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BPMJ Vol 11 No 5

BPMJ Vol 11 No 5 The Business Process Management Journal is the leading international publication reporting on business process research. We reproduce the table of contents of Volume 11, Number 5, 2005, so readers can check on the latest research being published.

Human Capital Management Planning

Human Capital Management Planning In this broad survey, Gopala Krishna Behara of Wipro Technologies considers the basic concepts of Human Capital Management and shows how these concepts can be applied by business process consultants to effect savings and resource optimization.

How Boeing A&T Manages Business Process

How Boeing A&T Manages Business Process Pamela Garretson Attendees at the last two DCI BPM conferences have had an opportunity to hear Pam Garretson describe how Boeing’s Airlift & Tanker group manages business processes. Many regard this Baldrige Award winning group as having one of the very best business process management systems in the world. […]