluation team might consider. Later, we removed the reports from out website because the information provided about […]