Scope Diagram (or Input-Guides-Outputs-Enablers – IGOE Diagram)

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A Scope Diagram is used to provide a redesign team with an initial, high-level overview of the process being examined (often referred to as the process-in-scope) and the problems associated with that process. One begins by placing the process-in-scope in the center, and then depicting all of the stakeholders (individuals or groups) and all of the external processes with which the process-in-scope interacts. In each case you describe what is exchanged. Finally, you note if the interaction is acceptable, questionable or inadequate. In the example below, the team that created the diagram determined that Customer Feedback was being inadequately handled, that there were problems with suppliers that needed to be investigated and that the IT outsourcer’s process was not providing services in an adequate manner. One might proceed to develop a flow diagram to investigate how the internal activities of the process were handling the problem areas, but the Scope Diagram has already brought bank teller process people together on the scope of the process being discussed and the main problem areas that need to be examined.

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