Results on Business Transformations Survey – 554 Respondents!

Organizations have always had to adapt to change in order to stay relevant. But in today's fast-paced market, change is more necessary than ever. The 'Digital Enterprise' requires major business transformations, delivered at speed. How do you effectively plan, track and execute change in this 'New Normal'?

“Changing the business model, becoming a digital enterprise and strategic events are main drivers for business transformations”

To gain more insight into business transformations, BiZZdesign in collaboration with BPtrends, The Open Group and the University of Twente surveyed over 550 professionals worldwide, from C-level management to practitioners in a wide range of disciplines. We asked them what their biggest challenges are when transforming into digital and adaptive enterprises. We also asked them how they use software to collaborate on, guide and execute change.

“84% of respondents expect software to become (very) important for business transformations”

Interested in the results of this survey? Check out the infographic here.

Peter Matthijssen

Peter Matthijssen

Peter Matthijssen, MSc, CMC, LSS Black belt, is managing consultant and trainer at BiZZdesign. As a Lean Six Sigma black belt and Business Process Management (BPM) expert, he build change capabilities in organizations around the globe. With his Master degree in Industrial Engineering & Management (University of Twente) and over 15 years of experience in the field, he helps organizations in private and public sector to work smarter and get better results from their processes. Peter is the author of numerous books and publications on BPM and Lean management, for example 'Thinking in processes' [2011], 'Working with Lean' [2013] and 'Portfolio Management - Better information, smarter decisions, stronger investments' [2015]. He speaks on a regular basis on international conferences on business design and change like IRM–UK and Building Business Capability.

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