Questioning BPM?

This past summer Roger Tregear, the head of BPM at Leonardo Consulting, came up with a great idea:  Why not define a number of key questions about BPM and then ask a number of well-known BPM consultants, practitioners and academics to provide brief answer those questions.  The book would fill a need for up-to-date information as to the current state of business process management.

To assure that the book would be “fresh off the press” we decided to try to use current technology to speed up the process.  We would ask by email, we would ask each author to format his article and quickly assemble them into a manuscript that we would publish with Meghan-Kiffer, a press run by Peter Fingar that specializes in quick turn-arounds and Amazon sales.  Now, seven months after Roger Tregear had the idea, the book has just been published.  It took longer than we hoped it would.  The authors submitted on time, but it turns out that getting the graphics consistent was much harder than we'd hoped and ultimately we had to have them redrawn.  In addition, editing — a very human activity designed to eliminate errors and create a readable book — took more passes than we'd expected.  Still, its out now, and its probably been done in less than half the time a regular publisher would have taken.

There are 15 questions.  We invited 33 thought leaders to respond and they provided some 110 answers.  Some questions were answered with a surprising consistency and others elicited lots of controversy.  That's alright — we didn't expect agreement — we expected a variety of views and we got them.  The questions being addressed are important to organizations, and approaches vary quite a bit.  This book reflects all the different perspectives.  Reading it won't provide you easy answers — but it will provide you with a variety of different takes on each topic, and may provide you will the support you need for the specific situation you face in your own organization or industry.

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