Entrepreneurship and Reinvention is the Order of the Day

Business process change always has many aspects.  Some, today, are focused on new notations (CMMN, DMN) that will allow for more flexible process designs.  Others are focused on integrating cognitive computing techniques into process applications.  I suspect, however, that the most important current trend, however, is the redesign of processes using new technologies.  We are watching taxi services being redesigned by Uber — using smartphone algorithms to link riders and taxis.  Most are award that 3D printing is beginning to change the way manufacturing and inventory can be done.  The transition from gasoline to electric vehicles is also well underway. Similarly, most are aware that driverless cars are about to become possible.  Some of the most interesting experiments with driverless vehicles involves trucks of all kinds that can traverse delivery routes without drivers.

One company is experimenting with pizza trucks that include robots that actually make and bake the pizzas in the trucks while the truck speeds towards the customer's site.  And everyone is aware that Amazon has been experimenting with drone delivery vehicles.  The US has just licensed the first drones for use in crop spraying and related farm uses.

Computer chips are being embedded in almost anything these days.  Items with embedded chips become part of the “internet of things” able to continiously gather and transmit information about their location and status.

The only question is whether a process practitioner is going to function as a technician, helping to analyze processes, or as a strategist, helping to envision how an organizations processes can be transformed.  Either way, everyone concerned with process is going to witness amazing changes in processes in the next few years.  Whether one calls this BPM, or Cognitive Computing, or Innovation is probably just semantics.  What is important is that there is a real opportunity for people who are aware of new technologies and bold in thinking about how those technologies can be used to reinvent business processes.