The 3rd Edition of Business Process Change

I wrote Business Process Change in 2002 and it was published in 2003.  The goal was to create a book that provided readers with a comprehensive overview of all of the various practices and techniques that made up business process work:  From Six Sigma to Business Process Reengineering and from SCOR to CMMI.  Just after publishing the book, Celia Wolf and I launched the website as a way of providing readers with an ongoing, dynamic source of information on business process work.

In 2007, I revised the book.  That was a major revision.  By 2007 Celia and I had joined with Roger Burlton to offer business process training and consulting, developed in the context of a broad approach to process change which we termed the BPTrends Methodology.  In essence, the methodology urged students to develop a comprehensive overview of their process options so as to be able to apply the right solution to the right problem.  I changed the second edition so that it was organized around the overall structure of the BPTrends Methodology to better support students in our courses, which distributors were now offering around the world.

In 2013 I decided the book needed a third revision.  This time I did not alter the basic framework, but modified details to bring the book up-to-date.  Much has been learned in the years between the 2nd and the 3rd edition.  We have learned a lot more about business architecture, for example and that section was heavily revised.  Similarly, the OMG has released Ver. 2.0 of BPMN, and all the diagrams in the book have been updated.  And there are new standards for decision management and case management.  The market for BPMS software tools has also evolved.

I tried to keep the balanced overview that was the main feature of the original book, while adding more detail, assuring the latest practices were explained and updating the references.   Hopefully this book will still prove a useful accompaniment to process courses and a useful reference for anyone faced with a process change problem.

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